Trump’s remarks on NATO allies spark backlash

Former President Donald Trump is facing backlash after saying he would support Russia attacking United States allies in NATO that don’t pay what he deems to be their fair share, his remarks threatening to upend the alliance if he retakes the White House in 2024. NBC News’ Allie Raffa reports.

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  1. The USA should take a look at how many refugees we in Germany take in. Pay social benefits, allocate apartments, etc. With military spending, this far exceeds the demands for 2% of GDP. The USA prints money, wages wars that are sometimes unjustified and we take in refugees and pay for everything other than weapons. That no one even says it clearly! As a society, we do much more than the USA with its mountain of debt.

  2. Trump is a traitor and a terrorist. Trump who filed banruptcy three times as the loser he is also stiffed everyone whoever worked for him.

  3. If you go back in history, many Americans came from old Europe to the United States. You may have a family member that goes way back to Europe. America and Europe have a common background culture, religion and history. You have to help old friends in need. They will do the same for you.

  4. Fake news once again. He said nothing about Russia
    What he said was calling out nato. Why are we for all the money to everyone and nato does nothing.
    So we send 100k troops and nato countries send a total of 50k..
    Why are we the world police?
    Why are we having an increase of crime in the north and crime near southern border

  5. Don't play the full clip NBC news…I mean why bother?

  6. A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

  7. Encourage them to get attacked? I think trump needs to stop talking

  8. Media will do Anything to distract from Bidens disastrous week. Including getting off scott free for the same thing his administration went after Trump for.

  9. Donald didn't think that statement through.Maybe he got a strategy we cant see yet.😅

  10. Fat Trump was a liar in 2016. Sleepy Joe lies in 2020. They're both a CROOK!!

  11. 😂😂😂😂 He has got to be kidding. He doesn't pay 😂😂😂😂
    Geeze wiz, don't you hear/see the hypocrisy in all this. The audacity is staggering, arrogance, and deflection

  12. What we don't really want is WW 3, tha's the truth.

  13. If Trump's insane comments on NATO don't convince people he is both a danger and mentally unstable, what will?
    He talks of paying bills. This from the tax cheat and person who regularly stiffed contractors.

  14. Did he pay TAX ? He did not

  15. NATO members have to pay their money, nothing is free 😂😂😂

  16. Sir, Sir. AND ALL THE REPUBLICANS SCREAM, SIR, SIR CAN I HAVE SOME MORE? By the way, Where's Melania?

  17. maya angelou once said, "when someone shoes you who they are the fist time, believe them."

  18. Pay your fair share or your on your own.

  19. He should be arrested for terrorism

  20. Even if NATO members seek alternative wouldn't they pay?

  21. We have no allies, we stand alone. Commerce has no allies just profit 😂

  22. I think he is now entering the self-destruction course.


  24. Trump is simply opposing whatever the current administration is doing because he's too ignorant to understand world politics, and he needs Putin's help to tip the election in his favor.

  25. And people don't think he's a traitor? Yeah, right.

  26. Most NATO countries are monarchy, how can US excuse caring about NATO,
    If there is one thing monarchy is not worth because it is unethical , it is it's money, the basic citizen is actually either designated slave or is in a blindsided world of the only feature is not applying the noun classification to the citizens as slave!
    The Ukraine Russia war is about not having NATO surrounding Russia and not influence with inside a Russian speaking geography.
    Ukraine did not ever have enough coast guard and navy when it did have ships before Russia impounded them, and largely Ukraine did not have a proper coherent level of defence force when this all begun.
    Eventually , it is only a parasitic counter to Russia's attack and because of the in depth regional issues extraordinarily dangerous to the world to even attempt to insert westernized perspectives into Ukraine (by US and NATO) politics by military force as allies of Ukraine.
    Ukraine wants complete independence as "people" but neither is sufficient or has been sufficient at its political credibility before the actions by Russia began. It remains corrupt economically and is by this point obviously a different place or culture to Russia but cannot sit neatly between the West and Russia because of its insufficiencies (lack of prepared independent abilities to rule its region competently).

  27. Trump is so selfish. And he's all too eager to lick the boots of filth like Putin. Shameful.

  28. Why do democrats keep nominating Republicans to investigate them when democrats are in power? I get it's an attempt to avoid conflicts of interest….but Republicans always nominate Republicans to investigate Republicans and Republicans always do hatchet jobs on democrats.

  29. Trump is right for once The EU with their 27 member countries have more than enough financial and military resources to defend themselves. The USA taxpayers are tired of footing the bill for their defense.

  30. The only thing I've seen Biden "intensely probing" is underage girls hair with his nose.

  31. If the USA leaves NATO, and Russia attacks NATO allies, will Trump aid Russia, if President?

  32. Putin and Russia have one goal. To rule the entire world. Trump is Putin s puppet.


  34. I also knew trump worshipped Putin, but to endanger American service members is treasonous.

  35. Context is very important. So he used some satire to make a point. This is only about discrediting him before the elections. I actually believe Trump can end the war, whereas right now it is being fueled but the casualties on the Ukrainians is too high. More money, more money for war. More tax to fund wars. Everyone talking about World War 3. What about good leaders who can bring peace without going to war.

  36. It's all about money with Trump. I hope he goes bellvup financially in his court

  37. Asqueroso se. Nivel devia era estar preso
    Este individuo nao tem imagem nao sabe falar e um individuo sem nivel sem diplomacia e um ser desprezivel vergonha americana devia estar detido

  38. Maybe Israel has entered into a secret non aggression pact with Russia to avoid nuclear attacks on Israel. Netanyahu is commiting genocide and isn't worried about what the world thinks. Trump did warn Jews that they should get out of America, just before the genocide by Israel. Maybe Trump already knew Netanyahu's and Putin's plan. It happened in WW2.

  39. Trump is right and NBC has TDS

    America is paying for everything, yet everyone hates us, all of you are unhinged

  40. So Secretary Maryokas is speaking for President Biden "saying he's sharp…..e.t.c.. may God help United States

  41. This is hugely funny considering he has a long history of not paying contractors!!