Friday , November 27 2020
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Turkey Launches Attack On U.S.-Backed Kurds In Syria | NBC Nightly News

After President Trump ordered U.S. troops to step aside, Turkish fighter jets began striking American allies, the Kurds of Syria. Trump is facing backlash over the decision and fears are growing over whether detention camps will be able to hold ISIS fighters as Kurdish forces rush to the front lines.
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Turkey Launches Attack On U.S.-Backed Kurds In Syria | NBC Nightly News


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  1. A lesson to learn DONT FIGHT SIDE BY SIDE TO MR.TRUMP

  2. What if this is ( PUNISHMENT ) for USA wanting to impeach him . Is trump punishing everyone cause USA is trying to impeach him?

  3. My brithday is in two days so can you share it.

  4. Turkey is Terrorist country …. Turkey is killing innocent kurd people in the name Islam..

  5. This is BIG mistake. Turkey don’t attack kurdish forces. Turkey ‘ll destroy terrorist (ypg/pkk/isis) groups. Turks, kurds living with 1000 over year.

  6. They fought isis. Now this turks after the dust, butchering them when they done nothing to stop isis. US orange man made this deal with them. And still he can sleep while childrens at womens will die..

  7. People don’t try to talk good, you are all fake. why don’t we bring the troops go back to invade Vietnam to help millions of Vietnamese under the communism’s for those years,
    or invade Cuba, Venezuela to help those people.

  8. Kurdish will pull off some area leaving those isis refugees n prisoners for Turkey to taken care of it.

  9. How many soldiers did we have remaining over there that was enough to fight fight off a turkey incursion? Are our soldiers posted in all of our ili's territories? At what point should our allies be able to protect their own territories? It seems to me that we should make their territory our own if we have to protect it at all times.

  10. USA continues breaking trust. Nothing new here

  11. Nice, buy popcorn before it goes up in price, war on tv has started.

  12. Should've started with Afghanistan. But I'm okay with bring troops home from Syria.

  13. Trump owns this and all that's to come. This is the end of Trump's career in politics.

  14. Where is the world for Kasmir people, all are hypocrite.

  15. We do not know what happend between kurds n America. Isis fighter will come to EU for sure like Trump says. The people who burnt his effigy in europe can deal with this terrorists. Well done Trump.

  16. And, of course, Trump won't allow the Kurds be refugees here. They were protecting all of us, and he throws them their enemies.

  17. I give up on the president of the United States what a disaster president

  18. I'd it possible Trump is going scorched Earth before the impeachment hearing?

  19. Luckily under the oath of God, we all eat the same food, including the Americans. Obama will pay for this!!!! #Vor

  20. Turkey should’ve attacked the withdrawing crusader armies

  21. If isis comes back into Syria it won't be on trump,it will be on the rest of the world, you can't sit back as coward Nations and expect America to take care of everyone.
    Trump stated that he intends to put a stop to the endless wars. I say more power to him!

  22. Oh please America, if you care about innocent people go look what your government is doing in Yemen

  23. There goes America's dream on creating a second Israel on Turkey and Iran's doorstep😂

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