Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Trump, Ukraine president respond to impeachment inquiry, transcript release | Nightline

Trump and President Volodomir Zelenskiy deny that a transcript of a call from July shows what House Democrats allege is Trump pressuring a foreign government for help with his political campaign.



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  1. Anything Trump doesn’t like, its a witch-hunt, grow up boy, grow up!!

  2. I'm a Democrat and I say what Nancy Pelosi did was illegal because in 1999 president Bill Clinton signed a treaty with Ukraine Agree we can investigate criminal activity with United States and Ukraine so therefore it was completely legal because Bill Clinton signed the document making it legal to ask Questions

  3. Wow he wants to know who tried to set him up…The nerve of this guy!

  4. So…Trump was guilty of Russian collusion? Isn't that what the talking head just said? "No pressure is the new collusion"???

  5. Ukrainian President didn't feel pushed!
    Why does MSM refuse seeking the truth about Joe Biden's actions in Ukraine, and what involvement Ukraine had in 2016, election in favor of Clinton?

  6. Liberals are like a broken GPS. Turn left. Turn left. Turn left. Turn left. They are so busy spinning in circles hating Trump instead of getting something done that is worthwhile.

  7. Let's be honest if they had anything Schiff wouldn't of started the hearing as he did. Also why did the change the rules 2 weeks prior of hear say for whistleblowers, saying its creditable.

  8. cia, the masterminds of manipulating the public's minds, their money was cut for their agency and they want Trump out, this is like creating revenue for them to sustain a movement to remove trump.

  9. So biden say I told him no money unless you fire the prosecutor that's not quid pro quo? And that's the horses mouth not 3rd party hear say maybe I'm just confused but that seems to me if you don't get my son out of trouble I won't donate to your cause. Just imagine if was Trump Jr involved in a energy company under fuad investigation and Trump getting a prosecutor fired for investigating him

  10. I'm pretty sure the job of a president isn't cleaning house by getting rid of this person and that person, and replacing with those you want. Investigating election votes,looking into birth certificates (Obama). He's to busy digging up dirt. Sabotaging. He should focus on the things that are important to this nation. If he's wrong , he goes out of his way to twist it into right.Democrats this, democrats that. News flash! We are ALL Americans living in ONE nation. Racism? Blacks, whites, hjspanics. Racism and prejudice doesn't apply to just skin color. There's racism with republicans and democrats. Our government needs a make over.A restructuring.Lose the labels!! There should not be a system running our country that doesn't get along.There should NOT be 2 opposing teams running this nation. So sad. I only wonder what other countries must think when they see the circus going on here. Between the ring leader under the big top, the clowns, the ones who take up space, right down to the crimes on our streets. As americans, it would be nice to have our pride back. Lead by example.

  11. Errand boy Zelensky😁😁

  12. only day two the guys says , b.s. this witch hunt is it it's forth year , millions and millions wasted to find nothing , why don't the dems look after american interests as much as they try to get Trump.

  13. This is a calculated risk. Sooner or later it will be Biden's son who will be toasted. Trump knew this, he might be criticized for this but Biden as an alternative to Trump, American voters will prefer Trump than Biden. Again calculated risk . This will soon fade away. In the elections, it will be Biden's son and that fired US prosecutor who will be runnning the headlines.

  14. I don't know how the demonrats can even point a finger on President Trump knowing that for almost three years they have only looked for one thing after another to get President Trump out of office. The demonrats have completely ignored all of the demonrats treasonous acts for many years. Biden himself admits on video blackmailing the Ukrainian government so they would fire a prosecutor investigating his son. The demonrats are allergic to truth and reality and are complete hypocrites!
    Btw….what have the demonrats Congress done to help American citizens? NOTHING! Sickening!

  15. People are expecting Trump to act nice to pelosi, come to me when your all peaceful to a person that has lived to ruin you for 3 years

  16. More hoaxes, the democrats in this country need to be removed and prosecuted for high treason.

  17. Wow look how pitiful the media continues to be. 10 years from now they and the democrats will no longer exist. Noone believes their crap anymore.

  18. Abuse of power while in office by Biden at the peoples expense for personal gain is the bigger story.

  19. Ridiculous!!!, nasty democRATS tactics Bullshit

  20. Trump sounds like a liar. He's done.

  21. Epstein issues was forgotten, does this impeachment of Pres. Donald Trump coincide to divert and forget Epstein issues???

  22. and they still won’t take a good man down…

  23. Witch Hunt in OCt'19. Here we go again. You lost ! Get over it !!!

  24. Donald Trump is trying to give Ukraine to Putin on a silver platter. Who don't see this? He's holding their aid until they cook up some BS about the Bidens Trump is crooked racist selfish old old bastard.

  25. As an unbiased person and an independent, this is total BS by the Democrats. I perceive the event in regards to Joe Biden's son as something that should never have occurred. It's an elitist attitude by the powerful which was manifested by dregs like the Clinton's and the problem has magnified. Basically, it sounds like President Trump is merely addressing corruption. I have begun to not trust the Democrats. Any party who condones the killing of unborn children, but wants to confiscate guns is a cause for concern. Educate yourself in regards to the history of NAZI's and communism. The new Democratic party has the blueprints for all forms of socialism and communism. They are operating by playbook.

  26. I wonder what Pence thinks about all this. He's been really quiet for this.

  27. now what even the ukrainian pres says he didnt force him. impeach what, wasting our tax dollars and still havent helped the american people thru this process just using us as a ploy this has to stop.

  28. It's all shit. Just kick out every dinosaur older than the oldest Gen Xer, and move along. Ban Republicans and Democrats from cucking the next election and vote for someone with a normal bluecollar life, because then they'll understand the hardships of the layperson.

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