TSA Rolls Out New Safety Protocols at Airports | NBC Nightly News

This takes place as the CDC updates guidance on how coronavirus spreads.
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TSA Rolls Out New Safety Protocols at Airports | NBC Nightly News


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  1. TSA stands for the santanic agenta

  2. Not one report on Biden "you ain't Black" NBC is a disgrace. Dimond & Silk should open up the next White House Press Briefing and force the conversation on all the fake news journalist on Monday. Their first comments should be: Sir your a RACIST and should terminate your campaign immidiatlly period full stop!

  3. Mr. Holt I really appreciate your old school delivery. Just presenting the facts and not trying to get me to hate someone on one side or the other. Just the facts. Thank you for being level headed! Keep up the good work!

  4. OMg someone’s grandpa died what breaking news. SMFH

  5. The best way to protect yourself from the Coronavirus is to shut-off mainstream Media news

  6. boycott amazon and large companys order from small businesses

  7. Allah bless and save American people ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹

  8. 3rd leading cause of death – medical error !

  9. Turn off your propaganda news and tv PROGRAMMING people!

  10. Everybody get a test!!!!!! Oh Ah —- 1 test will see if you have an antibodies and the other says if you've ever had a corona virus and does not tell which corona virus as one has/had there are over 30 some odd corona viruses if you've ever had a flu vaccine you can show positive also. Mass media can spread all this fear mongering until they are blue in the face. All this social distancing is part of an agenda that has nothing to do with a virus. Truly, the deep state or shadow government or whoever is behind this insanity needs to give it up. Bear in mind, yes, there is a new illness that has killed many who are older and or have existing illnesses that have died and my heart goes out to each one and their loved ones. And this vaccine, this is a man made virus that started in a lab and was manipulated into a monster virus and I would not be suprised if it was and or is being released in areas all over the world by evil people and on purpose. When's the last time anyone has heard of people staying 6 feet apart and only 10 people in a group. WWII and the Nazi's Seriously, since when has any powerful corporation or government ever truly cared about people. Not everyone in these types of jobs are part of it and try to do what's right but needless to say a high percentage of these people are serious narcissistic psychopaths who have no empathy for anyone other than themselves.

  11. COPS "THE RETURN " 2020 guest starring real Cops! https://youtu.be/7RDZCfCCOxI

  12. Trump should lead by example. Even though he's the worst president of all time he should still lead by example. What a doosh

  13. As a Chinese-American, the Covid-19 virus is Made in China. 100%

  14. Enough of the games and get that vaccine mfers.

  15. Yep! Even Trump's body double is being forced to wear a mask. Geeezzz Well, what did you expect?

  16. (READ THIS)

    21 years as a Health Care Worker, RN Josiah Dan gives a great speech
    about what he is seeing on the front lines of the Covid Plannedemic, this part of what he had to say about the wearing of masks. If you wish to watch the full vid the link is down below.

    Surgeon General Jerome Adams has warned that general public should not wear masks. As it
    can actually increase your risk of catching the disease. Masks are intended to
    be single-use and disposed of afterward, not used all day every day. The masks
    usually become a vector for transmission, as most people wear them everywhere
    and constantly touch the mask and then their face and then everything else
    around them with us potentially cross contaminating everything. A recent
    careful examination of 17 of the best peer-reviewed studies on masking does not
    demonstrate the conclusive relationship between the masks use and protection of
    influenza infection which is the best comparison we can make to this new virus.
    Several studies have found significant problems of long term masks use
    including: headaches, hypoxia and hypercapnia. Elevation of co2 levels in the
    blood wearing an n95 mask for as little as two hours can reduce blood oxygenation
    by 20%. Which can lead to loss of consciousness. People with COPD, asthma,
    heart disease, etc. may be at an increased risk due to their underlying disease
    process. Even simple surgical masks can simply can significantly impair oxygen
    transfer and cause problems. This decrease in blood oxygenation can also
    trigger a cascade reaction to the immune system that suppresses your ability to
    fight off viral infections. Does this make any sense to you? Wearing masks
    outside of enclosed spaces in nature is ridiculous and asinine. Breathing fresh
    air outdoors especially around trees and plants actually confers and you know, logical
    benefit to the body to contract the virus outdoors due to fresh air transfer
    and sunlight which denatures a viral envelope. Dr. Russell Blaylock, board
    certified neurosurgeon, states that research also demonstrates that concentrators
    for viruses as exhaled breath cannot expel the virus outside of the body. Thus,
    driving reabsorption of concentrated volumes of virus into the nasal passages and
    can lead to viral infections of the brain by allowing them to travel up the olfactory
    nerve and into the brain itself. While wearing a mask may confer some, benefit
    to those at high risk, the elderly and the immune, compromised, it may also be
    the means by which they become infected. If you choose to wear a mask at least
    be aware of the risks.
    Thank you too those who read this. God bless, stay safe.

  17. Trump's Emotional Support Rallies are very important for our President to perform his daily duties. He's a Great President. TV time, twitter, golfing, extortion and speaking nonsense is hard work!!!!!!

  18. They are NOT the experts! Talking on both sides of their mouths. CV-19 was said to be no big deal initially. Then, CV-19 is deadly!😱Masks aren’t needed initially. Now, Masks are needed ALWAYS! 😷CV-19 doesn’t spread quickly. Then, CV-19 spreads easily & needs 6 ft. social distancing, bc it spreads QUICKLY.

    ‘CV-19 stays on stainless steel for days’. Then DHS Technology & Research Dept showed CV-19 half-life on stainless steel is only 1.5 MINUTES! NOW CV-19 DOESN’T spread easily on surfaces. Really?🤔

    ‘Don’t go to beaches, to reduce CV-19 spread’. Now, GO to beaches, bc the heat of the sun, heat & higher humidity kills CV-19! ‘Stay inside, keep isolated to reduce spread of CV-19. We were surprised that 66% of all CV-19 cases/deaths in NY were from people staying inside! (Gov. Cuomo) 🙄Lowest rates of 2% were in homeless’. 🤥

    Ventura Co. Public Health Dr. said, ‘We will remove your children and take them to an authorized housing, because 3 people shouldn’t be using 1 bathroom from staying inside.’🤪 (Then later saying he was misquoted in his original UNEDITED YT video), due to public backlash. Now, its ‘We’ll just do contact tracing.’

    ‘We (USA) have the highest CV-19 cases in the world!’ 🤔💭 Now, results are showing that it’s because we test 10 times more than any other country!🙄 ‘We have the highest death rates in the world!’ Now, the CDC is correcting/revising their numbers to reflect the true CV-19 deaths, saying their CV-19 numbers are DOWN, from the artificial FAKE NEWS numbers reported, combining non-CV-19 diagnosis ‘mistakenly used’.

    Dr. Birx (CDC CV-19 Task Force) said the numbers are 25% too high! 😜 And these are the EXPERTS running their vaccination campaign! 🙄 Maybe stick with HCQ that reverses CV-19 symptoms in 4 hours vs. any vaccine.

    Finally, ‘We can’t get rid of CV-19. It’ll never be with us until fall. It won’t be safe in schools for our children. It will be here all summer.’ Then, NASA JPL engineers showed at the WH their new equipment that disinfect CV-19 from a building in ONE HOUR.

    It’s been used on all space shuttles before launch, to insure sterility from any viruses. Hey! 👋 We aren’t Sheeple!🐑🐑🐑 We’re awoke! 😳😁😆👏🇺🇸

  19. Don’t say that my mom’s friend has it

  20. Can you imagine how many people with depression and manic depression would benefit from $1b ? The government would never spend that much on mental health at a time like this.

  21. Warp speed is too slow. Ludicrous speed, GO!