Thursday , December 3 2020
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Trump team continues defense in Senate impeachment trial | Day 7

The Senate continues the impeachment trial of President Trump. Trump’s defense team is expected to continue opening arguments.

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  1. What everybody needs to realize is the Donald j Trump is the hoax,
    All the lying, all the BULLSHITE,
    All the mishandling government duties and extraordinarily important events connected with our government..
    Yes Donald j Trump is the crumpled paper mache hoax.
    Himself.. the huckster,, the grifter,
    The marital cheater, a true and extraordinarily nasty infection upon the American public and it's Democratic way of law and rule.
    177000 people put a mob boss into the White.
    Donald j Trump is a cold fish.

  2. It will be nice to see trump in handcuffs.

  3. Democrats are not concerned about what is right for the American people the Constitution their only concern is to control the White House and preserve their pocketbooks

  4. Im sure the legion of thr Satan hates the prayers

  5. Treason that's what the Democrats are guilty of Treason and of cause Corruption

  6. another hilarious episode of their Kangaroo court

  7. vote Trump 2020 keep America Great vote Democrat 2020 watch America go down the Sewer

  8. Defense lawyers are so good and competent..i now understand the explanation and their interpretation of the law ……

  9. Where is the transcript of the ICIG Atkinson's testimony? The only transcript not released. Make every senator, manager and attorney sit there silently until the House provides it. Do not move on without it!!

  10. Sadly, that clip says more about how our system works than i wish to believe, and Lady Liberty must be on her knees, sobbing over her lost republic.
    Shame on all.

  11. Thought Monday's Defense was brilliant & proved that this impeachment was completely unconstitutional – in a number of ways – and that it had no merit & was baseless, as their accusations were proven to be completely false – & that the Dems omitted much of their investigative findings in public arena, to HIDE the MATERIAL evidence & testimony that witnessed gave that completely exonerated President Trump. Showing just as in the FISA Warrants, the Mueller investigation, and now this impeachment that nothing but false allegations & fabrications have been used to fraudulently investigate, smear, & accuse without any evidence or cause against President Trump & that just as in the FISA & Mueller investigation, – that before it was begun – & before Pelosi – unconstitutionally announced, without a vote or Resolution that was required prior to that announcement, the Dems already had all the evidence to exonerate President Trump of all accusations, completely…by the testimony of ALL Witnesses, showing only that he did his Duty as President, fully & there was NO wrong doing what-so-ever. HOWEVER, Tuesday 1-28-20, however was very disappointing & upsetting, though mentioned, all these unconstitutional acts of the Democrats & their Articles were glazed over & NOT stated as plainly as they should have been. HE did not bring HOME that – without a KNOWN Source of the initial allegations – the Impeachment was unconstitutional from the GET-GO. As this illegitimate & so-called 3rd-4th hand – Whistle-blower was still not named or known – to-date. That both Articles of Impeachment were not acceptable & unconstitutional. That manipulation & omission of material evidence by the Dems – HID the fact the entire evidence – the Defense presented on Monday-1-27-20 cleared & exonerated the President completely – a fact they knew before ever announcing this impeachment – therefore they, who collected the evidence & presented it – ALL committed crimes of withholding material evidence, to effect a grim outcome for the falsely accused – that is known as FRAMING a Defendant & making intentional false allegations, or knowingly filing a false claim. All that should have been brought home & all Senate members advised – knowing that & it being proven by defense that it was an unconstitutional impeachment from the start & throughout the hearings, completely unconstitutional for Congress to Impeach the President as they did, & Then the Senators themselves, they would be breaking the law – to vote for Impeachment – as there vote to do so, would therefore also be unconstitutional & violating President Trump's constitutional Rights as a Citizen and as the President. …The Dems in Congress already broke the law – many times – to intentionally frame, then vote for impeachment of OUR President, all very important, to belabor & be emphatic about, and to insist on Justice in this matter – including Prosecution for those that RIGGED this complete farce & charade of an Impeachment in Congress, in order to commit an illegal, unconstitutional, coup de ta by ignoring & violating our Constitution – Committed by the Leaders of our Nation we voted for & trusted – abusing their Office & violating their oaths, and attempting to UN-DO the 2016 Election & prevent the President Americans want from being able to run in 2020 – effectively allow the Dems to not just underhandedly lie, falsely accused, present false witness & documents as they have in the past to interfere with these elected, but NOW to attempt to completely CONTROL both the 2016 & 2020 elections, as they have tried & failed the past 4 years – all of which requires their removal & prosecution for Treason among other HIGH crimes. in order to CONTROL ELECTIONS, Abuse the Constitutional Limits of Congress & Separations of State/Checks & Balances, & to attempt to Control & Dictate to the Executive Branch, the Senate, the Constitution, an attempt to take control of our Government & Nation, thereby taking all Constitutional Rights away from All Americans, just as they took our President's Rights from him. – Seems to me..

  12. Just brilliant team presenting the most amazing President we have. How small are those Demos compared to this intelligent highly organised knowledgeable team.

  13. The is not defense but long lecture on the basic of impeachment.

  14. Thank god, we do have sense at the head, now we must see some heads roll for allowing this farce in the first place, and someone other then the people must pay the bill.

  15. It is proven Democrats want pres.Trump out because he is going to win again. This is their entire reason and is nit Impeachable. STOP wasting time, nullify this crap.

  16. Who voted Dems into the house?? I sure didn't… they just got smoked today by the defense…😬

  17. Refreshing when you see people at like adults.

  18. Mr Adam Shiff will undoubtedly will come down as the MOST PATHOLOGICAL & SERIAL LIAR in USA Political History. Never thought that a politican can be this DISPICABLE, LOATHSOME and HATEFUL human being.

  19. This is the very reason why ALL AMERICANS should NEVER vote Democrat again unless they CHANGE. President Trump has outdone EVERY PROMISE THAT HE CAMPAIGNED ON. And the Democrats and non voter people in America hate him for that???? Are you fu****g kidding me???? What do his haters want America to be? That's my question. What do they want America to be?????

  20. Someone give shiff a charge of obstruction of hairlines ❄️

  21. The Democrats spent too many years ignoring the Constitution while telling their constituents that noncitizens have more rights and are "better" than Americans. This is not about Trump. It's about the survival of America. If anyone cares to go back and look at the debate between Clinton and Trump it reveals how far off the Democrats are…There were asked I think in the 2nd debate, what kind of Supreme Court justices would they put on the bench. Clinton wanted to appoint justices that would be activists for her causes. Trump wanted to put constitutionalists on the bench….Promises made, promises kept.

  22. He should have said “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!!!”

  23. So let's get this INSANITY straight: Our Presidents obstruction of Congress is he ignored the subpoena's because his abuse of power was he wanted the victim of his impeachable crime (casper the friendly ghost) to cheat his DNC candidate Biden by telling casper the friendly ghost (victim) do me a favor investigate my opponent because I'm shaking in my boots Biden might beat me in 2020! or I'll withhold tax payer money! (INSANITY IS DANGEROUS)

  24. One thing is true, when Trump is elected again, they'll have four more years to try and impeach the president

  25. Should I start a GoFundMe for trump and send him all money to fight impeachment?

  26. I just watched Schumer & other Democrats insisting on more witnesses. Then one of them quoted President Trump's Twitter saying read the transcript. The Democrat speaking said "Release the transcript." What the heck! Now democrats are going to pretend the phone call transcript wasn't released. Please vote this garbage out. New Jersey Congressman Jeff Van Drew said 175,000 people signed up for the Wildwood, New Jersey President Trump rally. The place only holds around 20,000 people. MAGA/KAG 🇺🇸 WWG1WGA!😊

  27. what i have learned is they need to do investigations into the bidens,obama, schiff, nadler, pelosi and whomever else that leads them too, and we will once and for all know about all the corrupt politics. theyve been investigating trump and cant find a dam thing on him and act like he is so bad. i think they are just projecting their very own devious behaviors

  28. The only abuse I see is the abuse by the Democratic party to bring our president into an impeachment trial for nothing. he should have been probing by then he had no business dealing foreign matters with another country. They're just pissed off they got caught.

  29. It's good to see all you people giving good comments for Trump. the American people need to stand firm against the Communist party in this country. We elected him and we want him as our president. Democrats need to back off!!

  30. We need our Representatives focusing on real issues. like why we've been fighting a useless war for 20 years in the middle East. why American soldiers are dying we're carrying out useless activities.

  31. Useless waste of taxpayer money. Maybe all the Democrats that are in favor of going after a president for no reason can have the money for all this taken out of their paychecks style of making the American people flip the bill. Since it was their stupid idea.

  32. After all this irrelevant attacks on them this just makes me want to vote for Biden more. smh

  33. trump work to make our country better but democrats can’t do that because they are bad politicians. Democrats. Learn from a man who know how to get it. Done. Stop acting like low life people. They can’t do nothing but it bother then SEING trump performing great

  34. republicans will reject,, the illegal !!!! unconstitutional !!!articles of impeachment !!!!!!!!

  35. History is recorded
    (By the STANDARDS)
    QUOTE from: opening commentary of BRAVEHEART

  36. God bless the USA and protect His anointed POTUS from the devil and his accomplices.

  37. The grown ups are in the room…..

  38. The Trump Defense team's arguments amount to (1) "HEY!! LOOK OVER THERE!!! JOE BIDEN"S SON HAD A JOB!!!", (2) We are stupid enough to believe the Crowdstrike conspiracy theory.", and (3) "Crimes are not illegal."

  39. Why is it illegal for the President to take bribes but not for Congress? They get elected and become millionaires do to lobbyists. They either need to get rid of the lobbyists or get zero pay from tax payers. $173,000 a year is nothing compared to the millions they get from lobbyists. Also they need term limits just like the President and why our founding fathers didn't get them term limits baffles me.

  40. Normal people would feel a sense of shame, Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler are not normal. What are the consequences for this shameful impeachment that they've tried to push through? Do we have to go through this every time they feel like it?

  41. "…the constitution requires it and justice demands it"
    – Jay A.Sekulow
    2020 Impeachment hearing


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