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Trump says impeachment is ‘a witch hunt, it’s a sham, it’s a hoax’ | ABC News

President Trump addressed the House Judiciary Committee’s vote to impeach him.

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  1. Don't worry PRES i bring up the fact that you love America all the time! Trump 2020

  2. no matter what is said in this forum remember theres a SENATE! Trump2020

  3. I don't agree with trump on so many of his policies and do believe he should change them but I don't believe the impeachment origins, this is not about Russia or Ukraine.
    I think the fact that Nikki haley mentioned members of staff were removing important documents from the presidents desk, this probably prompted her to leave. Again don't agree with Nikki H, but at least she has loyalty to Trump, her leader. That could acuse serious problems -especially if it is critical information.
    It tells you the problem is not really Trump, and that comes from someone who disagress with a lot of what he says and does.

    LOL, as crooked as a three dollar bill! Trump! Again your humour comes into light. I think you are extremely funny.

  4. Yea
    Never believe a grown man in a striped pink tie

  5. Trump is such a miserable old fool who doesn't realize how horrible the karma on his soul is. If I were corrupt like Trump, I would have to face the most dreadful judgement ever. He gloat in victory when the World Trade Center was destroyed.

  6. If I was innocent, I would be marching my people in to defend me. Just saying…..

  7. If trumps impeach is hoax, then he should tell #republicans to not vote or even show for the vote on the articles of #impeachment.

  8. Trump's *talking. the opposite of whatever he will tell you is the truth. Trump's * subliminal will not work.

  9. Trump is an insult to our intelligence

  10. You need a diplomatic president

  11. Jinns and shaytans in the making

  12. His the true witch 🤣🤣

  13. Hey guys I know this guy is a bigot, but when you do nothing but condemn him it makes you look bias.

  14. Just a little FACTOID:

    The Mueller investigation closed without a single American being criminally charged with conspiring with Russia over the 2016 election. Wednesday's long awaited report from the Department of Justice's Inspector General's Report reveals that major claims and narratives from the United States media were utter frauds upon the American people.

    You are going after Trump because he is not a globalist. I encourage all Americans to look at the globalist agenda and consider then what is going on.

  15. George Soros is not my President

  16. hmmm, i think he may be right, again.

  17. Trump will be president for 2020 again. It's prophesied he will take down the wicked, and the wicked will fear. However, the righteous have nothing to fear.

  18. Certain people have been totally indoctrinated into hating and abusing President Trump. This is nothing more than 'MIND CONTROL' to gain political favour over another candidate, the old technique of MK Ultra through programming (TV, media, newspaper, Governmental pulpits etc). This type of brainwashing alters the thoughts of people who are daily watching the mainstream fake news!!! If you want to know who Trump is as a President, listen to all his interviews over the decades with a multitude of well known channels, listen to his Republican party, listen to Trump and his rally speeches, read the reports that have found accusations of meddling in Trumps campaign to be true directly funded by the Clintons/Obamas. America has had decades of corruption that thankfully most are aware of now that is enough to tip the balance and bring the power back to the people. Trump ran on what he knew the people wanted because he is in touch, unlike the democrats who appear to be obsessed with hatred and flouting the law itself to ruin a duely elected President, and the best ever too!! Give the Don some credit, he's righteously fighting for freedoms some don't even realise have been stolen from them. #Trump2020

  19. We're energy independent now under Trump and unemployment is the best it's ever been in every minority community

  20. Trump 2020. Look at facts and don't let your mind get made for you by what someone on TV says!!

  21. May god bless Mr prasident please amen 🤝🙏🤝🙏🤝🙏🤝🇰🇭🇺🇸


  23. Does this orange traitor think because he says it, we believe it! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. #epsteincoverup Boycott Disney’s abc fake news! Unsubscribe now, Please!

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