Saturday , November 28 2020
Home / News / Trump Says He Will 'Wipe Out' Turkey's Economy If They Wipe Out The Kurds | NBC News

Trump Says He Will 'Wipe Out' Turkey's Economy If They Wipe Out The Kurds | NBC News

President Trump was asked about Turkey’s military actions in northern Syria and said he would “wipe out” Turkey’s economy if the Kurds were eliminated and compared the conflict to that between Israel and Palestine.
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Trump Says He Will ‘Wipe Out’ Turkey’s Economy If They Wipe Out The Kurds | NBC News


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  1. Well trump, they called your bluff:…

  2. If,they don't watch out,22trillion dollars and 22vets killing themselves every day will be coming to turkey, too. I huess,the 75 air force pilots who commited suicide this yr alone, is a problem,for Trump organization.

  3. Ahhh, so now it's wrong not to go to war? Are you all serious or just Trumphaters?

  4. A$s hole, people are dying he is speaking about sanctions.
    Before sanction come into effect Kurdish land will be erased.
    Much of fools elected this guy. Might be like this fools will be ruled by fools.
    That's i say my country India not to side with this ugly state and instead support Russia, China or Iran as they will stand in times of trouble.

    Israel wake up.
    Saudi learn from it. Join Iran and shout Death to America.

    America is stronger than never before.
    NATO ally Turkey purchased weapon from Russia. Iran shot down the sophisticated drown.🤦🤦🤦
    Germany said to take all the nuclear missiles and vacation the land.

    Russia has to take over the middle East and solve this. US is no more a major power.

  5. On what grounds when the US economy is already in recession watch?

  6. Don Trump is the guy who keeps his word, and he's got the school! Hillary wouldn't know how… None of the DNC przzy wannabes could do any better. Sure beats sending in boots!

  7. I’m a Dumbocrat “I care about the Middle East and think about it all the time” lmmfao 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Donald Trump just wants to take attention off his impeachment. If Donald Trump is going down he will punish as many people as he can before getting out of office. He doesn't care who dies or is harmed physically or financially.
    Wait… and you will see more ruthless/insane things like this occur based on his decisions.
    Just a evil magician that's saying "Abracadabra" and having people saying "Wow" and looking in one direction, while he kills,steals and destroys in the other direction.

  9. Truth is:ypg/pkk settled and occupied that lands after the US bombardments, ypg did not fight with isis in battlefield. Ypg/pkk killed and exiled Muslim Kurds, Christians, Yezidis etc. They responsible for 40,000 deaths in Turkey. They killed babies, children, teachers,workers…

  10. Praise from the Turks and russians

  11. Just as Clinton and Obama created Isis I sure hope we don't end up fighting the Kurds over this in the future. That's usually how it goes though we arm the enemy of our enemy and in the end go to war with them eventually fighting our own technology and equipment. Agree we need to get out and other countries need to get involved, America can no longer police the world we are a broke Nation as evidenced by our 22 Trillion in debt, declining manufacturing numbers and GDP, and deficit that grows years after year despite Trumps promises.

  12. He has less depth of understanding of the situation than a slice of pastrami.

  13. For once, Democrats and Republicans united to force Turkey to attack the Kurds, Democrats to hurt Trump, Republicans to force Trump to support the Kurds. Their plans are going to fail.

  14. He be remembered for so many bad things but the worse be the return of the Califate and the ISIL

  15. When did He wipe down Turkeys economy? He is just a clown

  16. America will EAT Turkey, slip in Greece and break China, but still come home for dessert.

  17. Wipe out turkey hahaha.. Turks are nation of war people.. If the usa do eny thing wrong the US lose hole Middl east if u mess with the turks

  18. Trump says any ISIS prisoners, the Kurds are guarding will escape to Europe.
    Not Americas problem until they attack America AGAIN.
    Also Europe for the most part is NATO. OUR LARGEST ALLY.
    So Trump feels it is also OK if the ISIS escapees go to Europe.
    Let's recap..Betrayal of USA, European Allies & Kurdish Allies.
    Republicans need to wake up and vote by evidence. Blind loyalty to one person over your oath to America is how Dictators come to power.

  19. America has made more enemies in five years than its entire history.

  20. their hatred for each other is nothing compared to the world's hatred of you mr. dump

  21. Didn't he say the samething about Venezuela! I guess his Blackmailer-and-Master called in and he had to back off again!

  22. When it comes to President Trump, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between a political strategy and a nervous breakdown. His tweeted trash talk, his meandering stream of consciousness media availabilities and his shameless embrace of sleaziness are not the signs of a healthy mind. Trump’s followers might eventually look up to find they were actors in someone else’s delusion.

  23. Turkey has No Reason to Start killing People 🔥👹🔥🔥🔥🔥. What's there Dam Problem ???

  24. Turkey has the right to defend itself. Kurds want to demolish them. Do not forget their contribution during cold war. Especially during Cuban Missile Crisis.

  25. I love turkey you Americans know nothing about them their are one of the strongest warriors they made the Europeans scared shirtless you guys are weak af compared to them your soilders don’t have god on their side remember that

  26. Oh how you can speak with such indifference Trump. You knew what Turkey planned, yet you think hitting their economy is going to make it better for all the lives lost. Turkey claims to wipe out terrorists so they bomb civilians, and areas where there were Christian's.

  27. He means USA economy and everything else, the jerk.

  28. We don’t have time for impeachment. 25th Amendment now!

  29. Donald won't be around long enough to do much of anything.
    America takes the trash out of the White House 2020 🇺🇸👍

  30. We will look back on this day. To the future we are sorry.

  31. Budget surplus = mar lago trip

  32. This will be a day history remembers.

  33. Well the kurds are 20-30 million people so that's a lot of people dead before he wipes out Turkey's economy.

  34. Well…better start “wiping” President Combover.

  35. Wipe out Turkey? He can't even wipe his own butt!

  36. A complex attack like this isn't spontaneous, these war plans have been laid probably years in advance.

  37. Ain't never gonna happen with two, (count them) two Trump hotels/towers in Turkey.

  38. He is the most , clueless person on earth. He can't run a business. And he definitely can't run a country. Thanks Trump voters.

  39. Who needs enemies when you have allies like the US? Traitorous Trump (aka Cadet Bone Spurs) is personally responsible for the killing of the poor unfortunate Kurds. I know Trump has no shame, but has any Republican in America got any?

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