Friday , November 27 2020
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Trump to nominate Dan Brouillette as new Energy Secretary

After Rick Perry announced his resignation as the Secretary of Energy, President Trump tweeted that he will nominate Dan Brouillette to fill Perry’s former role.

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  1. Basically it's whoever they beg to take a job now😂

  2. The white house has now become the crack house of losers.

  3. Hunter Biden would make a great energy secretary. Especially with all that Ukrainian energy experience.

  4. So how much money did Perry get from Ukraine

  5. Fantastic! Now let's put President Trump's highly intelligent, non drug addicted Children on the board to see how much they will get paid. Then ask Biden for comments at the debate.

  6. lol this chaos will never end worse and most corrupt president ever, way surpassed Nixon.

  7. President Trump the next rally I would like to go follow you to let's do Nancy Pelosi's District show her the turnout that you will receive

  8. Another rat jumps ship, 6 of the original 15 cabinet members remain now.

  9. Hadt0 resub 3 times in 10 mins.

  10. President Trump never sleeps, he goes 100% 24/7.
    I'm guessing he simply wears people out.
    Of course, the Democrats aren't helping matters with all the non stop investigations.
    The next Democrat President will likely suffer the same fate. Investigations for impeachment will begin on election night.
    No facts, no proof, just non stop accusations.

  11. RUN while you can. Mr no deal is a disgrace.

  12. Great job Donald ! You know all the best people !! Your campaign staff is in prison, you have the largest turnover of Cabinet members in history and you refilled the swamp with ex Goldman employees ! Lead us oh Chosen one.

  13. Another stooge for the chump clown show. When will the GOP grow a spine?

  14. The more people he hires the quicker we can drain the swamp. Seems like they all go to jail

  15. I can't believe there's anyone left in DC that is willing to work as an appointee within the trump administration. No one wants that stink on them because 2020 isn't too far away.

  16. An other rat on board!!!


  18. Trump to nominate Mike Pence as the new President as the he is being impeached. Now for the weather.

  19. Trump can’t even nominate a Energy Secretary without the victims of TDS having out of control seizures lol

  20. Another crooked individual for a crooked adminstration

  21. In less than 3 years trump has gone through 80% of his staff
    He truly is stable genius.

  22. hahahaha! And another one bites the dust.

  23. Add another to the clown car

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