Monday , November 30 2020
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Trump was 'absolutely right' to take troops out of Syria: Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul, (R-KY), discusses President Trump’s withdrawal from Syria and the situation now faced by the Kurds.

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  1. The usa invaded syria, the usa is there without any invitation….that is the same behavior as turkey! The syrian civil war was not civil it was orchestrated behind rhe scenes by western bankers and intel agencies…

  2. Rand is awesome as always.

    ..and Maria is an idiot on this issue.

  3. How annoying ~ would you quit keep interrupting your interviewees!!!

  4. Maria is the classification communist propagandist. This women is why FOX is going to hell.

  5. Who died and made The Wall Street Journal the foreign policy gods of the Middle-east?

  6. Trump is only bringing 28 military home? There is a thousand or more in S. Syria and he is sending 3000 for Saudi Arabia defense, Trump said that Saudi paid big money, which means our troops are being used as mercenaries so, Mr President are you really bringing troops home?

  7. Doesn’t this female kinda look like the dog from the Men In Black (MIB) movies? I forget the breed’s name 😂

  8. I really don’t care about other countries fighting each other let them handle it! We are not the world police. Let’s protect our own land

  9. Rand Paul mofo! Speaking truth to power!

  10. smart man…would make a great president in 2024

  11. OMG MARIA-!! For real??? If you want to go to war, why don't you and your Dem friends go fight the fight,., POTUS, Please Keep your promise,.,BRING OUR TROOPS HOME ,.,

  12. lol terrorists like isis idiot

  13. So Syria, Russia and Iran together fight and defeat the largest portion of ISIS, yet this idiot comes and asks Paul about Iran taking oil fields to fund ISIS?
    1) Iran has its own oil fields.
    2) Iran has no authority over Syria, oil fields belong to Syria not Iran.
    3) Iran has fought ISIS, not funded them.
    4) Are you suggesting that the troops in Syria are there to gain control over oil fields?

  14. Let GOD HAVE his HAND in this WARING Counters bone piles. We PATRIOTS Nation PEOPLE'S NEED TO Sept BACK and Let GOD have the UPPER HAND in HIS WARING Counters

  15. He tells her that Turkey was going to invade anyway, and TRUMP just got our men out of the way before they were slaughtered.

    She counters with a WSJ op-ed.


  16. All who call for war are on the mil- ind- comp, payroll. Money

  17. The President's right this is the right thing to do so proud of our President

  18. WSJ is nothing but another military industrial complex apologist. Much of Fox News is the same. Thank you, Rand Paul, for being a voice of reason in a vast desert of stupidity.

  19. I think Maria started to drink the NeoCon cool aid, And I Support removing US Forces from the Entire Middle East, Then Europe, Then Asia!

  20. Rand Paul makes a lot of sense to me. I can also see the other side of the argument for staying. It's a tricky situation either way. I like the idea of bringing it up for debate in the Senate.

  21. The American empire is dying!! Hurrah!!

  22. Awesome, senator Paul very brilliant. To bad the Dems don't have brilliant or bright minds.

  23. Young Lady please listen to Rand Paul!!

  24. Ms. Maria, Your snotty, aggressive, mouth is terribly off-putting. How does any intelligent person think leaving 50 people in the middle of a battle that isn't ours is a good thing? How do you say the oil is more important then the 50 lives? Who do you think we are to declare war on? Not to mention that this is bigger then oil. Those nations aren't fighting over oil, if you don't get that you'll never get anything. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, the battle raging in the middle east will always be about God. Those 50 lives would not have changed a thing.

  25. All the war hawks showing their faces. Trump is the best president ever. He is showing all these faces from these DC swamps.

  26. Economic wars have far fewer casualties is far better.

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