Saturday , January 16 2021
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Trump signs social media executive order

President Trump signs executive order regarding social media. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Fredom off speace evidentrly don't work on internet…

  2. It doesn't seem to be working.
    Hold them accountable

  3. Prosecute them for election interference, aiding and abetting terrorism (ISIS pages did not go against community standards)

  4. Please go away in January for good. I hate this guy.

  5. This is still happening! 🙁

  6. Any executive order or law has NO VALUE if it is not enforced, therefore it is BS.

  7. facebook been doing it last 2 months and i even seen some be in fb jail for 2 week case there view points when it come to im noot like the left crap they pulling on facebook

  8. Dude dont they know each person can edit anything if they have image video etc even copying from another place lol it's call copy and paste n edit then sending

  9. You are wrong to think that Trump can't legislate against social media. SCOTUS just granted the presidency law-making power in their decision to uphold Obama's DACA executive order as immutable LAW. That sets a national precedent.

  10. More overbearing Big Government regulations on private industry…..

  11. Life like doll of President Trump on sale. Click on the link below to order this beautiful doll that is an exact image of President Trump and lies through its teeth every two minutes, and if you order right now, you'll not only get this magnificent Trump doll but you'll receive at no extra cost a magnificent Ivanka doll that cries and wets her pants that you can fondle just like her father does.

  12. More people need to wake up to see the Dems are not really Dems they dont care about nothing except evil and power, Go watch "Out Of Shadows" and "Fall Of Cabal" it's like waking up out of the matrix, Watch Them and We The People need to do Due Diligence and pass it along to protect one another from these evil socialist ideas that the other side are trying to divide us, We The People need to stick together And our Commander And Chief is leading his Troops😎😎😎

  13. The evil deep state, cabal are upset because Trump is doing the right thing always has since hes been elected, Again Trust The Plan…

  14. The same group of people have controlled all forms of communications for hundreds of years they should be stripped of their ability to control the minds of the masses everyone knows who they are!,


  16. White people you better do something about this hate towards black people before it's too late

  17. Long overdue. I agree completely. Facebook doesn't get to pick and choose what people can and cannot say or post. Zuckerberg thinks because he's very wealthy that he can do whatever he wants.

  18. To the 1.2k of communist people who have given the thumbs down to this action for the greater good of the people. Leave and go to China we you will feel much more at home.

  19. Thank you Dear President… I believe in you.

  20. Mr. President Trump sir, what about ballets that are sent to the voters homes and then we fill them out and take them to the drop off location? I live in Arlington, WA 98223. We don't have the opportunity to vote at a voting booth. Our drop off location is at a library drop off box. I'm not sure if that's the best or not but it doesn't feel all that secure. Also, how do we the people protect the votes and protect the votes being counted correctly? I believe the way I vote is just about the same as mail in voting. No one asks for my ID or anything.

  21. I have a question? What is the difference between absentee ballot and the mail in ballots? I did absentee when I was in active duty.

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