Wednesday , August 10 2022

'Turn the tides:' Chicago river reversal on 'American Built'

Host Stuart Varney and historians follow Sylvester Chesbrough and his civil engineering marvel of the Chicago River reversal.


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  2. And now Chicago is polluted by gang crime, violence, smash and grabs, shoplifting gangs, worthless losers that aren't interested in school, single mothers getting knocked up for welfare and housing. 🤣🤣☺

  3. now if they can reverse crime

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  5. In the next video we will talk to the people of Peoria Illinois, and find out how they felt about the Tsunami of poop that filled their Farm fields.

  6. I guess this was before they created sewage plants it would've been a lot easier than raising buildings and turning the tide of the river

  7. A once wondercul city my home Hyde Park now a shooting gallery for thugs!! The woke are FINISHED by the results of tgeir own failed experiment that has lead to labors high and starting out to be prisoners in the city their labors support

  8. When I stand as a sovereign being, as a master, as the creator that I know that I am, I respect and honor every experience, every aspect, because I know that they’re there to share wisdom. But the only way they can share their wisdom with me is when I’m owning my godself. When I’m in that moment loving and accepting and allowing all that I can be.

  9. I guess Chicago is historically messed up and now people like Lori Lightfoot rose from the sewage of the Chicago river

  10. Some of today’s sewers were built before bathrooms as we know them existed. It’s time to upgrade.

  11. Now clean up the cal sagg!

  12. So it turned into a trash land anyway

  13. Chicago is still drowning in its own waste.

  14. Over the years I've told people about this and they have no idea.

  15. Now if they could get the rest of the stench out of Chicago.

  16. The city is still choking on it's own waist the waist only a liberal cesspool can produce.

  17. When men were real men. Can we replicate such an endeavor today?

  18. Chicago is still drowning in its own waste.

  19. creek still bubbles

  20. Impressive. Let's see more like this.. this could be another fox channel!