Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Trump touts economy, consumers ahead of 'MAGA' rally

President Trump talks to reporters about the strength of the U.S. economy and the China trade war.

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  1. So now they are refusing entry to some ticket holders and taking pictures of the empty seats saying “ see he doesn’t fill venues anymore “ and “ “ plenty of empty seats at the Trump rallies”. The media , including FOX have established a new LOW.

  2. It's Sad that Trump supporters DO NOT know the difference between good soil and bull droppings.

  3. Trump has golfed 229 times since being president. That's about 500 million dollars of your money. How is your piggy bank?

  4. amazing prez! no other has put america and americans first ever to this level. trump 2020.

  5. Why would Trump delay the tariff if it hasn't been effecting our consumers? Did Trump blink?

  6. Trump may in fact….be the GREATEST President of my lifetime 💕💕

  7. When will I see the great wall of USA built by Mexico?

  8. On today’s episode of Chopper Talk, Don the Con tries to explain how tariffs aren’t actually taxes.

  9. Dude is serial liar , he’s followers are delusional.

  10. There is a tariffs college at Trump University about how China pays tariffs by taking money from Americans and paying it to the US government :-).

  11. Obama did all the work lighting the bar-b-que after 08, bringing the unemployment rate down from 10 to 5 percent, and Trump get’s into office, squirts a little fluid on the nicely burning coals, while the unemployment rate drops barely another point, and he takes all the credit, and says pointing at the flames from the fluid, “Look at what I did!” It is a joke.

  12. screw you fox, disabling comments on other videos…
    trump supports Israel, comments disabled…

  13. The consumer is being crushed by debt and is now completely tapped out, the economic figures are all smoke and mirrors and the bubble Trump was talking about in 2016 is about to explode leaving Trump no option but to trigger war somewhere to ensure his re-election.

  14. Recession is coming… who will The Dumpster blame for it. And Yes Virginia consumers really do pay for Tariffs.

  15. Go tell it to your rally of maggots.

  16. Trump Speak 1984 style… the economy is doing great as the US heads for recession. But good to see that Trump backed down tail between his legs on the CHINA TARIFFS.. Not that investors think the stable genius is at all…. STABLE or PREDICTABLE

  17. Oh, now suddenly the American people do have to pay the tariffs. Someone just learned how tariffs work :-).

  18. The Trump rally energy in New Hampshire tonight was like a rock concert and Trump kept that going and going for 2 straight hours. Unbelievable.

  19. Have we been watching the same news because the DOW crashed 800 points in a single day and now every country around the world is fearing another recession.

  20. Trump behind bars……Genuine Christians by the millions are praying to the Lord for that glorious day

  21. trump and his fake reporters

  22. I think if it's totally made in America and sold in America it will do good

  23. BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti is friends with Tlaib and Omar. They want complete destruction of Israel. They are also friends of George Soros Open Society and Democracy Alliance.

  24. Fake news. …2 and 10 year yield curves have inverted. Farmers have lost the chinese market and have not gained any new access to other markets to make up for this loss. There is a huge amount of population in debt and are unable to pay it back. Automation is causing more people to lose jobs than jobs being created. As a result, the overall trend within the economy is on a downturn. Just wait until the 2020 election is over. Reality will set in and will cause a destruction of the middle class.

  25. Check you bank account, you got more money or not? You will know he is lie or not!


  27. God bless you Mr. President Sir !

  28. The whole system is manipulated Mr Trump and you're right in there with them

  29. Unconditional economic surrender to China sooner then later

  30. Fed gone hit jackpot on stocks market but jackpot gone be empty or half full.

  31. 1,7 trillions $ lost on stocks market yesterday when Dow Jones drops -800 points.Compared to 60 billions $ profit from China tariffs sanctions

  32. Israel diplomats could be expel from US for block Congress Democrats delegation visits to Israel.

  33. Working 60+ hours every week. Love it $$
    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  34. President Trump actions and policies bring prosperity and more importantly safety to American People , and continue to work hard to Make America Great Again .

  35. The Trump Recession is coming. Trump is losing to China.

  36. More lies from the orange clown. The US economy is tanking.

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