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Trump talks unfounded election conspiracy at Georgia rally

The president also attempted to boost the two republican Senate runoff candidates.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Demons always lie but I guess when you sell your soul you don’t have anything left to look forward to but continue to try to interject your views and make everyone live in your own personal hell

  2. TWENTY States File AGAINST Texas, Matt Braynard Joins Discussing Voter Fraud……..

  3. Trump is inciting a Civil War targeting the Confederate States of America: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

  4. 2500 felons voting

    66000 underage registrants

    2400 people who were not on the votor roles

    5000 who had registered in another state

    15000 change of address

    over 10,000 DEAD PEOPLE voted

    over 1000 people claimed to have a p.o. box as their address

    over 44,4000 people voted who moved county's in the last 30 days and did not re-register

    130,000 votes in a row for biden

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  6. there hasn't been this much conspiracy theories since 1930s nazi Germany…

  7. One Third Of US States Have Now Joined Texas SCOTUS Bid To Overturn Election

  8. I still don't understand why people want Trump to be president. He was terrible and never owned to any responsibility. With the PPE issue, he blamed Obama's administration instead of stepping up and saying that it was unnoticed and they would be working on it to fix it. Instead of calling the virus a hoax, he could of taken it more seriously and probably prevented it from as bad as it is now. Four more years of Trump would destroy this country.

  9. Really ? Wake up fake news and get good lawyer’s 😂😂😂😂

  10. What's funny, is we know they watch FOX News shows like Tucker Carlson, so they can be on the hunt for things he says they can call him a racist over. Still, they manage to avoid all the stories, and interviews, he has done about all the evidence of election fraud. It's kind of like the way certain people read around facts they don't like on other websites that pretend to be news organizations, like this one does. If the Dim party that controls them is able to put their two unqualified and corrupts into the WH illegally. I wonder, if they're going to ignore all the illegals who come flooding into our country for all the giveaways they have planned for them. And, the costs to Americans associated with them being here. As it is, illegals currently living in the US cost American taxpayers over $300 billion annually! What do we get for those better lives the Dims seem to think they deserve?

  11. There is no doubt illegal votes were cast in Georgia. The real debate can only be about if there were enough to change the election results. I figure there were enough dead votes, people voting for other people, illegal aliens voting, and people voting in districts where they no longer lived, to give the election to Biden. The left doesn't fight voter ID tooth and nail and strongly support handing out all the ballots they can because they want legal – fair elections. They want every vote they can get and don't care who casts them, dead or alive, legal or not.
    THEY WANT POWER AND SOCIALISM, and to hell with rules.

  12. Georgia State is run by the Swamp. Time to clear it out.

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  14. Elections are rigged so what is the point we don't have no freedom anymore

  15. Hey QUACK MEDIA, you’re all fucked!!!! Mark my words bitches!!! You’ll be running to jump on the other side of TRUMPS WALL! You go now, or not & pay for your deceit! Go on git! Fuckers!!!

  16. Please read and let us together fight against the party of the Devil through education. Please tell everyone in the world to read it. Thank you and God bless you…

  17. I like how they keep saying defeat but they keep finding illegal stuff and now there's five states suing Georgia it's amazing what you evil Democrats will say and do you would probably sell your own children to the devil just so you could have some more wine and cheese will enjoy your life here on this Earth

  18. But since you are a bunch of hateful ass munchers….I guess the proper response is…We win for the 60th time, ha ha?🤗🤨

  19. Yeah totally it’s not decided. People like joe who can’t even remember where he is at or who he is win elections all the time. Nothing weird about that at all.

  20. Trump is a total tiny hands loser.

  21. The ‘speech’ is no surprise. He is a sad, sad man. I can see him having to be dragged out of the White House

  22. Not over yet : p

    Technically President Trump won by a landslide when disregarding fraudulent votes.

    Official results have been taken to the courts due to overwhelming massive fraud evidence (witnesses, fake ballots, tweaked dominion voting machines and their overseas servers confiscated by US Military etc…)

    Remember, mass media does not have the jurisdiction to call an election. They will most likely be found complicit in the implementation and coverup of this historic attack on America's sovereignty and The People's right to elect their nation's leader.

    Victory for The People has been written.


  23. Pieces of evidence that can withstand beyond a reasonable doubt under any and all jurisprudence for all its intents and purposes should be provided thereof to substantiate any legal claim.

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