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Trump says Florida 'got lucky' with Hurricane Dorian miss

Dorian, now a Category 2, is churning parallel to northeast Florida and might make landfall as it inches closer to the Carolinas. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2khSdC5

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  1. Whoa,,,you are so disrespectful here. trump didnt get super-rich or get o be President, by being dumb. get real,

  2. XD trump´ce? k´hüRRykhänn is mimickync ´Räzzjän´ missseil´ v?v

  3. All you people in here so bitter, it’s pathetic. the fact that your lives revolve around Trump and how much you hate him is just sad.. not to mention utter stupidity. Get a hobby, get a life.. you are the architect of your own destiny, happiness is a choice. Choose wisely my friends

  4. How pathetic, ABC just wasting valuable time reporting ridiculous shit to make Trump look bad.. yes ABC, we know you’re gonna make sure everyone knows about the sharpie.. we got it ABC.. he could have committed a felony.. thanks for the fake news alert

  5. mr dillün ´´issit a jöG´´ ör wätt ^^

    tRämp > hürrkhäne XD

  6. Thank you Trump diverting the hurricane!🙏😂

  7. This man is an idiot never knew a special ed student could be president

  8. at least he's concerned about it un like another Presidents

  9. That guy is shaking and watches trumps every move! I’d be like that too if I had no job security.

  10. O thank Nature and Nature's God for mercy.
    Please continue to pray that Nature and Nature's God have mercy on the people of the Carolina's.

  11. Trump is full of BS…?!… 😤 😡 😤 😠

  12. LUCKY?! That sounds like the hurricane should had hit Florida. What a dumb thing to say.

  13. hopefully America will get lucky and get rid of this stupid fuck

  14. He's a big baby. Holds this press meeting just to show the version of the map that, when drawn on with a pen, shows why he tweeted Alabama.

  15. I give the guy setting up the weather map💯 he kept such a straight face. I don't think I would have done it

  16. Player I didn’t vote for you but damn I can do power points better then this! Fire all of those people around you

  17. He was just concerned more about his properties getting hit …dont be fooled…

  18. LOL! What an EMBARRASSMENT! Time to take away the Nuclear Codes, hell take away the keys to the White House!

  19. He's right ,I kinda wonder about Disneyworld and how it's functioning after Hurricane Dorian!!!🇺🇸🤔❤

  20. Somebody just take away his crayons

  21. The deranged pray for Dorian to hit Mar-a-lago……..Trump's 'lucky' is saying…….God's divine Hand!! Lol lol lol ……..Take that all you deranged lefties!!! 🙂

  22. Does anyone see that that sharpie loop

  23. Plot twist: He asked the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un to nuke the hurricane.

  24. trump‘ trying to save face with a federal crime.
    #idiot #lockhimup

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