Friday , August 14 2020
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Trump Takes On Light Bulbs And Flushing Toilets In Business Roundtable | NBC News

President Trump took issue with energy-efficient light bulbs and poor water pressure during a business roundtable at the White House.
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Trump Takes On Light Bulbs And Flushing Toilets In Business Roundtable | NBC News


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  1. Donald Trump doesn't realize other people exist.
    He still thinks he's on an episode of the apprentice.
    But deep deep down he knows how evil and guilty he is,
    And that's why he flushes the toilet 10-15 times every time he sits.
    He's just another hateful, projecting racist with psychopathic mysophobia. Hitler had the same thing.

  2. This is called psychopathic-schizophrenia with mysophobia. Hitler had it, too. It a projection of the sense of being extremely guilty, external because psychopaths have no sense of self because they have no concept of other people. But deep deep down they know they are evil. The progression of this trait is one of the criteria for seeing if a person is too far gone. He is. Listen to the "quietly quietly dripping" Projection of one's own evil is at the core of racism, which also manifests as psychopathic mysophobia. They is himself. He does that.

  3. Is the Ukrainian government impeding water flow? Send Rudy into the sewers and check it out

  4. Babbling moron strikes again.

  5. Yeah flushing you and the rest of the deep state down the drain lmao

  6. “The water, very quietly dripping out”

  7. I've always said he should have gone and done comedy…

  8. These liberal idiots tried to take my light bulbs too. I won't let them touch my shower. I absolutely love Donald Trump

  9. Maybe if he paid his water bill (he hasn't since he became president) his water would work. Or maybe if he cut his calorie intact to less than 50,000 per day his dumps would be human sized instead of elephant sized.

  10. Even if the Ukraine extortion bid isn’t impeachable, surely this amounts to a high crime.

  11. You should call your plumber or your doctor, not the EPA.

  12. Get rid of all the mirrors in the whitehouse then..?

  13. I love the way he says water and faucet. "Wooder" "fuhsset"

  14. stupid as his airports during the revolution war

  15. Trump took more than 15 flushes to get the US Constitution down his low-flow toilet.

  16. At least George Bush was just plain stupid…this guy’s nuts! Go figure!

  17. Orange man jokes about being orange. TDS crowd loses their minds! By the way, the reason the economy is doing so well is because Trump keeps rolling back idiotic regulations like these and many others.

  18. He is talking about all the places he had built , he knows all the problems about those building.

  19. Moron morons. What’ll he target next in his speech? Gravity? The number 27? Cyan? Squirrels? Rhodesia?

  20. If u dont get his humour ur pathetic. I hope there is no civil war because leftists liberals will not be safe in their safe space.

  21. "I don't want an orange glow"

    Bruh, you get cheeto spray tans

  22. Dear GOD People are in the comments defending this insanity claiming that is an issue.
    Healthcare, Student debt, the subprime loan market is at it again, opiate crisis, homelessness, $300 Epipens, Trillion Dollar Single Year Deficits whilst GDP drops to 1.9% growth ! FFS how you do you expect to be an economy let alone a country in 5 years with this BS going on!

  23. He’s gonna be the Elon Musk of toilets

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