Sunday , November 29 2020
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Trump urges humane resolution to Hong Kong protests

President Trump mentions enjoying seeing ‘Make Hong Kong Great Again’ signs during the protests.

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  1. Humane resolution, yes! Throw some crocodiles in Hong Kong and problem solved.

  2. Please help Hong Kong Mr President.

  3. I thought he was getting impeached. Can anyone name one thing the US got done since he got into power? It seems it is just a pissing match every day. Both parties work for us but yet they could care less about anything except themselves. Sad

  4. USA will help save Hong Kong

  5. Thank you President Trump speajs up for HK, but HK people are bleeding, the HK commie police attacks innocent citizens and students, HK is in humanitarian crisis, please do more to save HK people from China's tyranny.

  6. Only humane solution China see is brainwashing them communistically.

  7. definition of TERRORISM: the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. This is exactly what HK rioters are doing.

  8. Let's do a trade deal with China. The right wing in Hong Kong for the left wing in California.

  9. America should clean their rear first; their homeless, instigating in other countries, including by NED, National Endowment for Democracy and Oslo Freedom Forum which are covert operations of CIA and these are documented to be real truth behind the problems with violence in HK now.

  10. HA! He doesn’t know the meaning of humane. Lock Him Up!

  11. Down with China! Support Hong Kong!

  12. Trump is unleashed
    I never doubted him. He's the world's hope for freedom


  14. Great time to stand up for Hong Kong. They fight for liberty and freedoms. We Must stand up for these people..

  15. Baby trump wants his cake and halfpenny, He's running a trade war with China, wants them to dig up dirt on Biden and now he's telling them how to handle Hong Kong. The guys a bloody crook and should be in prison and not the white house

  16. We The People of These United States applaud the freedom loving People of Hong Kong, for their bold, and determined efforts to stave off the invasive tendrils of CCP tyranny, in defense against their widely known, and reviled oppressive, and freedomless aggression!!!
    Stand United, strong, and resolute, good people of Hong Kong!!!

  17. Serious double talk on China from Trump,, first they're an enemy, now they're tremendous….
    Can't wait to watch this punk take the walk of shame.

  18. TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  19. I have seen multiple ads for We the People on YouTube recently in between people's videos so obviously sponsored and supported advertisement, I honestly couldn't believe YouTube would even allow an advert like this based on what's happening over there.


  21. The young love our President and our country!! Wouldn't you want our help, idiots??

  22. Imagine the protest in DC if the socialist democrats overthrow president Trump. Millions of angry voters outside of the capitol building. Lining the reflection pool. This Republic won't be sold out to the socialists or Marxists.

  23. You got to be kidding where is Bolton

  24. Trump whimps out, coward.

  25. The Hong Kong rioters are Trump supporters with LIBERAL values. Dont believe for one second that the rioters are true conservatives. They want a pure democracy but conservatives know that a pure democracy is another way of describing TYRANNY composed of a majority. If you dont give these rioters what they want, they will simply disrupt the peace of the innocent with their violence and occupy airports. They are even planning to fly drones at HK International to disrupt flying aircraft, which would be disrespectful to Americans.

  26. So Kim dumped him and now he is hooking up wit Yi!

  27. Why CNN (China News Network) hates Trump?
    Because Trump Spanks China’s butt.

  28. Trump looses credits on Hong Kong human rights. He will be fooled by Xi again.

  29. ha…. go for trade war. no need to work out. china can do their own trading within Asia ha……

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