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Tulsi Gabbard talks breaking up big tech, immigration reform with Maria

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hi, on her lawsuit against Google, the 2020 presidential race, why the U.S. should bring the troops back from Afghanistan, immigration reform, health care reform and Sen. Kamala Harris’, D-Calif., record as California’s Attorney General.

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  1. Were is Teddy when you need him???? Big stick!!!!

  2. DEMS wants a candidate to beat Trump.I like Tulsi Gabbard. Why are DEMS not supporting her?

  3. Tulsi so smart. love her. A true patriot.

  4. This is a rerun of the DNC'S 2016 "primary". They have already have chosen the winner, and these debates and ensuing primary are simply change management.

  5. I support Tulsi and Andrew for their policy, attitude and talent.

  6. Wth tulsi? Not willing to give health care to non citizens? She must not think health care is a human right

  7. Gabbart is the real deal. Very strong presence. She wont run for president this time because the Demos are not going to let her, she is already ousted from the debates, but she has a great chance next time. Just keep there and don’t give up.

  8. The rest of the dirty Demoncratic party are slandering Tulsi Gabbard because she is for the people of the US. and they are not! That means you too CNN NBC CBS ABC. There will be hell to pay for all those complicit.

  9. google belongs to china now traitors

  10. These companies are going help the candidates they believe will help them. Why wouldn’t they?

  11. Yang president, Warren vp, gabbard defence secretary

  12. Really good exchange at 10:00 … re Kamala Harris… "Comes down to the type of leadership." Kamala sounds like she's running to be Dictator of the USA. Tulsi merely wants to be President, transmitting hopes & dreams of the people.

  13. Tulsi is pretty, smart, honorable, and well informed. I wish Tulsi and Andrew Yang team up

  14. Hindutva's like Tulsi hate christians.

  15. You’re running for president , and u still have time sue is so google too? Just go sue google and stop running for something u don’t care!

  16. A seriously great candidate!

  17. Tulsi should consider switching parties after 2020. I don't think she as a (moderate I guess), has a chance against all of the nutty candidates in the Democrat party. It's a shame that the Democrat voter is becoming just as nutty, since they will vote for an insane person.

  18. Obama got lucky and snuck in when no one knew anything about him. Found out later he was born in another country his father was an atheist and we put him in office and it was a total disaster. And she is trying to do the same thing he did. She is married to a Hindu who believes in gods and goddesses unbelievable and she thinks she has a chance to win must be on drugs.

  19. The DNC always lies about numbers. That's why everybody was blind-sided by Trump and the Dems on T.V. all sat there saying "DURRRRR" after they watched Florida go Trump.. They do it because its a psychological trick to get people to vote for the perceived most popular person…which in reality is the person the DNC is pushing. Nothing more.

    Showing Tulsi @ 2 percent is the DNCs way of trying to trick the public into thinking there must be something not right with her because they know the majority of voters dont check things like policy and don't understand the full implications of what's being said right in front of them and will turn to perceived popular opinion to make a decision. It's smoke and mirrors garbage from the DNC.

  20. This is the leader that America needs!

  21. fake news = fake polls = fake candidates = fake positions = fake outrage

  22. Omg she's clearly the best. Absolutely love Tulsi! She is not partisan and does what's right!

  23. Tulsi is fantastic, a Patriot, good looking, has superior intelligence and I believe should be allowed by the DNC to stand against Donald Trump. She is the most sensible person amongst those seeking nomination for the Democrats. I'm rooting for you, for 2020 and if that does not happen, you are a shoe in 2024. Please get back to center of what Democrats are, and well and truly kick the hard Left into touch. Richard Harrison.

  24. Twitter…what a laugh…..check ypur mail bud

    appears you did not quite get it

    just FYI , what you did not get is going around the country snd the world


  25. Independent run….you are the least crazy of all the runners, including Trump.

  26. I like her, but FYI, there ARE more search engines other than Google! People choose what they want to use.

  27. Go get em Tulsi your the only democrat with a sense of what is going on in the real world.

  28. Just look how she is treated by this reporter she doe's not even listen to her talk. She just spews stupid questions and basically keeps repeating the same questions! I would lost my temper but she keeps her composer and answers in coherent sentences. You talk about a fresh needed face in the White House at least I can look at her and listen to her unlike our fearless leader! My God how corrupted are our polling institutions if she is only holding a 1%. That can not right how the f*ck is Biden even in the polls much less leading? he is just another paid for politician with no plans for anything new just making the rich richer. How? Go get him Sen. GABARD! There at the end she finally stopped the crap an allowed Major Gabbard , Too shine.

  29. She's more of a women than any other women running wake up people.!!!!!!!

  30. Everybody the polls are fake the DNC is running they already know who they want the DNC already know who they want they don't care about who you pick.

  31. I'd rather have her than any other one of Dems. People need to listen Lis Warren needs to go No more Lis Watten

  32. Google is evil! It is the anti-christ. Tulsi for President!

  33. So why cant the President do something about the crooked DNC—they are a partisan private company that thinks they have the right to “choose” the next candidate for president—they are destroying democracy.

  34. Tulsi. Will be our first woman president.

  35. Zane will be are first woman president .

  36. Then: Don't be evil
    Now: Don't be evil, that's our job!

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