Trump shuts down reporter after claim about President Biden

‘Kudlow’ panelists Mollie Hemingway and Gregg Jarrett discuss the evidence against the Biden family and former President Donald Trump’s interview with NBC. #foxbusiness #kudlow

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  1. First and last time for her.

  2. Fox news. Not taken seriously in the UK .

  3. You are 💯 Doc‼️‼️Make THAT video!!! Good 4 YOU!

  4. No evidence?!! That's like standing on the beach and saying there's no sand around. That reporter is just a democrat hack and propagandist. Absolutely zero credibility.

  5. Most of the career politicians like Biden have accumulated wealth way beyond their government salaries. Both Democrat and Republican caree politicians are corupt. Never vote for a career politician. After the first term vote them back only if they fulfilled their pledge and did some good for the people and the area. But 2 terms max then vote then out.

  6. Accusations are not evidence. Fox has melted your brains lol

  7. The DOJ need to be replaced with the CIA and FBI for now because the garbage is to too much

  8. Have you geniuses ever heard of "the pot calling the kettle black" but after paying $750,000,000 , it's no surprise how bad Fox sucks

  9. Trump will tell you how it is all day Any day. Traitors keep exposing themselves.

  10. This woman looks smart but she is a Dip Shirt!

  11. Proof that Fox never changes. The joke network.

  12. Umpeach garland, myorcas and biden

  13. It's NBC, one has to make allowances for stupidity

  14. Donald Trump didn't shut down the reporter; Fox Business shut her down by censoring some of her responses to Trump here.

  15. Republicans have nothing. Rumors and innuendo by Chinese spies and Russian oligarchs (who by the way denied the republican claims) Biden's best friend testified under oath that no business was discussed during any of the phone calls. Quit trying to deflect by projecting. Everything the republicans are accusing President Biden of the traitor Trump and his family have done. The documents case is a open and shut case because traitor Trump did NOT have the authority to declassify count 19 of the indictment. The president cannot declassify nuclear secrets from the Department of Energy. Guilty on cound 19 and all of the other counts too!! Anyone who still supports Trump after they found out he kept Top Secret Documents is a traitor to our country too. Shame on the entire republican party!

  16. I love how they say which clearly no one can deny…. . The truth is no one can confirm!!!

  17. pedophile defendant trump has never been able to shut anyone down… he's not knowledgeable enough, he's a clown no one takes seriously nor respects… he's going to prison and that's it

  18. If Republicans have hard evidence then why haven't they clearly presented it to the public they talk about the situation all the time why haven't they presented the evidence. Clearly they don't have evidence

  19. Republicans keep saying they have the evidence. If they had the evidence then why don't they have all the Republican votes for impeachment?????

  20. Satan laughing spreads his wings.
    Obama ,Biden and the D.N.C. applaud.

  21. Yes fox wants factskinda funny

  22. Idiotic trumpy for prison 2024

  23. Biden is guilty and Trump is innocent. It's backwards.

    Just unsealed a tsunami of new lawsuits against lying FOX.

    The 878.5 million paid was just the beginning for these liars, Murdoch will be bankrupted by the time America is done with him.

  25. Maybe Bidden will visit trump in jail.

  26. World needs Trump, let alone America, to shut down the corrupt and violent NATO

  27. Maybe it's time we revived the 1949-1987 FAIRNESS DOCTRINE and DEMAND licensed media to air BOTH SIDES of ISSUES as our journalists did once upon a time when we were the envy of the world. Seems like since then, we started paying for the propaganda on CABLE TV. like CNN, etc… think about it, we have been paying them to brain-wash US !!!

  28. Most of the media are complicit in this crime.

  29. What about the fact that Trump is an insurrectionist?

    Plus, he only has one tune: "My opponent is a crook!" He took that line with Hilary in 2016, went a different route in 2020 with "Sleepy Joe" and lost, so now he's back to what he thinks will work: "He's a crook!"

    Trump is pathetic, and so are his uneducated followers.

  30. I would keep it off you tube till your ready to make ARRESTS. Stop talking about it till the time is ready for action. The less the b I dens know the better it will be.surpise them bam