Friday , January 22 2021
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Trump Supreme Court rulings don't mean transparency on his finances | USA TODAY

The Supreme Court’s rulings on President Trump’s financial documents will not produce public information, or his tax returns, before the elections.


The 7-2 decision was written by Chief Justice John Roberts and joined by Trump’s two nominees, Associate Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. It sends the separation of powers dispute back to lower courts for further determination.

“Courts must perform a careful analysis that takes adequate account of the separation of powers principles at stake, including both the significant legislative interests of Congress and the ‘unique position’ of the president,” Roberts wrote.

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    Nothing is more important than serving the wellbeing of the people and to serve the people of the country.

    Racism and election in USA.

    To demonstrate and say the slogan Black lives MATTER, NO JUSTICE NO PEACE or Defunds the Police is not enough.

    If the just demands of the demonstrators are to be successful, the demonstrations must be peaceful and the hearts of the population, the police, the national guard, the military and the politicians must be won over.
    They are the sons and siblings of America.
    Violence, looting, and insulting make people lose their sympathy.
    You must not complicate and harm people's lives with your actions.
    Blocking and closing off highways and streets pulls people's nerves and instead of getting sympathy and compassion for the just demands, you lose encouragement.
    You have to switch to intelligent civil disobedience to reap the greatest possible response.
    Takes other revolutions as a role model.
    In Iran, flowers were distributed to soldiers and security forces at the beginning of the revolution, and slogans called for them not to shoot at the sons and sisters of the people or to use violence.
    It was called to join the people and their demands.
    Calls on the current political representatives and calls for reforms.
    Turn to people's hearts and create sympathy.
    Set up committees in your neighborhood which ensure security day and night.
    Creates trust among the population.
    Show the powerful that you can create a different order.
    During demonstrations, security forces of the movement should ensure security and act against violence and looting.
    Creates trust !!
    This is how you achieve your goals.

    The Democratic Party, like the Republican Party, are on the same level in terms of foreign policy, particularly with regard to Palestine, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, China, Russia etc..
    Only the ways are different.
    Democrats, like Republicans, are subordinate to lobbyists and lobby groups.
    The Democratic Party only gives their appearance with make-up a better look, in terms of health policy, tax policy and the middle class.
    But in terms of warmongering and imperialism, they are close to the Republican Party.
    The United States needs real change without the Democratic and Republican Party.
    Without a fundamental reform of politics, laws, and elections in the United States, the demonstrations will not work.
    First of all, fundamental electoral reforms must be created in the USA.

    The electoral system in the United States is so complicated, and election day is Tuesday, which is a workday that prevents many voters from voting.

    Why can't you vote on a Sunday when everyone has free time with a simple identity card, as in many states, like Germany?

    Spontaneous direct participation in elections with an identity card must be allowed. Previous registrations in electoral lists or indirect elections of the president by electors must be abolished.
    Even the homeless and the lower classes have the right to vote and to vote for someone.
    What are the rich, powerful and lobby groups afraid of?
    People in the United States must take to the streets for real reforms and rights.

    The democratic and republican parties are like a coin with only two different sides.

    The structures in the USA are over 200 years old and outdated.
    Racism is a result of wrong politics and politics create politicians.
    US politicians are elected by outdated methods.
    Incorrect electoral laws deprive citizens of their rights in the United States.

    The US government spends over $ 600 billion a year on the military so that US soldiers can be deployed to Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, South Korea, Japan, European countries and Africa.
    If you prefer to invest those $ 600 billion in jobs, schools, education, infrastructure and the homeless, it's the best investment against racism.

    Over 90 percent of US history has seen war, destruction, and death.
    That means that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are war-loving.
    The USA policy answers the just demands of its own population with oppression and violence.
    Externally, states that do not want to submit to US interests are either punished with sanctions, such as Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, China, etc., or punished with war and occupation, such as Grenada island, Yemen, Iraq or Afghanistan.
    Racism and injustice in the United States existed during the reign of Democrats and Republicans.
    So it makes no difference who currently has power in the United States.

    Republicans have the presidency today and decide politics, tomorrow the Democrats and the day after again the Republicans.
    Isn't it time for each of the current 50 states to go their own way and declare themselves independent and based on European standards?
    Centuries-old electoral laws, outdated jurisdiction, etc. cause racism and injustice in society.
    The American population has achieved a lot in the past few weeks and it would be a shame if the American people were to be appeased by some cosmetic promises by the government.
    It is the best chance for the people of the United States to demand far-reaching political reforms internally and externally.
    The oppression of peoples by the United States politics and disregard for human rights internally must stop for a better, just and peaceful future of the world.

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  13. Why don’t you shed light on the Communist Marxist trying to destroy our constitution instead of this nonsense?This is why a lot Americans unsubscribed to bias main stream media, because party politics has negated common sense. Talk about colluding with foreign powers. How many of our institutions and corporations have Chinese Communist Party contributions?

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  15. The NY Grand Jury will get to see them. Then they will indict him.

  16. Someone hack those documents!

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  20. The Russian and MAGA bots going nuts in the comments below are the best.

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  22. 0:16 no offense but why does he look dead on that pic

  23. What a joke,smoke screen venture to say President Trump is one the few who dosen't have his hand in the cookie jar! He takes no salary to boot.Get real the Dems are the worst, if you have the common sense to check it out,which I doubt TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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