Trump special teacher overturned by appeals court

A court order for a special master to examine documents seized from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate this summer has been quashed.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Not a set back at all.

  2. We all know what you and your family is up to Biden, yes we all know you are a crime and a trader to our country!!!!!!!!

  3. Keep it as unfair and corrupt as possible.

  4. I don't know how appointing a special master 'blocks' the investigation. A special master is a former lawyer or judge appointed by the court to go through items requested by the FBI that might be beyond the scope of the warrant or protected by executive privilege or attorney-client privilege. How is protecting items that are not in the scope of the investigation 'blocking' it? It sounds more to me like taking one rule: blocking an investigation and painting it on a different rule to give the impression that the appointing of the special master was not legal. And that only adds to the pile of aggressive tactics being taken against Trump to try to find something, anything to charge him with. They are all too obvious about 'show me the man and I will show you the crime'. maybe, after this fails, they will try to get him for eating his cheerios incorrectly.

  5. Yall say I can HELP and sort all them documents BEFOR they eaven raided ITS ALL ABOUT red lake nation police hideing. ! Behind this PERV I stay with AND THESE RED LAKE POLICE LET AND liaten too him WHEN HE thinks he is PUNKING Or BEING A cell boss HE BEEN OUT OF PRISON FOR LIKE 10 YEARS he HAS MUSIC TRACKS,mmmmm PERV MUSIC TRACKS and how these TEIBAL COPS HAVEING and PLACEing him as trump when he was prez and also Biden THY GOT A SWITCH ON HIS EARS ffor Biden and trump AMAZON futures HERE ON RED LAKE NATION

  6. So the China protests are over. How nice. No Thanks to the malice media .

  7. Defeat we will soon see who really looses 4 it comes from the fake part of our gov and it want last much longer.

  8. Lock trump up, let him be the first president to be jailed for crime committed while in office. Lock him up!!!!!

  9. Gestapo tactics are how afraid they are of president Trump. Bye. Bye Pelosi

  10. Twitter is not that powerful Musk. It is just a cheap crap app. Full of fake accounts, and meaningless opinions from idiots.

  11. I actually really appreciated hearing that the 11th judges where republican. Unfortunately many judges are political and I was wondering if this was the case. There is one district (can't remember which) that varies from left leaning or far left on their ruling so if it was from them that would have been actually expected, but since they are Red I actually feel like that decision was more based on thr law than not

  12. It’s all just a big ‘ol witchhunt. Screw you, I hope that appeal sticks.

  13. Twitter is becoming the most trusted news source and y’all can’t stand it.

  14. This ding dong is going around talking about abolishing the Constitution. That constitution is the only reason he's not in prison.

  15. There Clearly trying to discredit him and prohibit him from being president again

  16. Wheres Lee Harvey Oswald when we need him?


  18. There is help for tds act now and get 10% off your first visit, most likely it will be hundreds of visits before you are cured MAYBE 🤔

  19. Government won? That's good? Don't think so.

  20. Don't mean bunk!!! Trump 2024! Keep crying libs!!!!

  21. They are just making President Trump angrier and angrier. When he gets back in office, he is really gonna clean house.

  22. So so so sad this is a very very very sick man. Sure would be nice if we just get all this over with he and his cohorts need to suffer the consequences of their actions and we need to get moving on

  23. Twitter files reporting please

  24. You mean the "department of "Injustice who is obviously abusing power and one party biased!!!

  25. Trump should terminate the Constitution in LOOP:

    [Amendment of ARTICLE ONE]

    CONGRESS shall make no LAW respecting an ESTABLISHMENT of RELIGION…

    (the Constitution of THE USA)

    (key-words: Congress, law, establishment, religion)

    I think it is time to make this Amendment more picturesque ? :->

    [Further Amendment of ARTICLE ONE]

    CONGRESS shall make no LAW respecting an ESTABLISHMENT of RELIGION –

    except of its own as it shall be ESTABLISHED by LAW made by CONGRESS….

    (the Constitution of THE USA)