Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Trump sounds off on impeachment investigation at rally in Louisiana | ABC News

The president used foul language to denounce impeachment proceedings in Lake Charles.

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  1. It's final. I'm fucking moving to Canada the second I turn 18. If the us isn't already taken over by the communists or the Latinos yet

  2. I am a Republican. .
    It is time for American to take a stand . The President should be impeached .

  3. I love how his supporters call him "Alpha male" while he is nothing more than a pathetic adult version of Eric Cartman.

  4. The Orange Sphincter is getting scared and desperate. Impeachment/removal from office, investigations, charges that will be filed against him, losing the next election by waaay more than the 3 million he lost the last one by.

  5. How can the Dems expect to impeach when they insist on hiding the identity of the so-called star witness and refuse to allow anyone except other Democrats hear testimony? Those tactics only work in totalitarian police states.

  6. The Democrats are like dogs chasing their own tails. You watch with incredulity.

  7. Nothing to do with party affiliation, race, or beliefs. But, this President actions are an embarrassment to the world. What's hypocritical is that he's been allowed to get away with it by his base and the so called religious right!

  8. Thank you President Trump keep up the good work

  9. Trump doesn't even know what the word cheat means.

  10. Impeach remove and put this idiot in jail. He ain't my president.

  11. Did he dye his hair to match his tie? Hahaha

  12. Trump. Will NEVER. Be taken out of office !!!! The deep state is in disarray!! Swamp creatures are dying!!!!!!!Trump #1 !!!!

  13. ABC news is one of the most corrupt liberal news media out there. We the people don't believe anything you say. Like the video you showed that was supposed to be Syria and Kurds, when in fact it was a gun range in Kentucky, and you knew that when you put it out over the weekend. The video itself was years old. You think we are to stupid to check out your lies? You will regret all this in 2020.

  14. President Trump a master world negotiator working hard for all… Americans

  15. Please re-elect low character and putin's puppet trump to destroy America totally. This thug is all about himself. Most corrupt administration ever. Thanks to all republicans in both houses.

  16. NBA public bows to china (Comedy) from Alex Jones Therapist

  17. Sinceramente creo que es una persecución política y mediatica, la que sufre Donald, ya no saben que inventar para intentar tirarlo , es una vergüenza y demuestran la poca calidad democratica en la que está el país desde hace decadas. No estoy deacuerdo en algunas cosas con el, pero si comparto la idea de soberanía nacional, voluntarismo , apoyo a los más desfavorecidos y libertad individual. EEUU esta jodido antes de Donald y muchos paises por copiar tanta tonteria e inutilidad.

  18. ABC is biased with trump 👎🏼

  19. I don't know why some of the veterans demand money for protecting this country I would be honored to protect my country

  20. the Chinese ard knocking thr crap out of trump everytime he tries to sanction them they hand him his ass

  21. Made in USA always comes first, and its up to American Children to Make, Made, Stayed and Assembled in the USA !!!

  22. Trump, after putting us through a 27 month trade war, is going to get us back to where we were before bc hes desperate to change the headlines. This "deal" of his will be thrown together hastily bc he needs a win now.

  23. It would be nice if we could see a draw down on both sides. He wants to cut taxes and then pumps out tariffs (also known as a tax to Americans). If Trump is going to go after China economically he NEEDS TO DECLARE IT! Stop leaving the markets guessing.

  24. Paid attendees, planted sound bites, and orchestrated, hateful groupthink.  
    — Trump Campaign Rally Playbook page 1

  25. Agricultural products?! GTFOH with your GMO bullshit, pesticides and chemicals!

  26. Trump is using profanity to get "his base" excited AS uneducated who don't know any better. Birds of a feather flock together.

  27. Does anyone else think Trump rallies look like a meeting of the citizens of Rock Ridge?

  28. He's scared lol, remember all that shit he talked about OTHERS sweating lol now who's sweating? Trump looks like the "Blair witch" parody when the sweat pours down like a water hose ROFLAO. Talk all you want, blab all you want , lie all you want pathetic inept imbecile your ass is GRASS. Here have some more rope idiot…..

  29. Now there is a fake deal, Trump is desperate now

  30. No thanks for fake news✌️

  31. I like it when a President doesn't applaud himself.

  32. enemy of his own nation and enemy of the world .


  34. Five steps backwards and one step forward with China. Maybe. Winning! So much winning! 😂😂😂

  35. President Trump needs to continue fighting along with the supporters because these Democrats do not belong in this country

  36. Dam
    Wtf happened there with Democrats thought I was ganna get shot or something this weekend

  37. What the fuck is wrong with you people ? Make America great again ?!!! What the fuck has America ever done in its very small and limited history to be considered great ? I am genuinely complexed so please elaborate…. limping in at the tail end of both world wars or slaughtering thousands of innocent people in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan to name but a few and that's not even mentioning the treatment of native Americans. I struggle to see how anyone with a brain in their head could consider themselves proud to be American!

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