Wednesday , December 2 2020
Home / News / Trump to send more troops to Saudi Arabia amid Turkey attacks on Syria

Trump to send more troops to Saudi Arabia amid Turkey attacks on Syria

President Trump to send more U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia despite pulling troops from the Syrian border.

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  1. How much does a US soldier life cost????

  2. Oh so we move our troops closer to Iran ? Staging for a war ? Let Israel fight Iran

  3. Well, at least he's honest, maybe trying to solve America's debt problem. Business as usual. The u.s. are sending troops now to protect their own war within. U.s. soldiers are now fighting to pay their bills.

  4. That good deal other wise don't send our troops there without reason Mr Trump if saudi pay us we help them if don't we don't help them and also i will reelection 2020 mr Trump because you did good job

  5. Trump loves his middle eastern overlords

  6. They got more money than they know what to do with. They should pay

  7. Porky Pig accused Obama of being Muslim….but he's sending troops there to die?!
    Impeach this dangerous creature!!!!

  8. F@ck !!!! So you stab the Kurds in the back because they don't have the money that Saudi Arabia has ? Up to now, I've always supported Trump, even in the face of adversity, but this, right here, is where he has crossed the line.

  9. Saudia Arabia helped in knocking down the twin towers on 9/11.

    Trump talking about 9/11 said he now had the tallest building in New York.

    Trump was a traitor long before holding office.

  10. US Troops have now become mercenaries.

  11. I f-ing hate all of these Middle East countries. No more endless wars

  12. I would like to point out that no one was paying us to remain in Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan. You complain about pulling out of these countries when you used to want to leave? You are hypocrites. At least the Saudis are footing the bill. SMH🤔

  13. Pull out of Kurdistan and pick up Saudi Arabia. Well played Mr. President.

  14. I get it, I am completely anti war but Trump didn't sign over our soldiers to Saudi, those who came before him made them mercs for Saudi, the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS AND OIL CARTELS, sent those troops to Saudi arabia. End the fed, bring back the gold standard, and we can say no to Saudi. Until then we actually have no choice other than help or ruin our country, seeing as Dems control Congress that rule won't change anytime soon, and trump is putting America first by doing what the presidents before him did.

  15. Were killing the nba on siding with the tyrannical authoritarian Chinese regime for money. Trump is now siding with a tyrannical authoritarian Saudi regime for money. Hypocrite. It's also a bad look after pulling out of Syria.

  16. Sorry, I DON'T agree
    If they buy millions of
    Arms, WHY can they
    Defend themselves?
    SORRY, I will VOTE for YOU 2020, but tired of WARS

  17. America, Saudia Both Are Worst Coward Evil Terrorists in the World, Cunning Trump is going to occupy Saudia. Down With Ametica & Ale Saud👎👎👎

  18. Trumpuppet in action! Money worshiper! Great and Unmacthed Wisdom! You got non! Your hair style is the proof.

  19. …where is Bashar al- Assad ?

  20. Kurdish militia trained Antifa fighters. Antifa fighters that are probably training their army of terrorism in the 🇺🇸. Some ally we had there. OAN VIDEO.

  21. Once again it's like most things nothing is free is a foreign government any assistance I get should be paid for after all the Americans or providing them with a service but also insuring the jobs of American citizens by supporting a country that has been one of the allies for the west for many years

  22. Our President is a BOSS! He is amazing! Not only getting Saudi Arabia to pay for our military support, but he also established such a relationship with Poland that they are building a military base for us there and they are paying for it! 👍😇🇺🇸


  24. This is why Trump sold Saudi Arabia all that American-made military equipment… so it would be there waiting for us when we sent in the troops!

  25. America already had troops in Saudi Arabia and the US could not protect them against Houthi drones so what difference does it make if you send a thousand more 😂

  26. Trump’s election has revealed that the swamp is real! the greatest shame for those who have long been in power, position and politics is when an outsider a non-politician comes and really does what he says. Such shame leads to resentment and jealousy. The democrats will try every trick in the book to impeach Trump and prevent his re-election. Powerful figures behind the scenes work in utmost secrecy to bring Trump down.

  27. In 1963 Congress tried to PREVENT weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, because they were trying to start a war in the Middle East by staring trouble in Syria. And the IDIOT in the White House is doing exactly what they want. So much for brining the troops home. Saudi Arabia doesn’t need us.

  28. Bring our troops home , to SA . Lmfao what a fakin IDIOT!! Send your sons to SA mfker!!


  30. I am starting to lose faith in Trump, the Saudis are doing what all the idiots claim Israel is doing, bribing America

  31. The Kurd may have not assisted The US in WW2. But they did not attack the USA. Saudi’s funded and carried the attack on 9/11.

  32. What happened to "bringing the troops home" and "no more stupid wars"?? How much money does Trump owe the Saudi Royals?

  33. Is this linked to throwing the Kurds under a bus?

  34. is he turning the army into mercenaries or a security company? at least say they are taking care of the cost or they will buy more weapons from us.
    does he mean if Iran pays more we will leave, this is so shameful

  35. So, now our soldiers are operating like mercenaries……Saudi Arabia and Israel aren’t our friends.

  36. Trump working overtime for his Saudi overlords putting US soldiers lives in danger again I see.

  37. Our leaders armed the Saudi's who are starving and bombing 27,000,000 Yemenis. Our leaders having crippled Iran's economy making everything hard for the population and making their own leaders look like heroes in the face of the US. Now that our idiots have created the 1/5 largest air force in Saudi, the world's most fundamentalist dictatorship, the region is even less stable. Our leaders are the biggest source of instability on the planet.

  38. So he's abandoning our Kurd allies to defend the Saudi's who we recent sold over $100 billion in weapons. Oh, and 15 of the 19 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia who, last I checked, didn't help us in Normandy either. This decision is both stupid and immoral.

  39. If you are an illegitimate regime like Saudi Arabia then of course you want a foreign power to protect you at all cost.

  40. What has America become? How have you allowed this to happen?

  41. Foreign Legion=USA military forces …becoming terrorist group to help others countries achieve their goals…destroye others life…for money..shame on USA promised that our soldiers come home!!@ not relocate!@…come home to help build bridges…highways…help people after Hurricane seasons to rebuild homes…take care of ours borders from invaders and smuggling…please, take care of us..American people

  42. Mercenary : is a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army.
    Thank you mr president 🙂

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