Monday , November 23 2020
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Trump signs US-Japan trade deal

The new agreement will focus on agricultural exports and digital trade.


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  1. Major trade deal and ABC gives a 1 min 32 sec blurb on it. lol Ok. Going to watch it elsewhere for full coverage on the deal and what it entails.

  2. I hope the deal ends the 25 year old rule for JDM imports🙏

  3. Not a SINGLE video from CNN on this deal 😂

  4. XRP baby!! Level playing field!

  5. Wait could benefit farmers… trump signs a deal that’s only a prediction….some master negotiator

  6. So Japan has dirt on Biden?

  7. Fucking trader and communist !!!! Japan is oppressing it's people and they are protesting for their freedom so instead of speaking out against Japan this piece of shit cuts a deal with them. If you still support this man YOU NEED TO LEAVE AMERICA !!! Trump wants to be a dictator.

  8. Its about time. The Japanese owe us a lot for what they done. And their cartoons and Media have had a very negative effect on the youth, just look at the recent violence in Dayton Ohio and with Joshua Brown and Elsewhere. It can be linked to Japan.

  9. This is how it’s done. Japan now is building behind the wall a nuclear rocket 🚀 to take down USA.. just like North Korea and Russia.. if anyone asks at some point when has America allowed this to happened? While trump was betraying America. USA get nuked already ffs!

  10. Mr President can we plz get Japan's public transportation system here in the US?


  12. Japan runs on RIPPLE Let's go ODL ( On demand liquidity )

  13. Sweet!!
    cant wait for my whole grain kawasaki virgin robot girl!

  14. As long as there’s no taxes on video games, anime, manga, figures, plamo, and related goods… I think we’ll be fine. 🤣

  15. JAPAN BE AWARE. Betraying friends and allies are the new norm of Trump's America. Meanwhile kissing crooked world dictators and butchers butt.

  16. Liberals may not need jobs but the rest of us do.

  17. Hey if we can get those skyscraper farmers i think that would look pretty good. but with all the smog in some states that gonna be hard.

  18. Japan and USA need each other. China is coming.

  19. This is an actual deal with a foriegn nation to better both nations. The real distraction is from the liberals. Trump is doing the job he was elected to do.

  20. I love Japan, princess hatsune miku is my best friend – Trump

  21. Yes I can get my Hentai adult toy easily

  22. He doesnt know at all what he signed or read or elsa he would be speaking to the camera, not the notes

  23. R34 Skylines should be legal

  24. About time. USA needs to own all of Japans digital. So important.

  25. Come on fake news ABC . Tell us how wrong Trump is . #walkaway from fake news ABC .

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