Home / News / Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial To Start In February | NBC Nightly News

Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial To Start In February | NBC Nightly News

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is set to deliver the Article of Impeachment to the Senate on Monday. Meanwhile President Biden signed new executive orders for pandemic economic relief.
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Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial To Start In February | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Dont Know if Trump will be as Lucky as Nancy Pelosi's brother Franklin D'allesandro but then again Frank knew how to take care of little girls .

  2. Trump is still in office ?

  3. Another day and Biden has done nothing except break the laws he passed. His laws are only meant for the little people.

  4. The votes in the senate at the impeachment hearing should be cast
    as secret ballots. That's the only way Republican senators will be free
    to vote their conscience without fear from the heavily armed,
    lunatic nutjobs who * STILL !!! * support President Blowhard.


  6. Congress immediately blamed Trump for riot without evidence or proof. Congress must be investigated. Why hasn't Congress investigated riots in Democrat lead States and put a stop to them? I smell a rat. Trump did and said nothing wrong Period. Blameshifting is a psychological game being played here it seems.

  7. Where do they get that an impeachment is going to divide our nation? Trump divided our nation.

  8. Pray for Democrats. They are following evil. https://youtu.be/31QJk2WghiU

  9. Lyndsay you are An awful person shame on you. I hope jiminy is still in there somewhere and is making you pay for your viciousness and lies.

  10. We all know it will not be far

  11. They want to impeach the competition because they know they have no candidates that can win a FAIR election against him. Are they serving the people or themselves ???

  12. Miss Lindsey! Shut up! You are a flipper and NO ONE CARES!

  13. Putting it off is simply a means of working towards letting him off. Can you imagine the fall out if he is committed? How many GOP Senators and Representatives would be in danger of proceedings. Remember birds of a feather stick together. In other words politicians ensure they are not placing themselves in future danger by really annoying the other party

  14. Are they gonna impeach Abraham Lincoln next?

  15. We NEED President out now !!
    He has stopped us from stealing trillions from our new millennium slaves that we own !
    Every one of these Gangstas with badges in DC need to be taken out and dumped at sea !
    President Trump has Proven he is the best President in America's History !

  16. When does Bidens impeachment start ?

  17. Old politicians don't know what to do. They got so used to doing the same thing day in and day out that they don't know how to react to rapid changes. Stop voting for the same OLD politicians.

  18. It's amazing how the useless politicians have managed to impeach Donald Trump twice for things he did not do. They breached the Capital building before Trump's speech was over. Trump said walk peacefully over. The FBI was warned of potential threats and didn't do anything. Trump wanted National Guard presence there and the DC Mayor said no. The Capitol police called for help six times and Moscow Mitch and Crazy Nancy said no. The Capitol Police just let people in. John Sullivan has also been released from prison without having to pay bail. But orange man bad, right? He wanted election integrity. Nothing strange about voting machines connected to the internet and accessed over seas, 68% error rates in voting machines, shredding absentee ballots, blocking poll watchers, pulling ballots out from under a table because of a water pipe that may or may not have broken some time between 10 pm and 10 am (depends on the day and who you're talking to), accepting money from Mark Zuckerberg and then breaking voting laws to appease what Mark Zuckerberg said, lack of chain of custody sheets, counties in Georgia that had four counts and obtained for different results, not verifying absentee ballot signatures, 72% of voting precincts in Michigan where the number of absentee ballots cast didn't match the poll books, documented vote switching always from Trump to Biden, 4 states wanting to decertify results until a full audit could be performed, and people ignoring subpoenas. Arizona has been fighting to do an audit for a month even though they have a subpoena. But none of that matters right? It doesn't matter how many fraudulent ballots are cast or how many laws are broken because orange man bad. For people who say they have nothing to hide, they are sure do everything they can to avoid an audit.

  19. Mainstream media, not reporting on Biden's impeachment ! Such bull, this Country is done!

  20. The best is yet to come. Trust God. Trump Trump. Trust the military.

  21. What choice did the military have after the coup d’état attempt by Trump and his supporters?!? The Nations Capital had to be protected! Thanks Trump! Sad 😢

  22. Trump wants to create his own political party. Trump wants to call his new party the “Patriot Party”. The new color of the Patriot Party will be “Yellow”; Trump’s favorite color. Trump’s new party’s nickname will be the “Pee Party” or “Golden Shower’s Party”. Since the party will be new, at the next election when looking at the political map of the country it will be mostly be “Blue” and “Red” with just a puddle of “Yellow”.

  23. I want NBC to shun Trump. He doesn't deserve the air time.

  24. Does this mean we have 2 Presidents? Coz you can't impeach a private citizen or can they? Just my 2 cents 🤔

  25. ???? He is not even a president?????

  26. Nancy Pelosi said get them stinking guards out of my house

  27. They all new to go jail all politicians are a bunch of theft

  28. I abandoned my occupation with the help of that seek out on the internet this g r e a t e a s y p a y

  29. These ppl…playin with some serious fire….serious 🔥

  30. Now lets us address, the biggest FLIMFLAM person in the history
    Of America. A leader that lead
    America down the road of the
    Devil destruction. The peoples were
    Played by them. They put money
    Wealth in their accounts that was
    Taken from you. Your hard earned
    Paid taxes money and set us against
    One anothers. They laughed at you
    And me. We are exposed to theirs
    Corruption, and set us at risk of killing
    EACHOTHER for greedesness on theirs
    Behalf. We are their fools. Peoples I am
    Not your enemy and you are not my
    Enemy. Let help EACHOTHER. If we
    Don't, we all will perish.
    We the people come together and
    Let the highest court trials each
    Republicans and Democrats that set in
    The U.S.A. highest seats.

  31. A day of Life in light and I thanks
    God for love and peace through Jesus Christ. Amen.
    My countrymen and women, the people
    Have been FLIMFLAM by the best. The
    DEVIL have planted corruption in the
    Citizen minds. One against each other.
    The Nation is in a ditch of mud. A very
    Bad place of pain. Lets come together
    And makes sure this never happens
    Again. The peoples should be in charge
    Not Congress or Senate, Not Democrats or Republicans.
    Let God rules be applied to all.
    We all can agree both parties are
    Corrupted. The Americans people
    Want theirs freedom, peace and
    Money back. We needs to investigate
    All people holding office, Republicans
    And Democrats. They have taken from
    The people and watches citizens in
    U. S. A. die. Not just poorest black
    But poorest white, brown, and all
    With different medical conditions .
    What do they care. As long as they
    Building up theirs bank accounts
    Overseas and in America. We needs
    To stop it together. As long as they
    Can keep us fighting against one another they wins. The people of
    America loses out on their benefits.
    I don't know you and you don't know
    Me, so why do you hate me or I hate
    You. Let us set at the table of love
    And let God open our eyes. Let him
    Put a little love fire in our hearts today and Bring us together in Jesus Christ walk Back to God. Respecting everyone. The needs of the peoples should
    Be taken seriously and taken care of.
    What would Jesus do? He would
    Heal this country and takes care of
    Our needs. Teaching forgiveness
    And love. Live on earth as in HEAVEN.

  32. Joe Biden touches children very inappropriately. Hunter Biden laptop is disgusting .

  33. And more wasteful spending by our government. If they put in as much effort to helping the people of this country things would be better maybe

  34. "Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial To Start In February (8th)" and to remind us, yet again, that #Jan621 Insurrectionist #DJT is "utterly incompetent" as per the words of both his own Federal Judge elder-sister Maryanne Trump Barry and his own Clinical Psychologist niece Dr. Mary Trump. May #Imp2POTUS45 always hear "You're fired" via the unwavering reality of election results that reject him who is the cause of #MourningInAmerica (per #LincolnProject).

  35. The sooner the better even if he is out of office now

  36. Crazy stupid way to spend our tax money. They should focus on hunter bideng instead.

  37. TOTAL BULL. This is unconstitutional, and should be ruled as such.

  38. 4 years of vindictive vengeful administration ahead of us. Nothing done of substantial benefit for Americans

  39. Congress overstepping their bounds as usual

  40. How about letting the people vote for Trump if they want?

  41. Send all the national guard members home, Let the patriots roll in, and remove that treasonous moron from office.

  42. Wish they were more worried about getting us some money.

  43. The strength of this nation has never been decided by the death of one solider, the fall of one business, the election of one president or the impeachment of another. The people of this nation are still alive, full of spirit and are pushing forward through the perils that have been brought on by the pandemic. America is not waiting for a hero to arise. This is the land filled with heroes that have stayed the course during the worst and best of times. It is an insult to America to insinuate that the fall of one man will bring about the demise of this place called America. It is an insult to the Republican Party to say that there is no one in America that is fit to lead it or the country. The nation you see today was established by men long gone, yet that spirit has never left this country. Impeachment is just a process used for the chosen few who govern this country. That process is used to protect this country from itself.

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