Wednesday , September 30 2020
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Trump: 'We Are Very Happy' American Student Was Freed From Iran | NBC News

President Trump told reporters that he was glad an American graduate student has been freed from an Iranian prison and is headed home as he departed the White House.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Trump: ‘We Are Very Happy’ American Student Was Freed From Iran | NBC News


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  1. A dumb 12 year-old with a tie. Frickin' moron.

  2. Unlike President Trump, who’s gotten close to 2 dozen hostages back without paying a ransom, Seditious Obama and the corrupt Democrats left many Americans to rot. TRUMP 20/20!

  3. He is such an embarrassment.


  5. He started saying something good then he stuck his head right up his butt.

  6. "Hostage Swap!"
    That's what the POTUS said.
    When did the US start taking "hostages"?

  7. Dont forgett about the other three. Would of been even better news if they had been freed too.

  8. took him long enough just 3 years lol now who said he was not turn around ?

  9. Trump: frees American student

    Americans🇺🇸: yay

    Trump: Puts millions of children in cages

    Americans🇺🇸: yay

  10. Trump destroyer with new brain thoughts …

  11. Trump and everyone that supports him are losers

  12. Why does low IQ Donald always use a screeching helicopter as a press conference prop 🐷 ???

  13. NBC has to keep them on the air remember

  14. Why because they don't like Trump?

  15. Why because I don't like Trump

  16. Trump doing what no filthy demonRat could ever do.

  17. It's good news for a change

  18. On today’s episode of Chopper Talk, American Nero needles while DC is on ire.

  19. Can't keep Obama out of his thoughts and prayers LMBAO!!! Even after two on base military shootings .Wow what an A hole.Glad the young man was returned.

  20. Always has to make it about himself…….

  21. This is great news. Yet all I hear form leftee's is Reeeeeeee.

  22. Why did the student even went to Iran to begin with lol

  23. Trump administration brings home a citizen from an overseas prison not the first either 🇺🇸 the left will find some way to complain though

  24. Happy for the kids and trump needs to get out, real soon now it's going to happen.

  25. The trump administration. It still doesn't recognize and capitalize his name. This is really bugging me!

  26. negotiating with terrorist. which terrorist did they trade with them.

  27. It was a prisoner exchange. Trump didn't win anything. He gave up real soldiers and spies, with actual training and experience in order to get this random kid who had committed a crime and is just as guilty as it gets and deserves to be in prison released and returned to the u.s. and what happened to the narrative of his being captured by terrorists? If the u.s. doesn't negotiate with terrorists, how did this happen? If he wasn't captured by terrorists and the charges against him were legitimate, why the action? What is the lesson here?

  28. Wonder if the guy evens knows Trump is our president.

  29. AWSOME MR. PRESIDENT TRUMP! POTUS still cleaning up the mess OBAMA left behind. Worthless Democrats move over our President is coming thru. MAGA #2020
    TRUMP #2020

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