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Trump slams whistleblower

The president lashed out on Thursday, saying the whistleblower is “close to a spy.”



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  1. Tell the truth. There’s no real inquiry until there is a Vote. You guys are way left but at least you just didn’t drive off the cliff like the rest of them

  2. So trump saying we should kill the whistleblower so does that mean everything the whistleblower claimed is true my dude trump you r digging yourself into a bigger hole by the second

  3. Again pathetic. As I am saying in ALL of my public comments it is time to go our separate ways, so please start proposing civil options for doing so. Lefties, like the British, will no longer be allowed to whine and protest our sovereignty away. You will no longer be allowed to be the aggressors and haters you accuse others to be. Do you really think you are so enlightened? Do you really think you should be able to tell every other person on this planet what to do. . . How to think. . . Etc. Please look up the definition of nar·cis·sism. And by the way . . . Before you pick up your blow horn and scream racist or natzi or whatever. . . Please note I NEVER tried to tell you what to do or what to think OTHER than try to find a civil way to leave the rest us alone.

  4. Democrats bid to remove Trump…

    2015 Dems ask: Can we have the FBI do us a favor with Hillary's emails?

    2016 Dems ask: Can we have CBS and Entertainment Tonight do us a favor?

    2017 Dems ask: Can we have Stormy Daniels do us a favor?

    2018 Dems ask: Can we have DOJ do us a favor?

    2019 Dems ask: Can we have our spy in the White House do us a favor?

    2019 Trump learns about Biden and his son making millions by holding government money in return for personal business favors. and once again the Democrats and there Leftist Media twist this around trying to impeach Trump, Ignoring the truth!

    Just like they did with Hillary's emails!

    2019 Dems ask: Can the Leftist Media do them a favor and sweep Biden and his son under the rug, then point the finger at Trump?

  5. The worst President of all time!

  6. "You know what we did in the old days when we were smart right? The [presidents we didn't like], we used to handle it a little differently than we do now."

  7. TRUMP needs to stop LYING about his talk with UKRAINE PRESIDENT. The WHITEHOUSE release of documents support and match the WHISTLE BLOWER statements in the WHITEHOUSE TRANSCRIPTS. CONGRESS needs to CENSURE TRUMP on any statements about the WHISTLE BLOWER AS DANGEROUS, and against the WHISTLE BLOWER PROTECTION LAW. GOD SAVE AMERICA.

  8. Back in the good old days we used to challenge them to a duel and put a bullet right in their c***sucker
    (Sighs) those were the days

  9. Whistleblower, can we just call him a snitch

  10. Death to U.S. traitors, I'm good with that

  11. Any doubts Trump was the Kremlin candidate?

  12. I thought it's EDWARD SNOWDEN'S DOING.

  13. CIA not permitted to bugging white house so they planting guys who listening

  14. whistleblower?

    CIA admitted highly trained analyst

    can we spell spy?

  15. Epoch Times is better than any DNC donor media hacks. They do real journalism. So does Kim Strassell, Paul Sperry, John Solomon, Sara Carter, Gregg Jarrett, Declassified on utube & Twitter.

  16. Crowdstrike & Fusion GPS Ukrainian companies assisting DNC unverified Dossier & forensics on DNC server (Crowdstrike known for falsying IT reports)

  17. Trump is responding to these allegations just like you would expect a dictator wannabe to do. He doesn't seem to realize that he's the one who is un-American by soliciting an attack on our election process. He was basically using extortion on the president of Ukraine by withholding $400 million dollars that the Ukraine was supposed to get while he asked for dirt on his potential political opponent (Biden). That is a gross misuse of the office of the president and it's a crime. Trump, coming from the world of shady deals and with zero experience in government, doesn't realize he is committing crimes against America and is violating his oath of office. This is what happens when you elect a TV reality star. There is a learning process to most things.

  18. This link explains it all.
    Trump as President in my mind had a right to ask for Ukraine to re-open the Investigation.
    This always should have been followed up but the Obama Admin did a good job of covering it up.
    No supporter of Trump. Australian.

  19. Know what's a disgrace to out country? Not whistleblowers….it's people like trump!
    People like trump that sell out our country are an embarrassment and
    disgrace to the USA!
    Thank God for for our whistleblower. Tonight, we can all go to sleep knowing that we are safer in our homes. Whoever you are out there "whistleblower,"I say a heartfelt, "Thank You!". It took courage for you to do what you did. Again, thank-you & God bless you!!!

  20. isn't putin at odds with ukraine?

  21. ABC…YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO…MEANT TO SAY…YOU SO SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. The arrest and imprisonment of Julian Assange by trump was the red pill for the entire world of the deceptive nature of trump , If the democrats would have not stood by islamist trump would have never come to power .

  23. Has trump ever acted like a righteous person How many people In the GOP even know how a righteous person, acts

  24. This is all coming from the Clinton machine. Still running the FBI and DOJ and the DNC…… they are in too deep.

  25. Witness intimidation is impeachable.

  26. A Bunch of Bullshit and Waste of time

  27. TRUMP is an idiot! He already held his country hostage when he shut down the government! He's a domestic terrorist

  28. He said maybe legally through the court lol

  29. Yeah here we go again. Trump insinuating that a person should be killed for telling the truth. Trump said flipping should be against the law. He doesn’t like flippers. And that’s Funny coming from a two faced backstabbing rat traitor..

  30. He is correct in the old days we did kill them. And I have NEVER in my life has seen so much and so many back stabber's in the White House telling people what was going on in meetings or on phone calls. Those people need to be treated as traitors!!

  31. If President Trump was with the democrats they would give him a pass & praise him

  32. That's correct douche bag Donnie. They are spies for the U.S. to protect us from traitors like you. You remember what they used to do traitors don't you?

  33. TRUMP=GUTLESS COWARD…Captain Bone Spurs talks tough but was nothing but a scared DRAFT DODGER!!!!!!!!! traitor!!!!! maybe Vlad will help him out,………..Where is MOSCOW MITCH???????

  34. Still butthurt 3 years later…desperate fools that will stop at nothing to destroy america and We The People…this has to stop and only We The People can stop it!

  35. When Trump is caught between a rock and a hard place, he ALWAYS goes on the attack and lies. That is Donald Trump's style. It always has been. Just ask Michael Cohen.

  36. #SATANTRUMP and his pussy grabbing minions are going down! Trump has no love for the rule of law

  37. America has gotten lower and lower. What a disappointment

  38. Melania the whistleblowder

  39. Allegedly he said, she said, who said ? … LMAO ! Violent and so upsetting, strategy, maybe maybe not Ha Ha Ha > Fake News Idiots ….. Prepare for your Landslide loss in 2020 ! Thank GOD for president Trump !

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