Sunday , August 1 2021
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Trump: Texas Shooting 'Really Hasn't Changed Anything' About Gun Control | NBC News

President Trump said that the mass shooting that took place in Odessa, Texas, has not changed the way in which lawmakers are approaching gun control legislation.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Trump: Texas Shooting ‘Really Hasn’t Changed Anything’ About Gun Control | NBC News


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  1. Why would it . It is not as if an elitist like trump would ever have to worry about someone in his family ever getting killed in by guns.

  2. If they break the laws established by our constitution by banning our guns they will leave us no choice but to physically remove them from their offices detain them in holding cells and until it's decided how to execute them as TRAITORS AS ESTABLISHED BY OUR CONSTITUTION FOR OVER 250+ YEARS. IF WE DO NOT ENFORCE THE LAWS SET UP BY OUR CONSTITUTION THAT MAKES US TRAITORS AS WELL AS THEM.

  3. Republicans are the most imbecile creatures on earth

  4. Republicans are idiots, a simple mental assesment on assault weapons wouldve at least taken the weapon used away

  5. Why is my president out in the open?!? Get some security behind him!!!

    “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”

  7. Its a mental health thing people are tired!

  8. Stop the fake shooting and taking rights.

  9. I am an expat who doesn’t want to move back to America. America should be saying why the vast majority of expats feel the need to move. I am a Texas Mexican. It does not escape me that the past two shootings have been in heavily Mexican populated towns in Texas. I would not want to bring my son into that. I do not want to feel unsafe living as a single mom on my own with my child. I do not want to feel unsafe walking at night. I do not want to arm myself for protection, when I do not like guns. What if one day my son learned how to find that gun as he got older? I do not want to feel this way. Arming myself to protect myself feels inherently wrong.

  10. I will never move back to America with things as they are.

  11. Can't you see Mr Trump they are doing anything they can to take our guns even if it means killing people sry for the lives left shattered but don't take my protection away from my family

  12. Shootings in Shitcago, Baltimore and every other leftist shithole city every weekend hasn't changed anything on gun laws that target criminals.

  13. I think we need some fresh ideas on gun control. What we have been doing isn't working. Let me offer this. People are obligated to pay taxes every year. What if we made a new obligation that once yearly every adult American had to sit down with a psychologist and get a consultation. Just get checked out. Hey, are you okay. Cover it under preventive care at no charge to the individual. Make that a law. If it stopped even one killing wouldn't that be worth it. We need to stop approaching this from a reactive stand point and really get at preventive measures. The truth is that people who should be allowed to have guns don't use them in these sorts of terrible ways. It is in my opinion always the people who never should have had them in the first place. It's worth taking an hour out of our lives to attempt to identify these individuals before they senselessly take other's lives. Has anyone else proposed anything like this? Spread this idea let's make this a reality. People deserve to feel safe, this needs to stop. Also I feel like these shooting are a kin to some sort of syndrome. This is happening to often to be random. We need to take some serious steps to identify the root causes of mass violence and work to make changes that matter. So many ask why after the fact. We need to answer those cries and change this reality for the better.

  14. I’m only asking for one more shooting to solve so many problems.

  15. Trump is good at saying lots of words without actually saying anything.

  16. Look over there's a Jew and there's one too.

  17. This is the Twilight Zone. president goes from saying on national TV that 90% or more of americans want stronger background checks to background checks are strong enough. Not 3 days later another shooting and now he goes back to it is a mental health problem. Well why has no one pointed out that even if every mass shooting was a mental health issue, how would they get help. You have no health care plan, mental health issues falls under healthcare genius. trump proves there are no aliens period. If there were they would surely take over our planet after observing this what ever it is as our leader.

  18. The President already said it: If you're not happy here, you can leave. You’re free to leave if you want. If you want to leave, you can leave now.

  19. Democrat Gun Control Initiatives are like progressive kindergarteners explaining how to make a 2019 auto engine.

  20. Keep in mind that every thing notated by quote punctuation came straight out of Trump's mouth. During yesterday's initial press statement: 1. Trump praises police for their incredible response. 2. "and always you say as bad as it was it could have been worse." 3. "Well, I've finished speaking to him." 4. "I've been speaking to a lot of Senators we've been speaking to a lot of House members, a lot of Republicans a lot of Democrats and people want to do something" 5. "so we're going to see this really hasn't changed anything we're doing." 6. "for the most part sadly if you look at the last four or five going back even five or six or seven years as strong as you make your background checks they would not have stopped any of it." 7. His rambling babble ends with, "So it's a big problem, it's a mental problem, it's a big problem."

    This whole deal is just wrong in so many ways. 1. The police KNEW this guy was dangerous and dropped the ball. A month prior his neighbor had called the police because, guess what, the shooter was threatening her with his gun. 2. DJT’s lack of compassion is in full view here. 3. Who is this "him" referred to? Could it be someone from the NRA? Or was it just a very peculiar slip of the tongue? 4. A whole lot of Same-Old, Same-Old about a whole lot of talking but still nothing getting done. 5. This is perhaps the most telling remark in the whole announcement. It bears repeating. And I quote, “so we’re going to see this really hasn’t changed anything we’re doing.” Please give that particular statement another think, or two, or even three. 6. Come to find out: Not only did this murderer threaten his neighbor a month earlier, he had previously been denied a gun permit and it has been reported that whoever sold him the weapon failed to even look at the guy’s past history. So on this, Mr. White House resident, you are absolutely wrong. Comprehensive Background Checks and Common Sense Gun Control Legislation could very well have prevented this latest killing spree. SHAME on you, and Mitch McConnell. 7. While I will admit that anyone who commits this kind of atrocity probably does have a few screws that need tightening, the biggest mental problem that I can see lies squarely lodged between Trump’s ears. A last question: Why hasn’t he already been impeached??? And a last request: PLEASE DON’T LET HIM ANYWHERE NEAR THE LAUNCH CODES.

  21. Of course nothing's changed. 'Muricans still value letting any fool have access to firearms over the lives of others. Same old, same old.

  22. And yet I haven't heard one idea on what common sense gun control is, we know what it means to the Democrats it means gun grabbing all your guns

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