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Tucker Carlson: White supremacy not a 'problem' | USA TODAY

Tucker Carlson calls white supremacy a ‘conspiracy theory’ to divide America.

Tucker Carlson says that white supremacy is not a ‘real problem.’ But groups with similar ideologies are on the rise, and some blame President Trump.

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  1. If they can Ban Alex Jones, Why in the world haven't they banned this man who is far more extreme with a bigger audience.. smh

  2. 0:40 That's Beto O'Rouke! He's a White Supremacist!

  3. What about violent blacks in all big cities?

  4. This seems like a very balanced news clip.

    ʕ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°ʔ

  5. 0:47 That is fake, a J€W was caught drawing that.

  6. Wait? What? The anti-Semitic attacks were mostly by Muslims. Why are they being blamed on Whites? Fake news!

  7. Tucker is right. This is how dishonest USA Today is: They didn’t show what else TC said which was that the number of white supremacists wouldn’t even fit into a stadium. He was pointing out that Yes, there are always wackos but most people are not white supremacists. So, true! He is right!

  8. College stadiums hold 100 of thousands of people.

  9. It’s more bullshit pushed by crappy outlets like USA Today, MSNPC and the communist news network!

  10. Show me some facts that he's wrong, that White supremacy does exists? These clips are all of complete lies and the southern poverty law center is a joke, absolutely no credibility, all you've done is say he's wrong and were right but not shown any any facts. So lets say there are 12 dozen white supremacy groups in the US, then you probably can fit all their members inside a college football stadium like Tucker said. You all can't get away with just saying things anymore? 3000 incidents? name one, show one, Your figures are meaningless. So I say there are 5000 journalists working in America who are pedophiles. Its true cause I say so.

  11. AOC is not a complete moron, she understands how rhetoric works and uses it well! Just like this fake news network!

  12. Definition expansion is a big problem in our time. 'Racism' has expanded to become merely 'noticing racial patterns'
    'White Supremacy' has expanded to become merely 'not feeling guilty about being White'
    with such expansive definitions meaning is drained of significance.
    It is not so much 'White Supremacy' as it is 'White Equalicism'
    To have a small spot on the totem pole of Intersectionality would be supreme.

    Harvard Law Professor Randall Kennedy, who, from a 1997 Atlantic article, ‘My Race Problem-and Ours.’ said this about Whites organizing as a race.
    “I find it difficult to accept that it is wrong for whites to mobilize themselves on a racial basis solely for purposes of white advancement but morally permissible for blacks to mobilize themselves on a racial basis solely for purposes of black advancement.”

  13. How about Black supremecy? I don't no anybody either who is a white supremacist. The only supremacist I know are the ones in Washington dc. Pushing it for politics. Report about the crime in the inner cities and how Democrat run cities have done nothing for these communities except keep them poor. When they don't do their job blame it on whitey.

  14. Oh sure, there's a weekly KKK meeting in many areas. /sarc
    I had his show on when he said it and I basically agreed.
    Didn't think the left would go hysterical over it.
    The left is divining us for their political gain.

  15. Bullshit…put USA today with the rest of fake media…

  16. Hope he stays on vacation indefinitely.

  17. His point is very clear, statistically the problem of white supremacy is nearly non-existent – the number bear that out. The anti-defamation league is in the business of finding problems and controversy, it's clearly in their best interest to "find" extremists – who's validating their claims? They've been wrong before.

  18. Dear god… you cited the SPLC as an information source?? And you want this video taken seriously?? It's a joke. Tucker is right. Now that Russia is out of the picture, everything will take on the white supremacist label as if it were some prolific movement threatening the safety and integrity of the nation… when in fact it's a bunch of country dopes who don't spend enough time down off the mountain to even understand the real world. Let's face it. Fox news cannot bow to Trevor the-least-funniest-person-in-the-world Noah and his comrades call to action. If so, they are just as bad as the left.

  19. I've never seen a klansman, or a white nationalist. I believe it's a made-up thing to try and make me feel guilty for being white.

  20. Fill up a college football stadium. Thats like 80,000 people. Thats a shit ton of ppl. This guy is a joke

  21. America ia poorer be ause of your endless wars. Whilst you waste your money and blood on foreign conquest, China is wrapping up the rest of tge world in debt.

  22. How many of you know there were real lynchings in 2018 and 19 and those are just the recent years that s*** ain't no joke

  23. If you really get offended and feel the need to attack those you are speaking out against white supremacy and racism maybe its time you look at your character.

  24. have these comments been screened for bots?

  25. It’s not! I’ve never heard or seen one white supremest ! I’ve lived everywhere

  26. White Supremacy is NOT the problem! After MLK. It has been the Negroid that has organized and established the hundreds of "black only" organizations! The Negroid is the true racist!

  27. the only problem with america is that jews represent 2% of the US population and make up 35% of Forbes 400 billionaires.

  28. Those body bags are a hoax!!! – cutter tarlson

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