Saturday , January 22 2022
Home / News / Trump talks to press before departing for his 'MAGA' rally in Ohio

Trump talks to press before departing for his 'MAGA' rally in Ohio

President Trump talks to the press before departing for his rally in Cincinnati, OH.

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  1. Za cho menya arestovali menya ubil. Tramp pozaluista ya russkaya pomogite mne Tramp.

  2. Prezident Tramp esli menya russkyu mne chto Ya poveshus.

  3. Elpaso POLITICIANS are scared of Our Great PRESIDENT!,,,,,I wonder how many ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS &CARTEL MEMBERS & GANG MEMBERS signed that 17,000 letter,.PLEAE TAKE THE 17,000 signatures to the PRESIDENT, MR .MAYOR OF ELPASO,,!,,MABEY I.C.E.WILL CHECK THE SIGNATURES!??,,like do they think They can tell The PRESIDENT where he can go ??,Elpaso keep saying Hispanics live here.!-( what do THey MEAN?).DEMOCRATS ARE LOOSING GROUND ,TRUMP 20/20☆

  4. That reporter got in a lot of questions. Who is she for?

  5. Fair trade means fair trade: are there tariffs on American goods exported to China? Let's level the playing field.

  6. 댓글에 누구 지워요
    south Korean 야당 국회의원 발언한 청문회를
    팩트로 방송으로 내보냈다고
    모든 조직들이 나를 감금하기
    위해 혈안들 입니다

  7. President Trump needs to rent a Football Stadium for a rally and put a stop to the debate on crowd size once and for all. He fills a stadium and CNN will have to call for a cease fire with their unconditional surrender.

  8. Best President we've had in a long time! God bless him and Drain The Swamp!

  9. the Best President in our History, The DEMONS are the worst, that's YOUR democratic party and between YOU the democratic party and the DEVIL. Trump stands for US!!

  10. He's right. The media should investigate and report the truth about the run down areas within these cities.
    He is really trying but he needs help. Media wake up and help the President. This is OUR COUNTRY at STAKE.
    TRUMP 2020

  11. As much as CNN/MSNBC etc…try to spin things…They cannot eliminate the truth with as much social media we have. It's insulting that they think we won't watch the real clips. They wonder why Americans are rejecting them, & voting Trump regardless? What a joke.

  12. ChiComs Currency the worthless Yuan! Who the Hell collects Yuans? Nobody! . Even the ChiComs keep dollars 💵 or gold or diamonds in the bank and Not Yuans. They know it’s worthless Tissue paper 🧻 and can lose its value overnight! Butt it is useful for Wiping 🧻 ones backside! The Yuan paper is soft and absorbs nicely! 🧻 Butt the ChiCom leadership thinks it will be the Worlds Currency. That will Never happen!

    If someone paid me in Yuans I’d say thanks for the Toilet 🚽 Paper 🧻 but give me real money like Dollars! 😂😆😅🤣😆

  13. I hate being lied to. Mute button at the ready. He's really too stupid to entertain. Psychologists by the bucketful are saying he's mentally challenged too. Lock him up.

  14. It's true that US has helped to rebuild China in the past. China was given the Most Favored Nation Status to trade during the Bush Administration. From then on, the US lost all their jobs and trade revenue to China. Unfortunately poor farsightedness and greed of US past leaders can risk the economic consequences the US faces today — huge debt and devastating economic impact is experienced by the nation and its people today.

    God is in control of history. God is truly in charge. God knows the end from the beginning, and He is concerned that we seek to understand His will as He unfolds His plan in human history.

    God is sovereign. The power of God is controlling human affairs. There is not one maverick molecule in the universe that God doesn't control. God directs all so that in the end all will glorify Him to the fullest (Isaiah 10:15). One of God's
    characteristics is that He loves justice. God despises those actions that elevate the concerns of the rich or the powerful over the needs of the poor and the lowly. Don't be deceived – God is watching the way you handle yourself. If you are acting justly, He is pleased (Matthew 5:6; Hebrews 11:33). Trump will make sure he treats those under his authority honourably (Isaiah 10:1).

  15. What a great press conference. Has any president ever done long press conferences like this before? I'd say most past presidents avoided them like mindfields or quickly ran for the WH at the first tough question … which was usually the first question.

  16. “Making USA divided again”

  17. Wishful Subliminal Thinking by FAKE NEWS @ 19:05 + ( he's going to the LEFT hahaha ) They just QUACK me up!

  18. President Trump Lied!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not tired of all the winning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. But sir do you still trust president chi

  20. That's not the president of the United States.. that's the God Emperor of the World. MAGA 2020

  21. China has been ROBBING America for years. NO MORE under President Trump's watch. BEST PRESIDENT EVER! Trump2020 KAG!

  22. What a Great Day!!! So proud to be an American! Thank You Mr. President and All who made this A Reality!!!

  23. Wow!!! Greatest president ever!!! Draining the swamp in Baltimore!!!

  24. DJT is the most transparent President and speaks conversationally. He had that group silenced at times. He has done well for Americans. The press need to come see where we live. Things are better for all but those who have addiction issues. Drugs havens created the homeless problem. Stop the trafficking at the borders.

  25. MESS with the bull get the horn.
    45th👊🏽2020. Putting the USA 1st.

  26. TRUMP 2020 – TRUMP JR 2024🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  27. Factories might be leaving China, but they are going to a different countries and not coming back to the US.

  28. Never point a finger to a black man or woman again couse this is biblical evil

  29. He loves this stuff and is so good at it. So much for stand up press briefings. Can anyone see any past President doing these dam near every day? I love it!

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