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Trump sits down with Ukrainian president | ABC News

The meeting with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was a preplanned event, scheduled ahead of and unrelated to the release of the July phone call transcript between the two presidents.

Read the Transcript of Trump’s Call with Ukraine’s President:
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  1. I bet you will delete the transcripts of the phone calls between you and Russia. Also your conversations with Saudi Crown Prince.

    I saw your Son meet witb Saudi Arabia, India and many other countries and walk away with money, too. LOL

  2. Sterling reputation playing a piano with his dick!

  3. Once again Student in front of the Principal

  4. George Stephanopoulos left a shitstain on bill clintons cigar

  5. I was in the Ukraine when Obama bought all new uniforms and cars for all of Ukraine police department. I only use to see old Lada and niva. He also took photos in Kyivs with police along with the cars . What is Trump really saying!

  6. Trump will not help anyone. He just wants in on every financial trade with the US.. Businessmen against Biden's man

  7. Zelenski was a comedian..

  8. I was in the Ukraine when Obama bought all new uniforms and cars for all of Ukraine police department. I only use to see old Lada and niva. He also took photos in Kyivs with police along with the cars . What is Trump really saying!

  9. Listen, i enjoyed this video because it was enlightening and answered the questions that prompted me to watch it. BUT Trump…that hair. Forget the side part and just slick it straight back. Ditch the "Biff" look please.

  10. Thefacts from what i understand: An energy company was being investigated by a Legal Public Prosecutor in Kyiv. The supposedly corrupt company hired the son Of Joseph Biden supposedly named Hunter Biden, and before you know it, the Public Prosecutor looking into corruption in Kiev was fired in Ukraine. Bidden junior retained his job. I don't know if the story is true.
    Meanwhile, trump is continuously being investigated for supposedly trying to build a Trump tower in Moscow and Kyiv as a former businessman.

  11. Jajajaaja the Ukranian President looks so eager to give explanations .

  12. Ukraine Leader talks about visiting the country
    Trump : Talks about himself and the business he owned

  13. Trump is so nervous. Look at that orange bitch sweat.

  14. So Rush Limbaugh was right.

  15. Sorry Zelenskyi we are not starting WIII with Russia & China so you can get crimea back. Who do you think you are? 😂

  16. ABC = Always Broadcasting Crap

  17. Are you people serious? The Ukrainian President said 'There was no push' which in his broken english means HE WAS NOT PUSHED. Immediately after the meeting you cut back to bullet points, the 1st stating 'President Trump pushed Ukraine's new president…' What a complete joke your station is.



  20. George tried to coach Obama into not mentioning his Muslim faith. Watch Georges interview with Obama, and watch George help Obama deceive Americans. I saw it, did you? Never again can we trust this man, George.

  21. He was so caught off guard with question… he Ukraine president did not say he was not pressured … the corruption is only trump doing it… he is the one who used a fake origination to take money from people under the disguise of a charity… his family has been doing the corrupt things…please stop!!!!!!

  22. I wish the liberals would start working to help the people of this country instead of working non stop to impeach this President. Get over it already. Another nothing burger!!!

  23. What is this 2017? This is a rerun.

  24. Trump Won Again…The Left Media Jumped The Gun Again…That Is It In A Nut Shell…Go Trump 2020.

  25. UKRAINE IS GAME TO YOU??? 🤔😂 (can't help but think of this episode given all the bullshit the Dems are tryna stir up outta nothing).

  26. Oh yippity yuppity dubbity doo

  27. This timely meeting is obviously an attempt to obscurate the issue. Could we have expected less from Trumps choreographed technique at orchestrating doubt.
    Remember both these individuals are familiar with the stage.

  28. Meet with me on tv and you’ll get your money, begrudgingly.

  29. Trump has to know that this country is not part of any union

  30. What was the point of this?

  31. I think the discussion with Mr Zelenskiy, wanting to solve corruption in Ukraine, naturally led to the subject of 'Biden'.

  32. God bless President Trump! No person, who takes this job and tries to do well, deserves to be treated like this. Watch out for the mutinous, misleading evil doers in the Congress and fake news.

  33. All USA president sacrifice his people. Trump has plan for MADE IN USA.

  34. When the Ukraine president speaks you can't even see Trumps lips move.

  35. Trump is baiting the democrats. There to blind to see. This is really nothing. People talk shit. Nobody investigated shit. It's called freedom of speech. Just like the dems can say anything they want and there committing treasonous acts also the Properganda news network.

  36. Ukrainian president is a lawyer

  37. The Democrats have lost their minds vote red in 2020

  38. I like this guy. 👍🏼

  39. if he had balls, he would have accepted Zelenskiy's invitation to Ukraine. dumb ass Trump left him hanging.

  40. Trump was trying to talk gun safety 🤣

  41. Best economy? BULLSHIT! maybe for his rich buddies. I am literally dying because i now have no insurance! And seniord HAVE TO work during retirement and most people work 2 jobs….BULLSHIT!

  42. Poor Trumpty Dumpty. His lawyers have already told him that impeachment will be a slam dunk based only on his Ukraine phone call alone, let alone all his emoluments violations, campaign finance violations in addition to all the evidence of his wrong doings contained in the Mueller Report.

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