Thursday , January 21 2021
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Trump’s indicated he’s willing to take vaccine on camera: WH deputy press secy

White House Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern offers details on Operation Warp Speed and coronavirus vaccine distribution, telling FOX Business’ Stuart Varney President Trump is considering taking the vaccine on camera to increase public confidence. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Don't do it President Trump!

  2. MAGA logic: Trump saved us by creating a vaccine that we won't take to prevent a virus created by the Chinese that doesn't exist.

  3. ♥️🥳🥊 When you get your vaccine remember that Palantir Technologies Inc. Software that got it to you. 🔮 $PLTR 🚀

  4. PLTR ABOUT TO POP 🧙‍♂️🔮🚀🚀🚀🚀

  5. Vaccines are for Liberals. Us conservatives no that Hydroxychloroquine is the cure

  6. We don't need a vaccine!
    The vaccine leads to infertility in women for their entire life.

  7. The vaccine will give you AIDS

  8. Just got my vaccine shot with pig DNA ….and just found out it's gluten-free also.
    I felt no symptoms other than I can't see out of my left eye now and I'm peeing blood but I'm sure that'll go away after a couple months.
    nothing like having the best scientists in the world concocting these kind of magical formulas you see on Harry Potter movies to help all of us out.

    And instead of seeing what the effects will be 5 years from now they just run it through a computer and it says it should be fine so got to love those computers too.

  9. Give me a break this vaccine is experimental

  10. I’ve never seen this level of criticism for any president ever, not even Nixon. As if Trump hasn’t outperformed the last 3 dynasties that presided over our nation. Antiglobalist, peacemaker. Historical, after 7 grueling and expensive Obama wars held during his 8yrs in office. 🙄

  11. POTUS is known to have had the virus. Is it, in fact, medically safe for him to have the vaccine?

  12. So new mRNA vaccines and military distribution over a Democrat flu hoax?

  13. I'll take it right now today if the FDA would get the lead out and do their job. We all know that the vaccine is going to be approved. Basking in the attention spotlight is costing American lives.

  14. Obama, Bush ,Clinton did offer already to take the vaccin on camera-. UK already started vaccination !All people who did develop the vaccin ?.
    Nahhhhhhh Its The Trump vaccin 😂😂 Big News 😂😂

  15. Don't take it President Trump. The vaccine makers have put all kinds of harmful things in the vaccine and have been indemnified against being sued since 1987. The USA people need you, so don't take the vaccine.

  16. Had a doctor appointment and asked about vaccine. This is what he said that there's 2 shots,when the first one is given you will be monitored for oxygen levels at home. This is put on your finger so if your oxygen levels get below 92 you're to call a hotline number and after that he would he didn't explain except for if everything goes well you'll be given the Second injection. Talk about scary things to come.

  17. Vaccine influencers to get people to take the vaccine?? F U

  18. We do not want the vaccine…….

  19. Love Trump.. voted Trump.. But will NOT take vaccine.. don't love him that much.. sorry Trump but no to your vaccine.. final answer

  20. And it will be saline solution placebo or some sort of special effects fakery🙄🤣

  21. oh great so he's taking a vaccine he does not need anymore to prove he is part of the new world medical tyranny

  22. DJT's is an old fart with heart disease. What's he got to lose. I'm waiting for the third one.

  23. 100 Million doses X 2 injections per person = 50 Million protected – those who die from the vaccine = ? protected.


  25. Why should he have to? No one else has to answer any questions..

  26. I will be the Guinea pig. I will take ALL the vaccines from AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna for the benefits of humankind. It will be given to the senior citizens first then VA patients. Comment from a Veteran. Big Red One. 1st Inf div.

  27. The President has recovered from the covid and should have developed the immunity against the virus. Why need vaccines?The General public needs, that is for sure.

  28. Don't really do it though President! We love you!

  29. Well Biden can try and take all the credit for the vaccinations but we all know who got the vaccinations for the people if it wasn’t for President Trump we wouldn’t have all that right now and I’m grateful for trump pushing all the scientist making the vaccination for the people

  30. I’m confused. Shouldn’t the President already have immunity, since he had the virus?

  31. How much longer can MAGAs deny the truth? Only until Monday!🇺🇸

  32. If only .5% of the population needs it then we are WAY OVERBUYING a vaccine that is less effective than immunity.


  34. To the bigots that think Donald Trump won the election Hell Naaaaaaaaawwwww

  35. Hold 🇨🇳China accountable!
    – China's Xi Jinping and
    – WHO's Tedros
    should be criminally charged and arrested immediately for their roles in the Wuhan outbreak.

  36. will Mr. Biden take it on camera? that would be an act of 'unity' I would think.

  37. You guys are stupid. Trump's immune already. What would he take the vaccine?

  38. We love President Trump! He has done the greatest job for all American citizens!

  39. Biden is such a phony. He’ll never be our President. Down with the NWO and their evil plan of world dominance.

  40. Hey, DumbDonald?
    How’s the packing going? Need any help? (Asking for 81 million friends…)

  41. If Biden got the majority vote then why not have him publicly take the vaccine? If Trump truly lost then why do you want Trump to set the example in front of everyone and take the vaccine? ⁉️

  42. They experiment on Oldest get rid of them..DO NOT TAKE IT !

  43. Thank God the failed trump administration was voted out by a historical landslide. Impeached forever. Just think what America would like like today if trump had not deliberately lied to not cause a panic? A disaster is what I call.

  44. Save the theatrics we do not want the vaccine.
    Don't care if all the President's pretend to be vaccinated.
    Creepy Trudeau on stage claiming higher cost of pollution .
    Higher taxes for us?
    Please let's depose Trudeau

  45. If Trump takes or fakes taking this vaxx then he is a traitor to the people of this nation!

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