Thursday , January 20 2022
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Trump says Dems would ‘give up’ on the Second Amendment

Former Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz (R) discusses the debate over gun control and President Trump’s comments about the China trade war.

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  1. Maybe with strict gun control we could reduce the ability of someone killing 20 people and of wounding 50 more in 30 seconds?

    Really, no one can fight government who has tanks, drones and soldiers, stupid! Only your children get killed by your neighbors.

  2. Trump is attacking the 2nd amendment more slowly than Hillary would have. He is at risk of losing my vote if he signs any anti-2a legislation.

  3. This would be the socialist president, backed by Putin, paid by Russia, and "hereby ordering" all private companies to do what he says by dictatorial dictum?
    If Obama said that he ordered private companies to do ANYTHING, repubs would have had a global conniption!

  4. No one ever addresses the issue that any nut job plotting a heinous crime will find a way to get a gun no matter how many laws are passed.

  5. Democrats want to rewrite the constitution for thier benefit and personal gains. God bless America!!!!!!!

  6. We need mandatory annual mental health checks!!

  7. that's funny he has factories in China and Mexico and he has said publicly he'd like to be a dictator for life like China. So who needs to open their eyes?

  8. until one of their family members is harmed in a mall, school or theater. if you have nothing to hide, have a background check. Guidance counselors and teachers hands are tied. They can't pry into or report personal business.
    Seriously? wonder what our farmers think?

  9. Trump is true american he loves America. Mexican drug mafias feeds currapted politicians.that's why againts trump

  10. Liberalism is a brain eating disease.Not one drop of commonsense.

  11. Trump doesn't shoot. Hell he never learned to drive. Has no real belief in anything but whores, golf and greed.

  12. I'm all for not having back ground checks ! I'm also a psycho .

  13. Trump caved to the dims when he banned bump stocks. He did not veto that bill, and the dims came back for more.

  14. 2A is the cornerstone of freedom, hence the socialists seek to dismantle it. Molon Labe!

  15. I often read in conservative comments that the Democrats are going to remove the 2nd amendment. So you can move off this idiotic thought. In order to remove the 2nd amendment it would take a 2/3 majority in both houses of congress and be approved by a 2/3 majority in congresses of 38 States.Democrats can't do that alone.

  16. If you are a white man….RED FLAG!!! Trump '20

  17. No Second Amendment, not a ghost of a chance to remain a Constitutional Republic. The 2nd, underpins all the rest of our rights, liberties, and freedoms. POTUS better get a grip on that fact.

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