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Trump was right to cancel talks with Taliban: Sen. Barrasso

Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., on President Trump’s decision to call off peace talks with the Taliban, the Republican agenda, former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford’s challenge to President Trump in the 2020 presidential race.

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  1. i was 3 years old i heard a man say Lord this man brought a judisim mind control book to me to copy and sale in Israel Jerusalem i said hu well sale this book keeping a list of men ill come for it smite them with a sword

  2. remember illuminati said they own Islam

  3. send me i watched Rambo i telepathic sent cia training them Afghanistan

  4. Would people like to keep our soldiers in a country who knows only killing? We have been fighting there for “years”.

  5. Taliban commanders have no strong control, will continue fighting anyway, and agreements with infidels in the Quran by definition, have no meaning.

  6. democrats were waitting for Trump to negociate ..they are disapointed

  7. The Taliban Is responsible for 9/11. I have just as much Proof it was the Easter bunny

  8. trump wanted to get into them poppy fields, and maybe do business with them, maybe build a hotel or two. he was not right to have a secret meeting with them.

  9. One of the arguments/reasons for boots one the ground in the (middle-east) is to keep the fight off American soil. My number one question about that argument/reason is ~ during WWII Japan knew that they could never win an invasion of America ~ it was all out war and very powerful country, that took over the Eastern Pacific in weeks ~ and they knew taking over America was not a reasonable idea, even the thought was unavailable to their planning staffs. We all know why, 20 billion rounds of center-fire ammo in civilian hands, 50 million scoped rifles, 300 million JAG (just another guns) and 20 million Vets, 5 million civilian officers and non-coms, 50 national guard commanders, and most importantly a constitutional right to own a firearm, as long as the 2nd Amendment isn't watered down, all Americans will always be Americans. The fight for America is taken to others bad guys is a Presidential Choice ~ it has to do with a woman's life style in badly lead countries and the children's right to life without being used for targets but for education to make the world safe. The President can end sending boots to dangerous places, but we have a system of government we'd like to share, not force on people, freedom for all is not an American thing, it's the world thing, and must be shared. Young folks that believe it is their duty to serve do so with the knowledge that it might be them that pay for freedom, 20 odd million Vets prove Americans are willing to try, 700,000 boys won freedom for the United States of America not just Georgia or Virginia or Maine, they fought for 3,500,000 slaves, some for America and some for 2,000 rich white men who owned them, but that fight is forever over, and now bad guys need their chance to die for being bad guys and if it is in the (middle-east) so be it. But, it is up to the President, the commander in chief to make the call, congress, the media and the press all would like to control his choice, Article 1 is as important as Article 2 ~ they were 1 and 2 because we were new ~ we ain't new but it is still true ~ others would have what we have, by any means possible, 1 and 2 make it impossible, President Eisenhower gave notice that the military Industrial complex was dangerous, maybe a little free with are tax dollars, but not so much with our security, $500 ashtrays may seem a bit much, but $2.00 firing pins in torpedoes would have made a hell of a difference in WW2. The whole point is, a Presidential Call is not a subject of why, we the people, decide why, every for years, the media, the press, the congress get to watch, in lots of cases quitely would in fact make us safer, but keeping us safe seems to be too much to ask. Silence is golden, and BS is BS ~ the media, press and congress my find that the Americans who showup a rallies know the difference ~ and my add their 2 cents to the conversation ~ oh and vote with their ballot and wallit, an American taken for granted is worse than the one fooled ~ they know how to be heard, and can only be fooled for so long. Shakespeare is and was the greatest at political satire, but he would have loved today's world, too bad late nite has put that bar on the floor.

  10. Negotiation after you almost beating your enemy

  11. That was probably the cia Taliban that did the bombing the poppy is their cash crop they been doing it since vietnam.

  12. It was Israel.
    Not Afghanistan.

  13. Faux is getting more stupid every day. It isn't a "secret meeting" if we have heard about it all week. Dumb as they come. Faux has become a bunch of sensationalists. Tick Tock What ????? Between leading and misleading there is a thin line.

  14. This ahole shouldn't start the talks in the first place.
    Why bend down and exposed your rear for terrorists?

  15. These guys are leaving for they do not want to get caught for past ill deeds, Maybe?

  16. Republicans retiring in a census year election…. yikes, not party men.

  17. Agree with our President Donald J Trump.

  18. You don't yoke with the enemy. this is wrong.


  20. President was right cancel talk with Taliban. Trump is not like Muslim Obama, he wants our American soldiers died fro ISIS & Taliban!! President Trump always care for American soldiers not Obama!! Thanks God Obama, the first black president also the worst one, has gone…Hopefully send him to Gitmo trying to destroyed United States!

  21. Only one WINNER in 2020! Donald J. Trump!!

  22. President Trump will move at the right time. He knows! God bless him. We support him!

  23. I smell collusion between the Taliban & Democrats.

  24. You could Spray the land with agent orange. No more poppy.. nothing will ever grow there…

  25. Mark Samfords is the reason noone trust republicans they are just like the liberals and they eat their own.

  26. Trump’s planned surrender failed miserably.

  27. Campaign promise 😂. Trump has fulfilled nothing he promised during his campaign.

  28. \ Want to end ridiculous behavior in Afghanistan?
    \ End the jihad. End 1409 years of jihad.bat.

  29. America wants explosive news from this meeting with this Trump and the Taliban !!!!!! 🇷🇺👍😀😁😀👍🇷🇺

  30. I been there too. What government needs to is do away with rules of engagement and untie our hands let us do what needs to be done. No news media all they do is cripple our goals. Let the generals run and tell congress to kick rocks. Look at history. Once congress gets involved it’s either a tie or loss.

  31. Talks with the Taliban ? That sounds about as stupid as "talks with the cartel".

  32. Terrorist when you want to negotiate, you much be honest, never use tática threatening by terror acts as the communist “KAG 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 2020 KAG”

  33. We all know if Obama would have met with the enemy at Camp David like trump was trying to do. Fox would be super pissed calling Obama a traitor and a Muslim. But when trump withdraws troops Republicans dont say nothing but it was the end of the world when Obama did it. Both were elected to bring trumps home

  34. They helped with the 9/11 attack against us now this president wants to meet them here in America i thought the gop said we can't talk with our enemies

  35. Trump meeting with our enemies in the usa would mean that he is a traitor and should be impeached

  36. As we ALL know, this war was a LIE from the beginning. Time to take our men out of there!!

  37. He was right to cancel the Taliban sleepover.

  38. Trump has no clue about the miltary. He missed that day he was supposed to show up

  39. Even the Taliban know better than to trust anything Trump says….(Mexico will pay for the wall)….

  40. So they found ONE Senator willing to debase himself in order to support Trump's ignorant decision to have the Taliban on US soil, so close to 9-11.

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