Trump will ‘win’ Republican nomination: Leo Terrell

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell discusses Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Twitter campaign announcement and how he will fare against Trump on ‘The Bottom Line.’

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  1. Trump has proven himself to be honest and has protected us at the border let's get that border finished!

  2. People loving DeSantis did not notice that He changed secretly. He sold himself to Establishment. I used to love him too. But not anymore since January 2023 that he shaded run his campaign.

  3. 👏🔥🗳 It's important to acknowledge and respect diverse political perspectives. As a Black man, you have your own unique experiences and reasons for supporting a particular candidate. The upcoming 2024 election will undoubtedly be an important moment for shaping the future of our country. Let's engage in constructive conversations and discussions about policies and actions rather than focusing solely on individuals. By doing so, we can work towards a more inclusive and equitable society.

  4. DJT is the Babba Yagga" for the Democratic Party. Johns his middle name.

  5. And lose the general election again.

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  7. Today’s ‘24 POTUS odds. Biden/Trump tied. DeSantis, RFK jr K Harris, M O’Bama, Newsome, Pete B. Nikki, Tucker, T Scott.

  8. Look at that black man, what a great guy, non-consensual reproduction for this irate African king

  9. The Collapse of these banks has torn into global markets, with investors ripping up their forecasts for further rises in interest rates and dumping bank stocks around the world. I'm at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my dipping $780k stock portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?

  10. And lose in the general. Woohoo

  11. Who cares the voting system is corrupt.. Some how Biden will win again…

  12. Why isn't she in jail now?

  13. I hope trump the last president in if not he passes the torch to the right person!

  14. <Thanks bud for keepin us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still make over $22,000 every single week.>

  15. Which begs the question: if Trump is so wonderful, why are they running against him? They know he’s going down, but they need his fly-swatting followers.

  16. DeSantis, trembling with fear, dare not utter the name of Trump, the towering figure of his own party. His cowardice knows no bounds as he cowers in the shadow of the former President, unable to muster the courage to even speak his name.

    Pence, a meek soul, quivered in trepidation, lacking the fortitude to testify against the very person he served. In the face of a critical moment, he wilted, paralyzed by fear, abandoning the principles he once claimed to uphold.

    Nikki Haley, a timid figure, shrank back from the opportunity to condemn Trump, bowing to the pressure of political expediency. In her feeble attempt to preserve her own ambitions, she betrayed the very values she once professed, forsaking her moral compass.

    Ted Cruz, a spineless individual, crumbled when it came to defending his own wife against the man he had pledged loyalty to. Consumed by self-preservation, he abandoned any semblance of integrity, leaving his wife vulnerable in the wake of his fear.

    All of these pathetic cowards, devoid of true bravery, audaciously believe they possess the qualities necessary to hold the highest office in the land. Yet, their actions reveal the depths of their cowardice, rendering them unworthy of such a noble and formidable responsibility.

  17. And she still lost….hehehe

  18. President Biden has taken a firm stance on the debt limit and stood up to Kevin McCarthy, refusing to compromise. He has made it clear that any meeting with McCarthy must be on his own terms. President Biden's unwavering position is rooted in the belief that Republicans do not negotiate in good faith, based on lessons learned during the Obama Administration. He recalls that not a single Republican came to the table to negotiate on the Affordable Care Act, revealing a lack of integrity within the modern Republican Party. President Biden is aware that Republicans have a history of making noise about the debt ceiling but ultimately giving in to avoid a financial crisis.

    Rather than focusing on the debt ceiling, President Biden intends to explore bipartisan opportunities on the budget. He recognizes the importance of his experience in navigating political negotiations and avoiding concessions to what he perceives as extremist tactics. President Biden's approach of not negotiating with what he views as "terrorists" is appreciated.

    In summary, President Biden has skillfully handled the situation, remaining steadfast on the debt limit and prioritizing productive bipartisan discussions.

  19. Kevin McCarthy is basically just refusing to pay the restaurant bill after eating all the food the party agreed to order. Let that sink in!

  20. The Red Hat is a particularly low-quality individual, often defined as a cult member. They follow their Dear Leader without question, not out of loyalty but out of a sense of insecurity. They do not have the respect of their Dear Leader, who refers to them as uneducated. Before Jan6th, 2021, they were merely a nuisance, a gnat flying around the lantern of liberty. After the attack on the Capitol, they became the enemy of the Republic, and many are in prison for it. One sad soul, sad because she believed Trumps BIG LIE, lost her life while attempting to breach a chamber door. Trump killed her as surely as the bullet fired in defense of our Capitol. Today, the Red Hat is a laughingstock, their Dear Leader facing multiple indictments and years in court. They all got what they deserved. Long live the United States of America


    My America, Great, Always

  21. Great, that means BIDEN2024

  22. Imagine having Hillary as your wife..I'd be getting blow jobs all over that white house too

  23. I love Leo Terrel who was a democrat but now a republican because of the President Trump's policies. There's no systemic racism; look at all the black mayors, black senators and congressmen, black AG, black chief policemen, etc. Hard work will move you up and you can achieve everything!!

  24. Good stuff Leo!!! 👏 TRUMP🚂2024! All aboard! 🦅 🇺🇸

  25. So far, 1003 Trump supporters have been arrested in the Capitol insurrection with many pleading guilty to assault of police officers and sedition. "Five police officers who had served at the Capitol on Jan. 6 died." "'Around 140 officers were injured during the insurrection including officers with crushed spinal discs, broken kneecaps, and traumatic brain injuries. Some of these officers may never return to duty. Many more are experiencing signs of PTSD.'" –U.S. Capitol Police Labor Committee Chairman Gus Papathanasiou. "The cost of repairing damages from the attack on the U.S. Capitol and related security expenses have already topped $30 million…"

  26. The View and CNN and Hilary always lying to black people. Black people are not stupid. Trump did more for black people than Biden. Trump said give the people their money and he gave out $2,000. Democrats gave $600. Remember ?. Dems are not for the poor. Fake Dems.

  27. TRUMP 2024 for better or worse,against Republican RINOS ESTABLISHMENT.

  28. Leo Terrell is a FOUNTAIN of TRUTH! 👍🇺🇸💪


  30. The democrats is the disease, we the people are the cure. Trump 2024.

  31. Who cares about joyless blowhard

  32. Love hearing from Leo

  33. Trump is very abrasive and for that reason I would prefer to see a less combative candidate, HOWEVER, the USA badly needs Trump, or someone just like him, to being the process of rapidly putting the country back on course. What Biden and is Democrats have done to the USA is beyond measure. He has been so bad that no single person, no matter how radically a new President tries to put things right, it can't be done in a single term, perhaps note even in two terms.

  34. I’m in President Trump’s corner and that’s not gonna change! And I wish Hilda-Beast would just go away!

  35. Joy Behar is a complete Upper West Side RACIST

  36. Trump ALL DAY LONG!!!!!

  37. Mr Trump is the chosen one. TRUMP 2024

  38. And Fox just paid 787 million because their reporters were lying on air about how they believed Trump and his “Big Lie”- but believe now. They are telling the truth. Hahahahaha

  39. Call shop with the Democrats trying to rush home from jail what are the card you get them on and everything Xanax gonna get a money thing call Gigi Maguire is it to heat the man they don’t want to cry and they don’t want to play with them they will be destroyed finance of America FRC golf practice go back in the White House and finish up with only Kennedy job anybody on the field call Dennis sanitation