Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Trump: Turkey's attacks on Syria 'didn't surprise me'

During a joint press conference with Italian President Sergio Mattarella, President Trump spoke about Turkish President Erdogan and the ongoing attacks on the Syrian border.

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  1. what one should expect from dtrump betrayal

  2. Calling ur Ally not an angel is worst betrayal anyone could do. Iean khurds defeated isis. This entire victory is theirs. Rather than rewarding their courage u r giving Turks free hand to massacre these people. Shame on u.

  3. nobody can make a word salad like Trump, total jibber jabber

  4. I agree with Donald Trump👍🇺🇲♥️

  5. how could the world be so blind.? how could the world lack so much of awareness? all this is staged and well planned by the us. Us has tried to take down syria with ISIS, they could not do it thanks to russia and the kurds. So now US sends in turkey to finish the job. Turkey s job is to free US employees from prisons, sorry i meant ISIS. This is truly the beginning of the end. Of course US abandons the kurds because the kurds stayed faithful to bashar, and the kurds were very effective getting rid of ISIS, .. All this obviously is problematic for US warmongers. So US planned in secret with Turkey to attack the kurds hopig to embrase the situation further. The only aim of Turkey US joint venture is to take down damascus. Obviously iran, whole kurdistan and russia will join the fight against turkey along syrian forces While US has fiished weapons sales to Saudi arabia, saudia arabia will join the fight along turkey. The all this being ploted by the employers of trumps, israel, at the end israel will step in. I mean all this is biblical, damascus will become a ruin as the bible says…

  6. Donald Trump working for that Trump tower in Moscow!

  7. Trump pulls a Turkey out of a MAGA hat.

  8. Claiming peace in the middle east, when there is no peace? Boasting the Antichrist's accomplishments! Giving our Christian brothers (Kurds) 5 days to leave isn't peace it is fake peace and betrayal.

  9. Did someone understand something what this clown talks??

  10. We've seen places where you want to take democracy …
    Afghanistan Iraq Iraq Syria Many countries
    Let me put it in your memory, America.

    Shut up and sit .. Watch
    Soldier and war.
    10 million people either died or fled their homeland

  11. Pkk worst than isis for shure

  12. tRump doesn't like to fight–hence the bone spurs and 5 deferments.

  13. For the love of God he is a moron. This might be the nail in the coffin with the evangelist turning on him and many Republican politicians over this decision

  14. So, what exactly is Trump's position on Syria? Wait, don't answer, I've been typing for 15 seconds, so he's probably changed his mind.
    First he says he's an Isolationist who wants to leave endless war, but then immediately sticks Turkey with sanctions. Which is it?

  15. This is what happens when someone with zero understanding of the functions of government and diplomacy are, who has contempt for the professionals who enact our foreign policy. It's even worse when that person is also corrupt and has his cronies cutting side deals and enriching themselves.


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