Monday , January 25 2021
Home / News / Trump speaks at a 'Make America Great Again Victory Rally' in Green Bay

Trump speaks at a 'Make America Great Again Victory Rally' in Green Bay

President Trump delivers remarks at a ‘Make America Great Again Victory Rally’ in Green Bay, WI. #FoxBusiness

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  1. This clown really thought he was gonna get re-elected. I pity the fool!

  2. As if Biden one in his basement 😳

  3. Everyone see how corrupt, treasonous traitor Faux cut President Trump off at the last second when the crowd was screaming "MAGA?!" Stop watching FAUX!!

  4. You done more for the ppl than any other president. Especially on the peace with the other countries. God bless you

  5. In our country today, 40% of earners make $20K or less a year. What’s even more shocking is that 40% of earners actually make less than the 1968 minimum wage!

    In Portland Maine, for example, the poverty wage for 1 adult with 2 children is $9 per hour. The state’s minimum wage is $10 and the living wage is estimated to be at approximately $29 per hour. The Personal Care and Service industries in Maine, which represents a large part of unskilled employment, is at or below the poverty level at an average of $23,288 annual income for an adult with 2 children. The required annual income for this demographic is estimated to be $59,101 before taxes.

    Maine is not alone. Almost every area of the United States shows that workers are earning well below what is considered a cost of life
    Mic drop/pindrop(heard through a silent city)

  6. Trump you got to go bye he fool lie say he going the country never did nothing for us Americans people

  7. We need integrity in our election system!
    Many Americans believe the deep state is controlling our election through there
    resourses available to them by unscrupulous

  8. Trump is gone. So you can stop this bull now. I hope he goes to prison and the racist supporters get what's coming to them. Have a good day, and YESSSS TRUMP IS FINISHED😂😂😂😂😂🖕

  9. The world needs president Trump, 4 more years!

  10. T❤️R❤️U❤️M❤️P 2020


  12. the only guy that ever ran on raising taxes…….priceless

  13. What about Hilary Clinton, he said he would ask a special prosecutor to investigate her when he wanted our votes the last time, then when he was put in the WH he said she had suffered enough, ask the families of our men in Benghazi, who lost their lives being tortured what they think about her suffering.

  14. Trump is a loser and he know he is Trump can't handle America he don't even know how to take care of America America is going down and it's not great again because we're losing and we're losing a lot of lies thank you Donald Trump for killing a lot of people thank you Donald Trump murderer

  15. No you don't have to order you don't have texts all in your mind you don't have me the state

  16. He's so quick to criticize someone when he's the one got the country in this bad position today he's the one let the virus he could have stopped it he did not he knew it was coming he knew who it came from he's telling all of you people great down today where it came from so if it came from China then why didn't you stop it if you knew it was coming from China because you don't know anything about being a president Point Blank you was warned that it was going to come and the other presidents that was in office when it was coming this way they stopped it and helped you told you how to stop it and you chose not to all you do is sit and tweet all day that's not hard work I don't know what you call that and you want to talk about other people look at yourself Point finger at yourself for a change you know you created some bad things in America

  17. We need to start chanting to LOCK UP THE SWAMP CREATURES THAT WONT LOCK UP THEM UP!! THE COVER UP SWAMPERS! Including the Bill Barr's!!

  18. This man knows how to lie he's a great liar the best ever everything comes out of his mouth is nothing but lies this country is not sitting at the top this country is going down and he sees it but he don't care and pretty soon the people that is voting for him will see it happen also because it's coming their way also they're going to get it even stronger than the one they're getting it now and just like he said he's not worrying about that well guess what everyone can get it including the ones that are voting for him

  19. You don't love our country neither you're letting it suffer look at all the things that we're going through right now and then you haven't done anything about it so how did can you love our country please stop lying you're nothing but a liar

  20. So how can you sit on here and say that you are looking out for the American people when you could have wrote in the stimulus check for the American people so we won't go through this but you chose not to you and Nancy still constantly fight while America is suffering do you think we want four more years of both of you I don't think so America is tired and fed up with it all and I promise you we're going to get you out of office

  21. If they're going to shut down and shut down because of what you did something you never took control of you supposed to stop this virus you chose not to because you were too busy tweeting what kind of President we heard that all he does is finish like tweeting to America he's not working too hard

  22. Pa State. Senate turning Red Wave""" People are awake """ Let's Get this Done "" November 3rd Vote For the Greatest President Ever Trump God's Chosen Leader""" Landslide Victory Freedom "" Red Wave is Coming !!!🇺🇸🇺🇸💞💞😆

  23. Latinos for Trump we are with you president Trump 👏 🙌 🙏 💙 👍 ❤ 👏

  24. Trump seems more relaxed and at ease giving this talk , compared to other talks.

  25. And, Democrats, no crying or rioting, just go home and think while you lick your wounds.

  26. Lies, lies and more lies. More COVID-19 cases reported yesterday than ever, and Trump says we are "rounding the corner." Doctors risk their lives to treat us, and Trump says they are profiteering from COVID deaths." Bernie Sanders

  27. Look at Trump there closely! It's not him but a too big double they put in place!

  28. Fast forward to the end and refresh for a commercial free experience…..


  30. DJT may be a bully, but get over it Yanks, you'r electing a President not a Pope. He is best for the WEST not only the US.

  31. i m a chinese ,i stand trump. i made a video to show that.


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