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Trump’s Ukraine call was described as ‘frightening’: Whistleblower l ABC News

According to the whistleblower at the heart of the impeachment inquiry, the White House official who listened in on the call reached out to him the next day and was “visibly shaken.” READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/35mh2zm

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  1. Since we know who the whistleblower is I'm sure the conversation was "frightening". He basically realized he was under criminal investigation for his role in funneling Ukranian money to the Bidens and other high level Democrats and some Republicans too.

    You would also be frightened if you found out the AG was looking into crimes you committed.

  2. The whistle blower DOES NOT EXIST! The demonrats have lied about everything. The whole collusion was a lie. There whole narrative on the phone call is a lie. Fox's stupid pole is a lie. It is foolish to trust them now. They won't show the "whistle blower" because they invented him. This is all a a Big, Fat, Rotten, Evil, Lie!

  3. Trump demands to know the identity of the whistleblower – so he can be " dealt with " like Jeffrey Epstein.

  4. It’s really funny reading how people are defending this unprecedented behavior, just because it wasn’t firsthand information. Here’s an example:
    A friend of yours witness a triple murder, they confide in a friend, the friend tells you. You being the upstanding citizen that you are, you report it to the police. Is this murderer innocent because you don’t have firsthand knowledge?

  5. These 2 whistleblowers are using an old CIA trick. They are lying to you again.

  6. LMAO!!! The Communists have trained Americans to be pussies. Participation medals to the highest degree. Meanwhile crooks like Obama, Biden, Clinton, Kerry et al are stealing everything while America sleeps.
    Total idiots!
    Mr Trump is sent by God to get our asses straight and back to reality and honoring God.
    George Stephanopolous …. total dickbag. Hope he gets jail time too.

  7. this person IS NOT a whistleblower. He's a democrat blower! arrest the leaker and Shifty Schiff

  8. This is the worst propaganda I have ever seen. Imagine if a Democrat wins 2020? Korea will look good

  9. The impeachment inquiry ;
    Is much to do about nothing.

    No high crime nor is there a misdemeanor.

    The Constitution of the United States of America has not been breached, fractured or broken.

    The Democratic Party once again is practicing and displaying political pornography.

  10. Anonymous source says it was "frightening" then you go read the actually phone call and then you cant stop laughing and then you go back to this clip and file it under fake news and shitty made propaganda.

  11. Anonymous source says it was "frightening" then you go read the actually phone call and then you cant stop laughing and then you go back to this clip and file it under fake news and shitty made propaganda.

  12. It’s far beyond pathetic how you guys could find wrongdoing in anything you can. Trump cures cancer, yea but it took way too long. Think of all the people who already died from it.
    When this last attempt fails, you losers have nothing. Global warming isn’t going to win 2020. The only other thing the Dems have is a hatred of Trump. Newsflash, anyone who votes for Trump doesn’t necessarily love Trump. They just completely hate everything you pieces of trash stand for.
    I cannot wait for all the pics, videos and memes of your stupid faces crying and barking at the moon when big, bad Trump is re-elected.

  13. indian hindus will vote for trump in America cant wait .

  14. abc news is for sesame street.

  15. trump will win the next election .demorats will never win.

  16. Secret – Ghost Whistle-blower! NOT! This is a just a small example of the twisted political news that the Network News channels are putting out to the general public 24/7. IMO, most of these Network News Channels (ie. ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC), have a Political Agenda, ie., something to gain! Do you want to know why these News channels are favoring the current Democratic party? Hint, research who owns these News Channel Networks and then who benefits if the Democratic party wins. Regarding this Video, the transcript of this International Presidential conversation, on a precedent, was made available to the general public by President Trump for all citizens to read for themselves. This debunks these Democratic lies that our President tried to coerce the Ukrainian President into an illegal act and trigger a Presidential election conspiracy! As you've already heard in the news, this Transcript has been called lots of things, a lie, and with twisted words and omitted phrases to make it look as if President Trump has done something wrong, when he hasn't. The Biden connection however is a Real Conspiracy! Note that Joe Biden himself, was dumb enough, IMHO, to boast about it (search audio recording on Google) to the general public. Yes really! Joe Biden (Ex-Vice President to Obama) attempted to withhold U.S. Sanctioned funding of approximately One Billion dollars to our Ally, the Ukrainian government, unless the Ukrainian President fired the Attorney that was investigating his son (Hunter Biden) in other Ukrainian seemingly fishy business matters! Now that, IMO, smells like a Real Conspiracy Folks, with admission by Job Biden! Folks, beware of Twisted News, be Smart and you love America and the Freedom's that we have here, you will read between the lines when these polished News Network Anchors start spitting out Lies about our Government! Please be diligent, Our Freedom is at stake!

  17. Ukraine is badgeR'' country.

  18. Alleged whistle blower said the call was frightening .Trump releases transcript
    which shows otherwise.Trump called your bluff and whipped you.
    BTW, please ask the alleged whistle blower his ties to one of the current 2020
    Democrat nominees. Uh oh.

  19. "Whistle blower" is fake. How comes the Democrats know who he is and together (face to face) they put all this BS in motion, but Republicans are not allowed to see him and discuss with him directly knowing who he is…if he testifies hidden behind a screen with the sound of his voice distorted, how do we know that behind the screen is not Adam Kangaroo Shit?

  20. Not a single serious person takes this n'th impeachment attempt seriously. Trump sneezed!! IMPEACH!! Trump didn't wash his hands before eating!! IMPEACH BAD ORANGE MAN!! The Democratic party and the mainstream media are a complete joke and they're unintentionally helping Trump win in 2020.

  21. When can i travel? What helped the Ukrainian diaspora from America during the Maidan?
    If you omit all kinds of rallies, protests and flash mobs with a population of 10-20 people, then the 3-Ukrainian diaspora from the United States donated 1,000 food packages to the village of Novotoshkovskoye in the Luhansk region. It helped to cure a paralyzed ATO fighter from Nikolaev, helped with a minibus for the "Right Sector", donated humanitarian aid for 100,000 hryvnias, helped to get an ambulance for the Training Center of the Academy of Ground Forces, and so on.

    The largest project to help the diaspora remains the supply of 22 thousand individual first-aid kits for the Ukrainian army.

    The 20-million-strong army of Ukrainians abroad “got it”. The most patriotic and correct. Those that help us say goodbye to the rest.

    For example, the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces organization raises about $ 100 million a year for Israeli soldiers. This, not counting projects for Israeli schools, kindergartens, religious centers.

    And Jewish organizations in the USA are the main lobbyists of Israel. For their homeland, they gnaw out not just first-aid kits, but the latest weapons.

    And our presidents are paying money to American lobbyists to take pictures with the head of the USA.

    Such is the strength and power of the Ukrainian diaspora!

    People who, in fact, citizens of another country do not see any reason to help a country that is choking on the mediocrity of politicians and total corruption.

    Surprising politicians who are still with dog devotion seeking support from those who absolutely do not care about Ukraine.

  22. My phone call to Ukraine was perfect. Everyone said they couldn't believe how nice I was!

  23. Bill Taylor must be the second whistleblower, but who the hell cares we can all read the unclassified transcript of the phone call. “There’s no question the president didn’t do anything illegal or anything required to be reported or anything that was impeachable … If this whistleblower really thought that something had been done wrong by the president, he could have gone to the Foreign Affairs Committees, to the defense committees, the government oversight committees, but he can’t go to the intelligence committee because it’s not an intelligence matter, but it had been made one so Adam Schiff could handle it.

  24. Lol these guys are so full of sheet. I'm sick of this crap. Ahhhhhh, you are " frightened" how stupid!!!

  25. I find David Muir's posture and tone crazy and frightening. He should be impeached.

  26. What's frightening is the media trying to smear the President of the United States at every turn. I don't think you should legally be able to label yourselves as "news" when you are more of a "crisis creation" machine. Shame on you ABC.

  27. I'm going to be a whistleblower for Halloween. With very frightening words. Boo

  28. OF COURSE this douche bag was scared. all his buddies are about to get arrested for corruption. nice reporting ABC. way not to be a politically biased democrat infomercial. i doubt anybody with an IQ above room temp still watches you for news, and you are quickly becoming irrelevant. less views than most tim pool vids, and more thumbs down than up. do the math, read the audience and learn your job or learn to code. stupid shills.

  29. People will believe what they want disregarding the memo of the call and both zielinski and the president. How pathetic and desparate

  30. Anyone who describes a phone call as frightening has to be stupid or a nut job in my opinion. This doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

  31. Trump’s well received friendly call “frightening”,..Biden’s extortion threats a ‘perfectly normal’ policy issue. President Trump made the media commit suicide. Hahaha

  32. This is fake news – go read the transcript memorandum. Remember, ABC news is in the hands of Clinton's poodle, Stephanopoulos. This is Comey's "insurance policy" against Trump. You will hear the fake "impeachment" narrative for all they can milk it. If you want to believe the illusions these wraith newscasters are feeding your confirmation bias, then be prepared for the consequences. Instead of chanting "Lock her up' we should be chanting "Turn them off".

  33. The phone call for which we've already seen the transcript for and showed absolutely nothing wrong was spooky? The fuck. Who is this dumbass?

  34. I tell you what's frightening. When an unknown possibly made up whistleblower can demean the office of the president without impunity. More frightening is that Congress would be complicit with this farce. And even the 4th estate promulgates this trashy national blasphemy. God's wrath on you all!

  35. What it means for China and Ukraine: 1. CREATE damning evidence against Biden, and 2. DESTROY incriminating evidence against Trump.

  36. Watch Glenn Beck explain the Ukraine Scandal using Three Chalkboards: (WARNING: HILARIOUS!) https://youtu.be/5nUZekJ3pfM

  37. Having a discussion with a libtarded leftist is like clapping with one hand.

  38. Russian bots filling up comment box.
    or average IQ of trump supporters?

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