Sunday , November 29 2020
Home / News / Turkey Says Over 100 Killed In Attack On U.S. Allies In Syria | NBC Nightly News

Turkey Says Over 100 Killed In Attack On U.S. Allies In Syria | NBC Nightly News

The death toll is rising as Turkish forces continued their assault in northern Syria, unleashing airstrikes and advancing the invasion on the ground against Syrian Kurds, the U.S. allies who have served as critical partners in the fight against ISIS.
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Turkey Says Over 100 Killed In Attack On U.S. Allies In Syria | NBC Nightly News


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  1. America can add the deaths in this attack to the deaths in El Paso, Odessa and Dayton amongst too many others, to the ongoing relentless poor decisions trump continues to make on behalf of his jilted policy, administration and the top 1%, who’s drive for financial gain and ignorance of the suffering being experienced by the 99% of Americans and anyone on planet earth who deserves basic human rights … trump owns this along with his failed healthcare policy, failed gun control policy, failed immigration policy, failed policy on fighting racism and hate, failed tariff policy, and the too many to list pelvises that are a mistake for America and global man kind … yes trump owns all of this.

  2. Of course Turkey is using militia not a real military invasion, they are seeking the destruction of the Kurds, millions of Kurds were murdered by Saddam Hussein so they took arm and fought Saddam, thousands of kurds were massacre by ISIS so they took arm and fought and defeated ISIS, hundreds of thousands were killed by the Syrian military so they took arm and fought Assad and were very close to winning the Civil war. It's sad that the Kurds cant live in peace there dream to create a Kurdistan is just a fairytale to the world.

  3. Yesterday the Taliban today Turkish islamists

  4. Classic America…..Lying and manipulating misery and death for a big fat profit..

  5. Now James Foley's murders are out loose

  6. I said I'm here to turkey all over the world. Syrian terrorists in his operation that pyd pkk to accumulate them only because the European enemy is throwing such false news

  7. The American president cannot be removed from office soon enough

  8. Oh well sucks to be you.

  9. I dont get the funny comments, my whole family is begging for my family to survive and yall making jokes jesus christ unrespectfull.

  10. So did USA and England bomb also the Kurds in Iraq? Or did they bomb

    the regime? Interesting semantics!

  11. america backed Indian Govt also keep killing innocent Kashmiris…. focus on thm too

  12. Kurds were used by US and EU to fight IS. They just were used when they needed them and now, they are not needed any more. Thats what US do to their slaves and thats what exactly deserved the Kurdish stupid fighters

  13. So does this make themTurkey terrorist ?

  14. the day usa is not in war is the day the earth stops spinning

  15. I am by no means a specialist in this subject. But is it possible, that this move by US has planted the seeds for the next generation of terrorists? That will take revenge in some years down the road? Just a discussion question. Let us discuss without offending. Like Mister Rogers would. In kindness.

  16. Trump is incompetent, there is no way around it.

  17. Calling it everything but an invasion…

  18. Trump pullout with allies and now saying he will mediate.. Traitor..

  19. You guys also get allies with taliban to defeat ussr. How are u guys with taliban right now. Still best buddies🥰

  20. President Trump made the right tough decision! Our mission was to destroy ISIS. PERIOD! That is it, and the only reason we were in Syria. We destroyed ISIS from their last position in March. We no longer have any reason or invitation to be in Syria…a foreign country. It was past time to get out. The Kurds knew up front we were only aligned in our fight against ISIS…not in their civil WAR. We aren't some band of brothers with them. If our interests weren't aligned on ISIS they would turn fight us too. They also would have expected us to leave Syria when the ISIS fight was over. The Kurds want to occupy and hold onto ground that isn't theirs which ISIS had caused Syrians to flee from. Syria and Turkey do not want the Kurds occupying that land. Whether right or wrong, this condition, civil war with the Kurds, Turkey, and Syria existed long before us. It is not our WAR, it is their own civil war. Trump absolutely made the right call in moving US advisers out of that conflict. I hope Trump does sanction Turkey, and support the Kurds as much as possible, but it is not our WAR…it is theirs. Turkey is a NATO ally and supported NATO in the Iraq and Serbia wars. Turkey also has a large Air Force and possesses nuclear bombs to defend NATO. Is that a WAR you want President Trump to push America into, then you are insane, uninformed, or just simply as usual a Democrat who just hates everything Trump does with out justification.

  21. This Jamie Lanister looking moron needs to get some language lessons if he is going to report in that area… Also, he needs to be a puppet and report objectively. Fake news, indeed.

  22. Brainwashing at its best! Keep going.

  23. wtf..Im arabian and the journalist aren't really translating what people are saying… he's saying completely different things…

  24. Turkey is not NATO, the coordinate with Russia and now are attacking our allies. They should be removed and equipment and funding dismantled

  25. So Turkey is using terrorists against the Kurds, accusing them of beeing terrorist to free the other terrorists? How cute

  26. How is ethnic cleansing when millions of Kurds live in turkey

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