Sunday , October 24 2021
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Trump to eliminate student loan debt for disabled vets

President Trump signed a memorandum to eliminate student loan debt for disabled veterans.

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  1. Trump embracing leftist policies. Excellent 😎👏

  2. All because of bernie sanders shiefting the conversation to right direction.

  3. Trump is turning our country into Venezuela!

  4. How is he gonna pay for it?

  5. how many trillions have we spent in war????

  6. Good to see Maga Nation going along with this. Makes me realize that Trump could actually be a good and impactful President by passing leftist policies. If he were to declare our healthcare a national emergency and call for universal healthcare, Republicans would go along with it because all they care about is sucking up to power, and his base would applaud it because they applaud anything he says. I don't care if maga takes all the credit as long as all my fellow Americans have basic healthcare.

  7. Live in Kalamazoo Michigan and get 💯 % of it paid. It’s called “ Kalamazoo Promise “ program. You can even use it for private colleges.. do not need to be an American either.

  8. Remember when no vet had to worry about that, when we actually cared about vets. Pepperidge farms does.

  9. Wall Street and the 10% will pay for it. simple

  10. The rest of the students, NO ! But, for our disabled Vets, YES !!!!

  11. Too late Trump! We know your love for our troops is fake news!

  12. National debt is growing but if we get clean out the swamp where useless jobs have lived on forever. Congress hopefully will be voted out an get a new group in office that work with the president to get america back on its feet. Democrats control of congress has to change so young Americans will have a future. Our tax money has been stolen by the Clintons , Bushes, and OBAMA'S . We have been in wars where we had no business being there. We have paid out money in countries that we should not paid. One cannot buy peace. Now we have updated the military but don't send it off to war unless it is the only way. Paying for the past is tough and so is working on the future is tough but if all Americans stay behind the president we have now we will rise above the debt and truly make the county as our GOD WANTED.

  13. All you wank jobs that praise Trump for the obvious political move yet put down people like Sanders as a communist for writing off debt are bunch of hypocrites. Shill brigade. That said its still a good move if only a move for votes

  14. Wasn’t this socialism when the left proposed it? Huh, weird.

  15. I thought the right wasn't about giving out hand outs? Trump went left on this issue. Now go even further and erase all veterans student loan debt, hell go even further and erase everybodys student debt, why stop just at disabled veterans?

    As a leftist this is a good thing he did, but I think he should go further.

  16. who cares about the debt why you not talking about President Trump signed a memorandum to eliminate student loan debt for disabled veterans

  17. Yup, a recession is among us.

  18. A wonderful action, You are the best President.

  19. National debt you mean war profiteering

  20. We can start by stopping Illegals. Just in our federal prison alone we spend 2.6 billion per year housing Illegals

  21. So what, it's a 100 trillion dollar country, it's like having a credit card with a balance.

  22. I DISLIKED THE TONE OF THIS TRUMP BASHING ON FOX10??? And disliked this video!!!

  23. How about eliminating student debt loan for nurses

  24. No more money to other countries no more money for illegals no more money to build more temporary houses at the border get these invaders off our taxpayer dole

  25. Veterans should not have to pay any goverment taxes. God bless our veterans.

  26. Great news, probably long due. Hope what comes next sooner than later is student loan debt for ALL veterans to be cancelled, and of course after that: ALL student loan debt follows suit. And let's be honest: hadn't Bernie Sanders and others started advocating for student loan debt cancellation a few years ago, this wouldn't have happened today.

  27. The vet fought for our country. Plus, they are on disable. They can’t pay anyway. Since they served for the country, I can see why he forgave their student loan.

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