Friday , January 15 2021
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Trump Under Fire For Not Denouncing White Supremacists During Debate | NBC Nightly News

President Trump’s remark telling the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by” during the debate has become a rallying cry for the far-right group. Trump today said he was unaware of the group and they should stand down to “let law enforcement do their work.”
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Trump Under Fire For Not Denouncing White Supremacists During Debate | NBC Nightly News


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  1. "stand back and stand by" yea thats def a no

  2. you can really hear it but he answered the question "sure" and he was genuinely confused why he was asked the same question


    Here is a compilation of trump condemning white supremacy and some of the full context NBC shamelessly clipped to gaslight the American people. This should be a crime and the MSM should pay a heavy price.

    Too big to fail, right?

    We are bigger than them.

  4. 38 times trump denounced white supremacy in past.

  5. I don’t understand ? These white people calling themselves Americans but salute in a German way ? So are they American or German ? If they salute like Germans than they should go back to Germany ….so why then call yourself American ? If you salute like your from a different country…..real Americans salute with their hands on their foreheads that’s the real American way …..why salute like hitler ? Your not in Germany you are in AMERICA …..I guess from what I’m seeing thus far is actually this whole country is not American but immigrants so then they should not be racist……GO BACK TO HITLER you idiots

  6. HE DID NUMEROUS OF TIMES . Trump 2020

  7. Wow he misspoke about the proudboys on accident later condemning them. But we aren't worried about who's really burning down the cities

  8. Why not denounce them in front of millions of people? A few times isn’t enough.

  9. Very fine people on both sides, but I’m not talking about white supremacists or neo natzi’s is where you cut the clip off at! I wonder why that is?

  10. Looks like to me he looked at things with a open mind. If Antifa is out attacking why shouldn't they be attacked is probably how he looks at it ain't nobody else standing up to Antifa and the proud boys only seem to fight Antifa he said he dosen't support white supremacy but or any hate group. Seems he is only keeping himself out of it so if Antifa keeps going nuts then there's a group that will combat them.

  11. Listen : he said " SURE" and " i am willing to do it" so he condemned white suprematists..
    "Stand by " , in audio hifi. Means: stop and shut up
    Did you know: " proud boys" chearman leader is afro-hispanic, is black.

  12. It's just so frustrating to see how much media lies about Trump to push a narrative.

  13. Trump denounces white supremacy Time and time again @

  14. Trump has rejected white supremacy groups for years. Gets frequently asked it and the media ignore the times he rejects it and make news of the times he doesn’t answer on it. They wonder why he says fake news is because there is a constant agenda against him.

  15. Here are the 30 times he said HE DENOUNCES THEM! They need to put Tyrese video crying at the end saying “ WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT FROM MEEEE!?

  16. How are you going to promise eyes white supremacist when you also have other population too

  17. The proudboys' leader is a Mexican ROFL..

  18. Proud boys are soo racist they have leader who is a minority. They are a group that fights back against Antifa since the government won't do it

  19. Moderator asked Trump if he would tell them to stand down Trump told them to stand down. The moderator asked trump if he would tell them not to add to the violence that has been seen. Trump said to stand by. Defined as “be present while something bad is happening but fail to take any action to stop it.” Meaning don’t add to the violence or try to do anything about it let law enforcement do that. He said did what Wallace said

  20. You guys must have been watching something else, because he DID denounce them. THREE TIMES.

  21. Remember how they wanted Trump to tell conservative militias to stay home and not intimidate people? Why doesn't the media show these people?…

  22. I like how you carefully edited out the Hispanic and black proud boys to meet your hollow claims

  23. Except he has for over 20 years now and even publicly did so as president in 2017 but I don’t
    Expect network media to tell the truth

  24. Proud Boys Founder, Enrique Tarrior, is half black, half hispanic, but is a "white supremacist"???😂🤣
    Trump denounces white supremacy 2017/Charlottesville:
    Trump denounces white Supremacy 2019:
    Trump denounces white supremacy 2020:
    Biden referring to black kids as "roaches"
    Biden's "racial jungle" comments on school integration:
    Biden: "poor kids are just as smart as white kids"

  25. He did denounce them.. Twice, why didn't Biden denounce Antifa

  26. Nbc says he's under fire anyone believe such false reporting

  27. What group NBC worried about?

  28. Proud boys racist? Or are all white groups racist?

  29. NBC that stupid all the interviews why do you lie so much NBC?

  30. Three years he's denounced it twenty times by my count

  31. Trump has denounced rascism and white supremacy multiple times!

    These are all links of Trump denouncing racism and white supremacy but apparently that is still not enough for the media and some people.

    And also during the debate when asked to denounce those groups he said "sure".

  32. …of course, trump has denounced white supremacists multiple times, on video, but I guess reporting that truth doesn't help NBC or others on the Left.
    e.g., pjmedia DOT 

  33. YOU ARE FAKE NEWS!!!!! Trump Condemns White Supremacy, Racism, and Hate For FIVE MINUTES STRAIGHT

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