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Turkey moves military convoys and special forces to Syria border l ABC News

Turkish forces set the stage for a military invasion targeting Kurds as President Donald Trump stood by his decisions to withdraw U.S. troops.

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  1. Syria government, Isis, Kurds, YPG, KPG & etc they all are TERRORIST!!! I support my president Trump & Turkey all day long…

  2. Kurds were the ones who helped the Americans and the Turks from ISIS and now they want to attack the kurds

  3. Too bad Trump's dad didnt pull out

  4. I am KURDISH and I love TuRKEY . %90 of Kurds are living happily in Turkey. We have a job and the same rights with Turks . We have freedom of speech , freedom of language . Many presidents of Turkey had the Kurdish origins .. Why westerns like to interfere and tying to destroy our unity? Why westerns insist not understanding Turkey trying to create secure area in Syria to back 4 million Syrians living in Turkey .. None of Europeans helped the refugees when running from war , but only Turkey did and opened borders with a warm welcome ….

  5. But betraying Kurds who wants only autonomy and fights for their freedom and against ISIS its disgusting!! Why US let Turkey to invade another nation its disgusting!!!

  6. Turk.. Israel or syria.. Trump u can go

  7. Abd nin çöküşünü keyifle izleyeceğiz..

  8. the whole western world should be actively trying to stop this invasion of a sovereign state. The Kurds are much more loyal allies than the turks, who have been known to chase and bash US sailors and soldiers on leave, who have tacitly supported ISIS by letting thousands of them flow through their borders and into syria to fight americans, and who make up a large number of ISIS fighters. Trump's very foolish decision to pull out straight after a call from erdogan makes trump look weak and disloyal to his own allies which, of course, he is.

  9. The conflict between the Turks and the Kurds predates the Syrian/Iraqi/ISIS conflicts by 40 odd years. To hear some comments on here anyone would think the USA started it by this move to get out. There old enemies the PKK want a chunk of Turkey and Turkey don't want to give it them. Fuck all to do with the USA, Trump is right.. it's not their fight.

  10. Here we go again; mountain orcs vs goblins.

  11. Kurdistan 👊

    Death to USA and Turkey!!

  12. Turkey is fighting against the PKK Group (PKK is a Koerdisch Terrorist group) they are not fighting against the Koerdisch you have to tipes and not every Koerdisch people is bad. Do not fucking lie to get attention.

  13. trupm you are a biggest moron i've ever seen

  14. There was once a naughty boy,
    A naughty boy was he,

    He ran away from Syria,
    So his enemies couldn't see.

    He saw that his enemies had seen him,
    In SouthAfrica, Hormuz and Venezuela too,
    So he ran from all these places,
    And hid in White House loo.

    By now his enemies,
    Knew of all his tricks.
    So they came to the White House,
    With an impeachment to bid.

    Now the naughty boy had no friends left, and so in town square he cried.

    But people didn't help him now,
    For they knew he would run from them too.

  15. Turkey owns the airspace…they already won

  16. Truth is:ypg/pkk settled and occupied that lands after the US bombardments, ypg did not fight with isis in battlefield. Ypg/pkk killed and exiled Muslim Kurds, Christians, Yezidis etc. They responsible for 40,000 deaths in Turkey. They killed babies, childrens, teachers,workers…

  17. Trump's excuse for abandoning the Kurds in Syria, and allowing Turkey to move in on them, is that the Turks fought alongside the Allies during WWII and the Kurds did not. Well. He is certainly right about this one. The Turks sat out most of WWII and remained neutral. They only joined the Allies in February of 1945 – when they saw the writing on the wall that Germany was going down. The war ended in Europe on May 8, 1945 with the Turks never actually being called on to fight. The Kurd's , on the other hand, only did the heavy lifting for over four years to bring down ISIS with US military equipment and military advisors standing by. Now TRUMP is leaving them for the Turks to slaughter and take over the land that the Kurds fought so hard to retake from ISIS. (…All to make the Turkish dictator happy so he won't take TRUMP's name off his "not one but two towers in Istanbul"- or take over all of Trump's other business interests in Turkey…). Meanwhile, there is also Trump"s favorite dictator, Putin, waiting to move in to Syria as well. 'Bonespurs Donnie' is a coward who was too yellow to serve his country during the Vienam War – BUT – he has no qualms about putting these BRAVE Kurds' lives at risk to put more money in his own coffers. He is a disgusting WASTE of FLESH and so are the spineless, sycophant Republicans protecting his criminal, orange ass so that they can try to keep their jobs. Not one of them has any morals or a patriotic bone in their bodies (not even one with bonespurs)!

  18. One thing they never mention is that Turkey is NOT attacking Kurds, Turkey is attacking a terror organization called YPG who is apart of the INTERNATIONAL terror organization PKK that has killed over 50,000 innocent people, including women and children, in Turkey. For couple weeks now arabic and kurdish parents from children who were kidnapped by the PKK / YPG in Turkey are protesting against these kurdish terror organizations as well. So many kurds themselves are against the YPG / PKK, so it's no only false information that you're spreading by putting all the kurds in one pot, but also disrespectful to those kurdish parents whose children /relatives were killed / kidnapped by the YPG. Now are kurds bbeing discriminated against in Turkey? There probably is no objective answer to that, that's supported by objective facts, but all I can say is that turkish TV has many kurdish TV programs, kurdish music and dances are a crucial part of turkish weddings and that Turkey even has kurdish political parties in the turkish parlament. So to portray it as if Turkey is attacking and killing all the innocent kurds and that kurds are not represented or thought of in Turkey is pure propaganda like the Nazis did back in the day.

  19. Truth is:ypg/pkk settled and occupied that lands after the US bombardments, ypg did not fight with isis in battlefield. Ypg/pkk killed and exiled Muslim Kurds, Christians, Yezidis etc. They responsible for 40,000 deaths in Turkey. They killed babies, children, teachers,workers…

  20. The Kurds are gonna have to kill the isis prisoners there just too dangerous to be kept alive

  21. turkey's borders turkey's problem stupid americans dont belong in syria

  22. Anything he does is directly or indirectly done for his own benefit at the bequest of only one person.

  23. Blood on your head, Trump. Your end will be brutal and your judgment even more so. God be with the Kurds.

  24. This Israel all over again.

  25. Trump throws up a mess……next hours later, here comes the clean up crew-trying to get all this mess off the wall [TV]!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. This man is so fucking selfish hope he gets impeached what a idiot.

  28. One day-“Americans need to quit being world police and leave others alone”

    Another day-“Americans are traitors for not giving their lives in a never ending war”


  29. Mass executions of the ISIS fighters. Then the Kurds can focus on Turkey.

  30. Donnie shouldn't be left alone with a phone, trouble will only, come of it !

  31. If Turkey was not in a geographical strategic position to the US or part of NATO, then I’m sure US would have declared war against Turkey. But because of these factors Turkey holds, war between Turkey and America is highly unlikely to impossible.

  32. What a betrayal… The Kurds where the ones that defeated ISIS and now the Turks are going to freed their ISIS friend.

  33. Fuck all terrorist groups(IS,SDF)

  34. WHY ARE WE SUDDENLY ALIGNED WITH ALL THE AXIS POWERS? What the hell is going on? Are we Russian now?

  35. Trump you backstabbed the only allies we had fighting isis. The United States is not longer a reliable partner since The US doesnt stand with its allies. Wow…what a shame…you betrayed The Kurds for the Turks who are enemies of Israel….Trump you completely lost it….Im an American and i dont agreed in betraying our allies. Who could trust The US???? No one!!!!

  36. Long live Turkey asin bayraklari youtubeda genclik 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🤘🏻🐺❤️

  37. Trump betrayed the YPG fighters. Unforgivable.

  38. This gives "watch world war three on pay TV" a whole new meaning

  39. Trump needs to fall back and not make anymore decisions on foriegn policy, he doesn't listen to advisors on such matters.
    What a baffoon has been given the power to run our great nation. My heart goes out to our neglected allies

  40. It is brilliant that President Trump has decided to dump the Syrian mess in the lap of Muslim Turkey. The Turks have dealt with Arab Muslims for centuries and ran the last official caliphate in the Middle East. Since Turkey is a NATO member Trump is also letting NATO take responsibility for what happens in Syria. Since the 1950's American Green Berets have had a fascination with the Kurds which they need to discard.

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