Trump unveils plans to ‘save American education and give power back to parents’ #shorts

Former President Donald Trump says in a political ad: ‘If we have pink-haired communists teaching our kids we have a major problem.’

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  1. “Pink haired communists.” 😂 🤣

  2. Why did you all voted against him?🤣

  3. Back in the day they called that normal.

  4. Hell yeah Donald Trump is the man and he is going to rub Biden and clans nose in their own doo.

  5. it's up to American citizens to remove the domestic and foreign enemies that have infiltrated our government. American citizens are the ones failing to hold up their obligation under the Constitution of the United States to remove foreign and domestic enemies from our land and our institutions. that is why we have the Second Amendment! a corrupt government is not going to police and fix itself. American citizens are the ones who are complete spineless failures and are not doing what they are supposed to do to save their country. and that is why America is doomed

  6. he will lose ,

    he couldn’t beat sleepy joe ,
    last time ,

    he will lose again .

  7. You wouldn't expect personnel to muck up a system that's pretty much monolithic coast to coast; but we placed so much trust in teachers and unions the slow drift and unassimilated immigrants gotta be corrected.

  8. Amerika is broke 31 1000 miljard Debt , the only way is to make Blackrock,Vanguard and StateStreek with 300 Biljoen dollar , must become state owned again .

  9. 🤣🤣 1950s America makes a comeback

  10. Finally . God help this man ,this needs to be done

  11. Great policy platform. Tell everyone n your universe, support Trump n end the Marxism n the US the Dems have implemented….

  12. We’re going to need someone stronger to stand up against the New World order. Remember Trump advocated for face diaper and human trials at warp speed.

  13. I live in Iowa! If I ever have kids I'm going to home school them for sure..

  14. Public education is liberal indoctrination.

  15. "Pink haired communists…..". LOL!!

  16. "Pink haired communists teaching our kids." That's exactly what is going on.

  17. IM IN! 1000%!!!! LET'S DO THIS! MAGA!

  18. Disband Education system, hand it off to the private schools, end the state monopoly.

  19. It is "communism" vs "Christianity.

  20. I absolutely agree with Trump!! Commies get your own schools and get out of ours!! I pull my kids out of all CRT classes!!Pay attention parents!

  21. Federal government shouldn’t be involved in education at all. Close the Department of Education and outlaw teachers unions. Government keep growing like a cancer.

  22. A President with common sense….imagine that.

  23. Trump 2024 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  24. Yes! Put this man back in power! Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the point where many parents hit the breaks! Many will homeschool, charter school, private school rather than having their kids be subject to that. Only 3 states subsidize for Public alternative schools. President Trump isn't necessarily against pink hair, he just was making his point! Communist does matter. Men have different muscle mass, they have an unfair advantage over women. They need to stay out of women's sports. Vote Trump 2023 for 2024!

  25. Private Schools ,intuition and parents choice…. i kinda like that Mister Trump

  26. Break up the national teachers union

  27. Not a chance America can't make the sane mistake twice…

  28. I’ve had my kids in private school since kindergarten and took them out to put them in public high school. Boy, that was fun. Back to private school we go.

  29. bring back the king, truth needs to prevail over the lies and deceptions
    we have currently. WWG1WGA

  30. I love it 100%. 🤣😊🇦🇺👍