Saturday , January 22 2022
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Twitter Becomes Pawn In Political Battle Between China, Hong Kong | NBC News Now

China’s state media has been sponsoring posts on Twitter portraying the anti-government protests in Hong Kong as violent. NBC News’ Janis Mackey Frayer reports as the social media platform finds itself at the center of a political battle between China and Hong Kong.
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Twitter Becomes Pawn In Political Battle Between China, Hong Kong | NBC News Now


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  1. EMPEROR Xi JInping has no balls and is impotent to even handle his own country’s “internal” issue.

  2. I posted some links from local HK TV showing violence done by protesters to innocent people. They got beaten for having different opinions and their cars got smashed. Then YouTube does not let me post links anymore. Any comments of mine with links won’t appear to public. What I posted is not misinformation and I am not backed by the Chinese government.

  3. Not only Twitter, YouTube also. YouTube are rife with the Chinese propaganda. And yet, YouTube hasn't taken any proactive action to spread the Chinese political agenda to the world.

  4. the protesters themselves are posting what is happening on the ground but they are only show what the police in action . what about what they are doing to the police and business places ,please show here the communities and the people not involved are affected .

  5. Speech freedom, no , that’s false, my Facebook account is deleted, that’s so-called speech freedom? I am disappointed for all that, from now, I will never believe that so-called speech freedom.

  6. frEedOm of spEecH – PRC

    Congrats china you played yourself👏🤡

  7. hongkong pig add oil,add oil .

  8. Freedom of speech on American sites and Apps is specifically for American citizens .

    Freedom of Speech isn't relegated to paid propaganda spreaders from communist mainland China.

  9. No one is above the LAW, what they going to do about it Banned us in China

  10. Base on when did it happen, i can tell those accounts are from 帝吧 and 饭圈女孩, a group of Chinese young people who used vpn to get on FB and twitter account to support one china policy in the past few days. Obviously, America does not allow the voice from Chinese people, otherwise how come there were more people show up to support China on the street overseas, but barely can find any videos support China on mainstream social media .

  11. 说不过就封号,美国的“言论自由”真是奇葩

  12. for things in ur favor, voice of freedom; for the other things, political proporganda lol… stop being so two-face, cmon yall

  13. After the handover, the freedom in Hong Kong is gradually eroding. Both the people and companies are suffering under Chinese rule.

  14. American pride, democracy and freedom.hahahahaha!joke!!!

  15. Martin Luther king jr. Would be proud..non violent protest.

  16. China stops sending PLA infiltrated into HKP for violence and police brutality. China also stops sending hitmen to Hong Kong for violence and riots. Wake up China! With all the crazy rich and rich billies in China, China is no longer a Communist Country. China already moved into a Democracy Country. Leave Hong Kong alone forever, and treat Hong Kong as one of China's provinces with peace and joy.

  17. Fight Against Socialism-Communism

  18. Google and Youtube should do that too

  19. Fight against Communism 🇭🇰

  20. For the next 28 years Hong Kong deserves the right to be self governance. This is what was promised by the Chinese government at the time of handover in 1997. Self governance means free election without interference from China. Well, China cut the deal "One China two systems" . China could be an a __ _ hole, like Trump, walking back on a deal which was made by his predecessor.

  21. Hong Kong you're not a lone we're and the whole world with you. Love and support you from USA go Hong Kong

  22. Hong Kong deserves the right to not be controlled by the communist gangsters located in Beijing. India 🇮🇳 with you Hong Kong 🏮

  23. Protesters target laser beams at police officers in Hong Kong


  24. Americans this is censorship. Only pro-protest messages are being allowed and anti-protest messages are banned.

  25. Hong Kong has been kept off trending by Chinese 50 Cent Party dickheads spamming other hashtags. I hope Twitter deals with that.

  26. China is an expert on disinformation. China is good at propaganda! China is superb on censorship. China is lousy on good governance. China is a tyrant, a bully, an oppressor!

    Britain should kick China for breaching the 1984 Agreement on autonomy for Hong Kong. China rapes HK but the #FreedomForMeTooHK movement grows bigger and the brave HK protesters with great spirit will continue to fight for their rights! Power to the HK people!

  27. I stand with HONG KONG stay strong! ❤from 🇺🇸

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