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Turkey agrees to Syria ceasefire: Vice President Mike Pence l ABC News

Vice President Mike Pence met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey’s capital Ankara on Thursday. READ MORE:

Turkey has agreed to a ceasefire in northern Syria between its forces and their allied rebels and U.S.-backed Syrian Kurds, Vice President Mike Pence announced.

Pence met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday to push for the ceasefire.

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  1. these two stooges would have more credibility if they wore orange tutus & trump fright wigs! such a waste of taxpayer money!

  2. Togarmah on radar. Watch…

  3. Trump and Erdogan were in cahoots all along he said as much at his press outside. So no kudos, do you get kudos for you and your buddy colluding to cheat on an exam?

  4. I Love Turkey 🇹🇷 я люблю тебя Турция ❤️

  5. Our soldiers out of harm's way, no slaughter of the Kurds (as many pundits said), and a ceasefire is on; all another win for POTUS Trump. I know CNN (Clinton News Network) hates to have to tell you that, but there is no way they can spin that behind closed doors. Was it not that female from Hawaii that said the military was not Trump's whores and he was not their pimp when they thought there would be hostilities involving U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia? If those who don't want us fighting in Saudi, why balk and bitch at not fighting in Turkey and Syria? If you want someone to go fight over there, why don't you go; quit hanging around here waiting for the father of the Ku Klux Klan, the DNC to give you a bunch of free stuff.

  6. Why did you not give them what they wanted in the first place? This is a success of Turks, not the Trump.

  7. We HATE cease fires! "Keep killing the neighbors" is the warmongers call to arms. Progressives for dystopia!!!!

  8. Can I get a thumbs up for cooler heads prevailing? !

  9. "Cease fire"? No. Turkey didn't say that, Pence did, then Trump. So we know it's a lie.

  10. Trump: 'No Quid Pro Quo'
    Mulvaney: Acknowledges Quid Pro Quo in Trump Ukraine call, ‘Get over it’

    They can’t even keep their untruths straight.😒

    Hidden agenda, Mulvaney withheld almost $400 million in military aid for Ukraine.

    Watch "Mick Mulvaney’s bombshell briefing on Ukraine, in 2 minutes" on YouTube

  11. Donald Trump’s only strategy is to create crisis and claim to fix it.

    It’s a classic con: Create a problem, and then sell a fix to that problem that allows a leader to consolidate more power. If you get people afraid enough of the problem, the theory goes, they’ll be so desperate for your fix that they’ll forget that you’re the one who created the problem in the first place.

    Chaos is a tool used to maintain control. In this particular situation, Trump’s created chaos keeps his allies in the Republican Party and his detractors in the Democratic Party off balance and confused about his plans, allowing him to step in and save the day. “I alone can fix it.”

  12. He is doing this because he already fix it for Russia and so Russia can take over territory that’s it

  13. Thank god no more fake news out of ABC news. Your reporters have been a disgrace bashing Trump and Turkey with all your false reports and videos!!!

  14. turkey did not kill Kurds in Syria, If turkey was wanted to kill the Kurds, Why do we host 4 million people fleeing the Syrian war?

    and search from the Internet please Do you know how many million Kurds living in Turkey 14.000.000

    america tore apart Iraq, America divided Iraq, america ruined Iraq, he did the same to the land of syria and egypt country and even to afghanistan, America now is playing the same game with Turkey

    Why because for the large Middle East project, Great Israel Project

    turkey people are not stupid

    america brings terrorists to our borders and america is making weapons aid to terrorists and america 22 thousand truck weapons and bomb sent to terrorists why america doing that ?

    Turkey is a NATO member country Tell us america

    which is important to you? terrorists or Turks

    america you are such a jerk, and you are child killer,

    you're killing everyone to have oil in the middle east

  15. Well, well, well! If it isn't the number one bag Licker in Chief! The Master of Analingus ! Vice President Mike Pence! Hypocritical Asshole! He is Disgusting! Constantly Licking Trumps Asshole! He Obediently Serves his No. 1 God , And his Name is Donald J Trump! Fucking Sickening! Bag Licking Pence, a so called Man of God! He Fucking Worships Fuhrer Trump like a God!
    When Trump is Finally Impeached! Make Sure Vice President Pence Goes with him. Keep eating those hamburgers Donald the heart attack can't come quick enough for the Rest of the world.

  16. it looks like 2 parties to an agreement saying 2 different things

  17. A brilliant move by a brilliant man.
    Trump in 2020!

  18. There's a ceasefire because the Kurds are on the Russia side. That was Putin's plan and Trump initiated perfectly.

  19. Go Trump…For The People And With The People…2020

  20. When American going to wake-up first of all Trump started the B.S. when he turned his back on America allies those peoples was helping assisting the US Military over there. Trump was forced to get that B.S. Under control by Congress. Whole lot of y'all need to wake-up stop thinking Trump care about your dumb ass, all of Trump move was to help Advanced Russia. After reading some of y'all comments they have some of y'all dumb ass hook on that Democrat, Republican, right-wing, left-Wing conservative. Only time they about the peoples is election time, once they secured the votes back to pissing on peoples. The peoples in Washington are the one fighting over power, white folks if You haven't figure that out I don't know what else to say, as for me a black man I don't give a Damn what I'm getting out the deal not Damn thing but more fuckin problems.

  21. idiot trumpolini has stopped temporarily a conflict that he created through his halfass foreign policy resulting in many unecssary injuries and death of innocent kurds, which up until about a week ago were are allies. scumbag trump is going to burn in hell many times over

  22. From Isreal! Did anybody get the Plot? Trump felling the heat in America. Told his buddy , that Turkey Erdogan, to start bombing Syrian people. Then be a HERO by announcing he has broker the peace deal Ceasefire. I have to ask! What Ceasefire? You can't have a Ceasefire between two Rivals when one has all the Tanks, Missile launcher and WMD – against Women and Children?

  23. Only stupid can trust turks.

  24. Trump started this with one phone call. Pence should be praising the God he says he represents instead of trump. The US will never recover from the disgrace trump has caused this Country!

  25. Trkey afraid and stop but Mr Trump is asshole!Putin the new boss in turkey !

  26. Once again tRUMP creates a crises then he gives the farm away to fix the problem. This went exactly the way Putin planned it,!

  27. So, the Kurdish fighters have 120 hours of a cessation of military operations to pull out of the 20 mile buffer zone, at which time the ceasefire becomes permanent. Turkey has agreed to leave Kabani (spelling?) and its people alone, too.

    Personally, I think it’s a result. It can’t have been very pleasant for our troops stuck between two warring factions, one of them a NATO ally, and it wasn’t President Trump who put them there. The ultimate outcome remains to be seen, but I’m cautiously optimistic. It’s now up to the Kurds and Turkey.

  28. Perfect we got what we wanted

  29. 🇺🇸Trump/Pence 🇺🇸👍

  30. President Donald Trump's administration has another successful victory..!!!

  31. If US had agreed to this safe zone a week ago, there would not have been need for operation. This safe zone be home to some of the 4M refugees harbored in Turkey.

  32. It's not true. There is no such ceasefire as I have seen here Turkey will not stop the invasion. Now Erdogan will show real power of Muslims to Trump. It's now going to be a big war between USA and Turkey as the Turkish diplomats are planning to stab the US at the back.

  33. Great job mr Vice President Mike pence! 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

  34. What would Jesus do ? another one of tiny hands bootlickers

  35. Best president ever go trump

  36. So Turkey is the winner here

  37. Damage is already done. How may ISIS prisoners escaped? Dickheads.

  38. they choose the light skin ppl, and they bout to start fightin in 1 week.

    germany nazi- no atomic bomb
    russia- crocked ass hell- no atomic bomb

    U.S shoot a japan sub down don''t tell anyone then japan react but atomic bomb them on two wrong cities.

    all our enamies that we have got into it with don't mess with the U.S dollar. think about that

  39. Some great news for the world that is going to save lives. And these leftist weirdos still want to spin it and talk down…

    Can you mfers do everyone's a favor and eat a teaspoon of fentanyl tonight???

  40. It's like if I shot my friend in the kneecap with a revolver and I say "thanks to the strong leadership of myself, I called an ambulance bro, they'll be here in 10 minutes bro, ur welcome bro"

  41. Why wont he look straight at the camera? Shamed by lying to the American public huh?

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