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Trump ups the ante in trade battle, slaps China with more tariffs

President Trump tweeted that the U.S. will raise tariffs on Chinese goods.

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  1. I'm about to stop watching fox. It's sad the direction your news organization is headed.

  2. You guys hear that noise ? da dut ,,,,,, daa duttt ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, da! de !da! de !da !de! da ! its a great white !!!!!!!!! no ! its Trump !!!!! poor china , go leach on to some other country .

  3. What good does Mexican or Canadian labor do for USA?


  5. Mr. President, you got my vote.

  6. It's unstoppable that some country will be greater than the USA.

  7. Oh and by the way, China isn’t paying the tariffs. The USA consumers pay for it.


  9. Thank you CHINA! We don't want to buy your lead based poisoned toys…. contaminated meat… and junk product! America!!!! Get the machines rolling! Time to buy AMERICAN!

  10. Keep in mind it’s legal for Chinese companies to buy American companies but not the opposite

  11. You go Trump you're the man you're the first president to stand up in years Trump 20/20

  12. China is toughing it out by betting Trump won't get elected and Biden becomes President in 2020. Place your bets now.

  13. Trump is right. At some point we have to take a stand. He’s only looking for fair trade. Trade with China is not balanced, it needs to be.

  14. Fox Business doesn't understand that China isn't the one who pays the tarriffs, but American importers? Or are they being willfully deceptive. It's one of the 2, and neither are acceptable.

  15. Unfortunately running the United States of America like a casino. Will be looking at a bankruptcy in two years

  16. Thank you Trump for getting the low to middle incomers to pay their fair share of taxes.

  17. America supplied itself and most other countries around the globe with food, clothing and weapons during WWII and we can do it again. Keep piling on the tariffs until every American corporation producing goods in China brings its manufacturing back to the U.S. That will result in tens of millions more jobs for Americans who will then have more money with which to buy American-made goods.

  18. and China SLAPS US back with more tariffs….

  19. The Chinese people are awesome, but the Chinese Communist Party Members can go harvest their own useless organs.

  20. I am totally with the President,and like paycheck to paycheck guy I am ready to make some sacrifice for the good of the country and my children,so I hope that born here Americans rally behind our President Trump so we can win this new Cold War against the communists in China ok,we naturalized Americans are totally behind the President because we know what the communists are ok,let’s go mr President crush the communists inside and out ,god bless America

  21. finally, someone has the gut to give china their own medicine. american must back trump and stop buying shoes, clothes and electronics for this tactic to work. basically dont buy anything. once chinnese become completely idle, they will come to the table to negotiate.

  22. Chinese rob the US?? You have no idea how hardworking were the Chinese for last 30 years.

  23. It's time for America and the rest of the Western world to stop trading with a repressive communist regime of China which has a terrible record on human rights and environment protection, as well as its belligerent bullying of its smaller neighbors in South East Asia and illegally building artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago and militarizing the same with impunity.

  24. To cure a virus, one must starve it first

  25. The President is showing he is determined to be a one term President. The economy is starting on a free fall and it is all due to his tariffs. The very people who voted for him are being hurt the most. JP Morgan said last week the President’s Trade war will cost on average of $1000 a person. And that was only last week!

  26. Wait for it …
    Here comes the fake Chinese employed bloggers with their mis-information.

  27. The president must be able to make the right choices for the American people independent of popularity.

  28. Thank you Bill Clinton 🖕🖕🖕for lifting the embargo and giving China the opportunity to become the global menace 😡😡😡that it is today.🖕🖕🖕

  29. Let them try an sell thier products that are the worst
    Made of any other country
    Go get um Mr.Trump
    Stand tall be high
    NOT like 44 the low side of
    The WORM

  30. Oh, Donald Trump, he is so AWESOME, no one can buy Trump!! Donald Trump is the best president the US has ever seen!

    China has been f-cking the US for years by imposing high tariffs for any US products sold in China and China was not even taxed or next to nothing for Chinese products sold in the US! And that is only THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG ABOUT CHINA!! China regularly steals many intellectual property on many products, and many more problems relate to trading with China!!

  31. Anything we get from china is junk anyhow ! Pay a little more now, or pay with your freedom later !

  32. Thank you Mr. President Sir !

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