Trump speaks out after special counsel asks judge to impose narrow gag order

Former President Donald Trump has spoken out after Special Counsel Jack Smith asked a federal judge to impose a “narrow” gag order on what he can say about the election interference case he’s facing. NBC News’ Monica Alba has the latest.

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  4. Ever notice how quickly to react when himself is in question, but; when others welfare is in question it’s unrealistic to respond right away? 😮.

  5. Trying to take away free speech now?

  6. Trump should be allowed to self incriminate and stack up charges against himself at his leisure so the legal hole becomes all the more deeper and thus costly. 🇺🇸🤡💩

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    Трамп это не адекватный человек , который не понимает слов и понятий, он говорит одно, а делает другое. Он врёт все людям, своей жене, детям и всем своим близким. Он не понимает, что такое справедливость, что такое порядочность и честность. Это врун и преступник, его место в тюрьме, а не в кресле президента США.

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  14. If he's allowed to run for office , Then democracy is aleady lost .

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  17. Uh, huh, those J6 hearings uncovered much of 45's tricks. It was an elaborate plan that was masterfully
    uncovered. Most Red Hats scoff to know that it has been revealed. Your reality tv guy and company are
    all going down Hoss.The GA arrests were another sign of 45's demise. His threats to judges, jurors and
    prosecutors will do him in. Cheney said it perfectly, that after 45 is dust in the wind, Red Hats will have the dishonor.

  18. If I am in my seventies alive and kicking, I want to be on a beach. Warm and sunny sipping a long Island as waves lap on my feet. Why on earth would you want to be president at that age??? Biden and Trump gluttony for punished they could have easily avoided by retirement.

  19. Trump is now officially America's biggest Loser-Whiner. So sad really.

  20. “I never spoke to my son about his business dealings”

    "I basically grew up in the black church"

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    “I lost my son Beau in Iraq”

    ”I was top of my class in college”

    “I was arrested trying to see Nelson Mandela”

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    " I'm joe biden and I can't speak freely or ill get in trouble"

  27. Since when do first amendment rights include death threats and violent threats?

  28. We love President trumps for 2024

  29. Lol a 77 year old say he no where near 80😅😅. Mf cant tell the truth to save his life

  30. Oh goodness he goes on and on tainting Americans and we do nothing bc he’s a politician running in an election. He’s running to delay, he’s running to stay out of prison. We all know this and we shouldn’t allow this. We all know he’s the one weaponizing everything he gets his little pale hands on. The majority of Americans understand that he is a problem for this country and for the rest of the world. We see how he works. It’s a pattern, used before the corrupted. An ugly one that should be removed from our sight and hearing. Trump, Putin, KJU the terrible three are a national and global threat to democracies and would be democracies.

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    What was good they made evil

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  38. NBC still trashing Trump but he is not the President. Meanwhile we have a corrupt, criminal, old, demented, creepy dude in the White House who received millions of dollars for bribes and gave it to numerous family members who did not pay any taxes on it and you just brush it under the rug. Soros must pay you well to do that.