Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Trump to send letter to Pelosi daring her to hold impeachment vote

Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) discusses the president’s decision to send a letter to Nancy Pelosi demanding a House vote on the impeachment inquiry.

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  1. The democrats are proving to be exactly what we've known them to be for years

  2. Sciff is a scumbag should be in jail

  3. Impeach demorats god bless our president trump 2020

  4. Forget impeachment…….Genuine patriots want that treasonous pervert behind bars NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  5. PRESIDENT PELOSI! Get your office girl

  6. Dear Nancy Palosi , Will You Please Leave Our Beloved President Alone And Cut It Out Already " I mean before he was in office everybody asked For His Advice For Everything From Waistfull Spending To Military Strategy Please I Mean please Let Him Do His Job He is Trying To Fix What Your Last Presadent did to this Great great country .and there should be a age limit on your job too THANK YOU

  7. Pelosi knows it is literally a No Win situation for her at this point, when she isn't too drunk. If Impeachment floor vote passes, it automatically gives Repubs subpoena powers. ( That they do NOT have now ) If Impeachment floor vote fails, many Dems who voted for it…. Will lose reelection in 2020. Either way the House will flip back control.

  8. Oh and look he's caring a drink WITH A PLASTIC STRAW! Oh my gosh.

  9. Thank God for President Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸2020

  10. TRUMP – 45: Nancy, Schiff and Nadler – 0.

  11. Out Guess, Out Smart, Out Play!!!! Trump 2020!!

  12. ppl should stop watch fox i stop as of today

  13. Trumps a in your face this the way is and going to be kind of guy, whats in it for us to other countries is perfect

  14. The Democrats are the reason the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus went out of business nobody can compete with this circus I'm enjoying every minute of this stupidity from the Dems.

  15. Democrats spit in America's face and want America to be a slave nation , and we the people get to support their lavish lifestyle, is their anyone else noticing this evil set of standards? And they mention the rule of law , laws are made to get your money so they can stuff their pockets.

  16. Walt Disney, said they would sue Adam Schiff, for mocking & looking like Woody from the movie Toy Story!

  17. President Trump his setting a trap . He just Did another 4 peice chest move again . Good job President Trump …. and Nancy Does not know it she can't impeach him . .I got a gut feeling she will take trumps baite and it will back fire on her 😂😂😂

  18. Pelosi: there is nothing in the constitution that says the house needs to hold a vote before an inquiry.
    We The People: there is also nothing in the constitution that says the house should NOT hold a vote before inquiry. No matter how powerful you think you are, remember, you work for US – WE THE PEOPLE are YOUR BOSS. Please do not obstruct justice and hold a vote.

  19. Without a vote it's unlawful period never trust a party who rige their own primary

  20. And we will….and we will win president dump

  21. Every time the crooked Democrats think they got President Trump then the Democrats find out that President Trump is 3 to 4 steps ahead of them

  22. This whole impeachment is BS! If they get away with this now, they will never stop doing this to any future duly elected conservative presidents!!! Say goodbye to a fair democratic Republic!! How can American citizens trust anything in the future?!?!!

  23. 3.5 years of deriding Trump thru every media outlet and disparate social justice creations and they haven’t emotionally manipulated enough ppl to get them to want their candidates to actually win an election .. too bad they don’t have stances on issues that are agreeable to the people .. that’s what it takes and they will not do it


  25. This is my "BADASS" president!  Write that letter president Trump to that "WITCH"!  Can somebody drop a house on that "WITCH"?  We are going to show up and show out in 20/20 and vote our president back into office and send those lowlife scum rodents back to the sewer they crawl up out of!

  26. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler need to be fired and arrested for treason. President Trump please exercise your rights for presidential protection. Make an example of these Dems else you get more false allegations against your administration to distract you and keep your staff busy.

  27. Pelosi's teeth are like the stars…they come out at night!

  28. Bull Schiff·s sister is married to Soros son,,,, Go figure!

  29. There is going to be a vote to impeach Trump. That is what matters.

  30. Trump is a beast. I love his counterpunches

  31. Aw…Here comes my favourite fearless feisty Wonder Woman. Sock! it to 'em, Ma'am. Trump is so lucky to have you on his side.

  32. OH Wait… Whats this??? Another EPIC FAIL By Democrats!!!! I can hear Mark Dice say that again and again about DummyRATS

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