Saturday , January 16 2021
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Trump Tweets About ‘Biden Administration,’ Attacks Attorney General Barr | NBC Nightly News

President Trump tweeted about the “Biden administration” in reference to the federal criminal investigation of Hunter Biden’s finances.
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Trump Tweets About ‘Biden Administration,’ Attacks Attorney General Barr | NBC Nightly News


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  1. If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris go in it be catastrophic for America these people don't know how to run country.
    We the people may have to rise up and destroy the Democratic party before they destroy us.

  2. the Biden Administration will destroy America from the cities out because they don't know how to run the country this is the biggest mistake America is making right now.

  3. When sleepy joe is 25 Amendment done, Harris will be prez, Obama will be’s why all the former Obama Administration is being implemented…wake up America it’s not gong to be a free country too much longer

  4. No the scandal mess is all down to Trump, his actions and his mouth! Typical Trump is doing his usual childish thing, ranting on Twitter! Sad man indeed!!



  7. If the country has tolerated Trump's scandalous mess while in office, anything that Trump thinks is a mess with regards to Biden will be a cinch.

  8. "He that falls in love with himself, will have no rivals".– Benjamin Franklin

  9. Tick tock tick tock
    tick tock tick tock
    counting down the seconds
    On my MAGA meltdown clock
    December 14 a flood is coming
    Tick tock tick tock tick tock

  10. Trump you hollow about Biden son they are watching your hole family.


  12. Haha Get his B****ass outta her… America Has Spoken Biden 2021

  13. Trump your a mess practice what you preach

  14. Trump: the president who has always been rounding the corner and still is.

  15. US Army Major Jeffrey Prather
    “Confirms that multiple raids on the servers of vote rigging systems were conducted, in three countries…Confirms that the NSA has hard evidence on treasonous actors, and that this evidence is likely being leveraged by Trump’s people…Confirms that Trump can use the NDAA, combined with the Sep. 12, 2018 Executive Order, to declare domestic treasonous actors as “enemy combatants”…Says that the DoD and patriots inside the DIA have everything they need to defeat the deep state…Says Trump will be President on January 21st…Warns that the transition from information warfare to conventional (kinetic) warfare may happen very soon…Warns that the left-wing backlash against Trump’s victory will result in bloodshed that cannot be avoided

  16. What about his kids?? Home sending his daughter 750000 as a consultant.

  17. Let this be a lesson. Do not ever vote this guy in again. Ever. Disgrace to the Americans who have fought and died to defend this country's democracy and right to vote.

  18. Trump
    We have Fired you!!
    Now go home and leave us alone.

  19. I voted for Joe Biden and not his son. I don't care what happens to his son. The republicans who investigated the matter already cleared Joe. Now it's trump's turn to face the music ( cheating on his taxes and the rest ). Al Capone went to jail for cheating on his taxes. Maybe the country gets lucky again with this gangster.

  20. The pot calling the kettle black.

  21. What about the Trump crime family. What scandals emerge.

  22. The Corona virus is but one part of a Chinese multi-pronged war plan, designed to hit the Western civil society, and its center, the US.
    The virus was created in a Chinese military virus lab in Wuhan, China, and let loose on the world outside China, intended to: 
    1) cripple the US and Western business life,
    2) enable US large-scale election fraud, and 
    3) sink the US dollar — with China's political agents already in the wings, ready to do China's bidding, Biden & Co.

    The President saw through this and acted quickly and strongly. 

    This is what the President is fighting: The fraudulent inauguration of China's agent, Joe Biden, and the subsequent dethroning of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency, with all its implications for the West. 
    "Oh, That's not going to happen", you might say. Are you willing to bet the farm on it? Because that's what you'll do.

  23. Looks like the traitor lost his bid to overturn the election. Finally the King is going away. Hopefully he never comes back. America escaped with its life. God bless America and keep protecting it.

  24. The COVID vaccine being ready in 9 months' time is perhaps the greatest feat of President Trump, so far. The pundits said it would take 5+ years. Very well done, Mr. President!

  25. How can Trump get away with the damage he has caused. And Hunter Biden released his taxes, where's Trumps taxes? There is litigations against the Trump family. We need to unite this country with truth and love. We a political leader becomes more important than the good of the country we abuse the constitution of the United States of America.

  26. I said this a long time ago, and I will say it again: whatching from abroad the world seing how the great wizard of the republiKKKlan Party is taking the UNusa to their next civil war, making the trumpetClown trumpetClown to their first lifelong dictator of yet another bananarepubliKKK ……..

  27. Trump should ask Putin to give him a remote place in Russia and make him the czar and maybe his followers go with him too.

  28. Ezekiel 18:32- “For I have no pleasure in the death of anyone who dies,” declares the Lord God. “Therefore, repent and live.”

    Ezekiel 14:6- “ . . . ‘Thus says the Lord God, “Repent and turn away from your idols and turn your faces away from all your abominations.

    Ezekiel 18:30- “Therefore I will judge you, . . . “Repent and turn away from all your transgressions, so that iniquity may not become a stumbling block to you.

    Matthew 4:17- . . . “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

    Luke 15:10- “In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

    Repent from your fleshly life and accept the Spirit of Jesus Christ

    Reject manmade idols and accept the Spirit of Jesus Christ

    Have you given Jesus Christ your spiritual soul?

    Are you living on spiritual death row?

    Your spiritual soul will be judged by God

    Turn away from idols and false gods

    There is only one Savior and His name is Jesus Christ

    Choose Jesus' side whenever you decide

  29. Are the people in this comment line in favor of open borders, sanctuary cities, jobs going back to China? Welcome Biden. And also enjoy your MANDATORY VACCINES….don't worry it'll make you smarter!!!

  30. The end of democracy – the Dems will go after Trump, destroy his life and any other Republican who dares show any opposition. What is so marvellous about the Democrats anyway. Trump will be ruined and the US will be ruled by a crooked Party full of corruption. There will be no opposition and the US will be run just like Russia. Welcome to your brave new world America run by China.

  31. Joe just sitting back and watching this loser implode through his lies

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