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Turkish troops amass along border as Syria chaos grows | ABC News

Turkish troops are building up along the Syrian border ahead of a possible attack on Kurdish troops after President Trump pulled U.S. troops from the area.

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  1. I don't understand why someone doesn't assassinate the monster Erdogan…

  2. great job turkey build that safe zone europ dont needs american created war refugees we could send the syrians back to that safezone and if syria is smart make a plan with russia iran and turkey to kick these isis arming americans out from your country.

  3. We love kurds . We hate pkk ypg pyd isis sdg …

  4. Kurds need to take heavy armor from Turkey using this equipment in a battle to take turkey away from that autocratic government

  5. guess which nation in the world is the most ignorance?has no clue about geography ,,,history,,,and math ????

  6. The media: Hates Trump for trying to defend America's border.

    Also the media: How dare Trump not defend that border 8000 miles away!

  7. big bullshit who stopped and finished ISIS it was again TURKEY ..non of the europeans and USA attemps got even close to finish ISIS …ISIS was a USA created terrorist group at the again Turkey went in SYRIA and cleaned up the area…ISIS ıs a ISREAL and USA created terrorist group to change the etnicity of the terrotory hoping to create a bigger land for ISREAL.

  8. Draft dodger makes decisions for the military

  9. kurds and PKK are terrorists

  10. Not our problem. America first. No more U.S. military blood spilled for the middle east. Afghanistan is next I hope.

  11. Gucci gang Gucci gang shirt in the thumbnail

  12. MAGA !! Another Win For Trump! pull are troops out of wars bring them home…… Go hire some missionaries if u need some help don't use my taxes

  13. The Kurds are paying the highest price for trusting the West.

  14. Ok really, first the Democrats want Trump to start a war But when he does. They were crying out against him. So what's the point here.

  15. A revolution is coming it’s actually sooner then we may think!

    World war 3 is going to be deadly 👁

  16. Trump supporters should not be too smug. Losing allies and gaining enemies spell disaster for the US.

  17. Cowardly draft-dodger bends over to take it up the ass from Turkey.

  18. I remember Clinton abandoned the Kurds first & Saddam & his military sneaking in & stabbing them .
    This looks much worse tho

  19. Imagine if Daesh escape and bomb Trump's towers in Turkey

  20. All thanks to the POTUS 👎🏾 👀

  21. don't even act this way they were told years ago they have to start defending themselves Americans have to babysit all these places around the world and their little skirmishes and their people they have to learn to defend themselves if they want to give up walk away and let Isis go ahead and have its way and blame it on Trump well then that's fine they're their own people they'll all die who gives a s*** but they can sit there and say that they wanted to have all this themselves anyway turkeys always been a bad guy they said they were going to do this and now it's here to defend yourselves people don't walk away defend yourselves you can't be babysat by Americans forever

  22. Why was the American 🇺🇸 military there? In the first place

  23. The bootlicking GOP is equally to blame for abandoning the Kurds. They knew Trump has no loyalty to anyone except himself. What did they expect would happen? This is just another example of Trump putting his own personal interests ahead of our country and our allies. If the GOP can get their heads out of their a**es and stop shaking in fear of the mighty Trump, maybe they’ll actually come to their senses and help remove this nut job.

  24. Allright NATO defence the Koerdisch people against that crazy Turkish fool.

  25. An intelligent and responsible president would have relied upon advisors, political and military, to plan a full withdrawal transition to minimize harm to the Kurds. Perhaps by using diplomacy. Sadly, that's not within trump's skill set.

  26. We cannot pick a side of a conflict between two allies. The United States must stand down from the conflict and pursue a diplomatic solution.

  27. Whatte good decision by President of Turkey 🇹🇷
    Respect from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 to our Turkish 🇹🇷 friends…❤️

  28. Yeah asshole how is Turkey listening to you now?? Stupid moron who only thinks of his bank accounts! #TrumpForPrison2020

  29. Oh you just know that the powers that be in the media are pissed that US army is pulling out the middle east. I just hope trump doesn't back peddle on it like he did last time. I don't like the man but this is nothing but good news for everyone. Fuck the war mongering media! They can pick up their guns and go fight alongside the politicians.

  30. What do you call a Kurd living in Turkey?

  31. It has begun, Turkish Sultan "Meh-Meh" Erdogan Ist, has sicked his modern day Jannissaries on the Kurdish people in Northern Syria. Given the history of the Turk's treatment of "inconvenient" minorities, it can be expected that civilians will suffer the brunt of the slaughter. In his "great and unmatched wisdom," our Emperor, Drumph Ist, was very helpful to the Sultan.

  32. BTW, ABC. The PKK "Kurds" conscript minors. It is more than probable that some of the chubby cheeked youngsters and "hot girls" in your pictures were initially conscripts, kidnapped as young as 14 from Turkey, Syria and Iraq. It seems there are cases now were Kurdish mothers sit in front of PKK-rep HQ in Turkey protesting the abduction of their youths. When this is over, there should be a full reckoning, because I doubt the Votels, the Lindsey Grahams, the Susan Rices could have been 100% ignorant of the nature of the PKK "Kurds." Graham was absolutely briefed. The absolute moral rot in foreign policy circles and Centcom and the Obama admin that was tasked MidEast policy and some conservative circles created this mess

  33. For anyone wondering why Trump is letting Turkey massacre the Kurds that were our allies, this bit of information may help you understand…

    In December 2015, Trump stated in a radio interview that he had a "conflict of interest" in dealing with Turkey because of his property, saying "I have a little conflict of interest, because I have a major, major building in Istanbul … It’s called Trump Towers. Two towers, instead of one. Not the usual one, it’s two. And I’ve gotten to know Turkey very well."

    -"Russia, Turkey expand military operations in Syria during Trump's transition to power". LA Times. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 21 November 2016.

    Trump is allowing America's allies to be butchered in order to protect his personal business interests.

  34. Putin is celebrating today!!!!

  35. Trump it's evil for defending our boarder at home. But he is also evil for not defending a boarder on the opposite side of the Earth that does not belong to us… Wow

  36. Sorry allies, but you can go fuck yourselves. Praise our lord and savior Donald Jesus Christ.

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