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Trump shows old map with Alabama in Dorian’s forecast path

The president has been on the defensive since he sounded the alarm for the state; it is a federal crime to knowingly issue or publish a false weather forecast.




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  1. MAGA where are you guys when mr president needs you?

  2. 📺Trumps the kinda guy who will troll to help out medea for shared publicity and profitable clicks. Hate trump. Make media rich again. Tune in for more 👀.

    PS Russian Collusion. 🤪👌🏽

  3. The President was showing that if the storm continued on its path that the weather people evidently gave him it would more then likely hit Alabama and Panhandle Florida around 8 AM Thursday …. They would have to move fast to get all Military and Navy vessels out the the path of the storm ….It is called National Security ….. These idiot Fake News reporters don't even mention he was briefed by the Navy on the conditions….

  4. Politicians know that there are no perfect people. They are like children who get in trouble and wanna point out everybody else’s mistakes.

  5. Is the Alabama situation part of his increasing difficulty with words? Remember origins and oranges? Perhaps this one was confusion with Bahama and Alabama. They are similar.

  6. 🤦🏼‍♂️ We have a moron for President in the US.

  7. I just heard Trump said it is on its way to Texas now. He even drew a new map 😂

  8. This guy has got be one of dumbest human beings ever born!!😆😆

  9. Trump has a few suck-ups in some hiding places here and there. NOAA and NWS we love you both. Don't let Trump stress you. You're in the prediction business and you know he's going to do it again somewhere (and again… etc.)

  10. don't make a mountain out of a mole Hill it's just a map give me a break just because he shoves it doesn't mean it's it's right it's from the weather Department what do you expect you can't blame Trump the rest of you folks are pathetic

  11. This is what happens when the National Weather Service updates the hurricane 29 times and you are out golfing. Ooops.

  12. Trump: CIRCLES Alabama



  13. Really? Katrina Victims are still waiting on funds from their hurricane during Obama's administration. And you all want to sit there and make a big deal over a map that was a projection. How many of your meteorologists get it right and you all expect the president, with all of his responsibilities, to be responsible for a the weather changing? IDIOTS!! Worry about the bigger picture you idiots. Oh, trump can't tell the future. Oh trump can't keep evil people from doing evil. Whinny little retards. Grow up.

  14. Peopel are saying that trump is treating everyone like idiots over Alabama hurricane this time. We are idiots, trump is president

  15. I have no idea why this is so funny to me but wake up people! Everything and anything will be used to distract you from the truth whether it's done on porpoise or not only God knows but it's getting ridiculous how low and far things are going all to get people distracted and divided. It's like people are getting dumber not realizing that these things don't happen on accident. It's done to distract you. It's like the entire world has turned into a reality tv show. Can't you see that the things that are happening aren't happening on accident? Wake up people Christ is coming back to reign on this earth as King and everyone who isn't saved will not make it to His kingdom. That's the truth. That day is soon to come and the only way to have people not ready is to distract them until that day comes in every way and anyway so that they can be divided and hating each other. It's all done to get you to disobey the great commandment so that you will be damned.

    1 John 3:15 15Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.

  16. Shows You Doing Dumb Sh!t Gets You No were , So It Get Us Nowhere Too , Show Us How Freaking Stupid Racist People Are , And They Be On That Bullsh!t , Everybody That Wants Him Again , Is Scared In America , An Wants To Be Racist Against All Color People , If U Scared In America , Why Start Sh!t By Voting For Racist , Like Trump , This Arizona As In Example Got Mexico Written Too , Y'all Can Get It Too , Written In Sharpie , In Blue !! , Like This Is Personal Too !! …. That's Why I Say , Get Along doggies , Get along !! Vote ○ #BlueWave , Trump People Its Freaking Over !!! ….. Cause Enough Is Enough Too , We Can't Be Wasting Are Times , With Y'all Punk Ass Hating Ass Racist Ass Bastards !! .

  17. Oh my word. Do you know what was said to him behind closed doors? No you dont! Maybe that is why he is insisting.

  18. he knows feck all…period

  19. I hope you have 4 more years of jokes because you’re going to need it when Trump wins next years elections….Trump🇺🇸2020

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